7 Smart Meter Protection Strategies

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Smart meter protection may be easier than you think. 

Sure, a metal wireless communication device that drenches your home in radiation may seem intimidating, but it’s actually an easy fix.

You just have to know what to do.

So let’s get to it!

This is the smart meter cover I recommend to all my clients:

What Is A Smart Meter and Why Is It Harmful to Your Health?

A few decades ago, electricity measurements were obtained through analog readings. It was the only way utility companies could determine the amount of electricity used and charge you accurately.

Smart meters, on the other hand, are able to calculate the amount of energy you use and transmit that data to the utility station wirelessly.

No more labor costs involved in sending someone to your home to take the reading.

Good thing for the electric companies.

Bad news for us.

It wasn’t long after smart meters were rolled out that the complaints started rolling in.

People started reporting side effects like headaches and not sleeping well.

We have a whole article that digs deep into smart meter symptoms you can check out, but there were also non-health related complaints like privacy issues.

The primary and perhaps the most recognized problem with smart meters is that they emit a large amount of radiation.

The radiation is so powerful that it easily penetrates walls and affects those who live within them.

Perhaps the worst part of it all, radiation from your smart meter is emitted 24 hours a day, resulting in prolonged exposure which only increases the chances of developing radiation-related disorders.

I know…I wish smart meters were banned too. But alas, they’re not – at least not in most areas. Check out that link to find some areas with friendlier policies.

But for many of us, we’re stuck with them, so let’s look at a few ways to protect yourself from smart meter radiation.

7 Smart Meter Protection Strategies to Reduce Radiation Exposure

1. Switch to an Analog Meter

Unlike the smart meter which sends real-time information wirelessly about your electricity or gas usage, analog meters must be read physically.

Eliminating that wireless communication eliminates the emission of radiofrequency radiation.

Switching to an analog meter is the gold standard in protecting yourself from smart meter radiation.

The process of changing from a smart meter to an analog meter is called opting out.

Rules about “opting out” vary from state to state.

Some companies charge a fee while others do it for free. You should look up your state laws about opting out of smart meters before making a decision.

2. Invest in a Smart Meter Cover

A smart meter cover is a protective shield that blocks up to 98% of radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by smart meters.

As effective as it is in blocking these frequencies, it still allows utility companies to receive the information they need.

If you can’t opt out of your smart meter program or simply don’t want to, you can still achieve protection with a quality meter guard:

  • They are built to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Their design allows it to easily slide on or off, so it’s easy to carry with you if you move.

This is the cover I recommend. 

3. Make Your Own Smart Meter Shield at Home

If there isn’t room in your budget to buy a smart meter cover, the best alternative is a DIY smart meter guard.

It is a cheaper method with equally beneficial results.

To make your own cover, you’ll need materials like aluminum foil or aluminum mesh. Check out our complete smart meter cage tutorial here.

4. Hang Radiation Blocking Posters or Picture Frames

Smart meters are installed directly to an exterior wall or siding of your home.

The radiation needs to be blocked from the inside as well, and an easy way to do that is with an EMF-blocking frame.  

These posters and frames can block more than 99% of the radiation emitted from smart meters.

Poster frame liners are available in multiple sizes and can fit almost any frame, meaning you can transform any picture or piece of art into a radiation-blocking tool without anyone knowing.

Learn more about anti-radiation frames here.

5. Paint the Wall Behind the Smart Meter with EMF Blocking Paint

This strategy is similar to the poster frame idea with the difference being that it’s a more permanent and widespread solution.

WOREMOR RF-IE50 EMR & RF Shielding Paint Protecting from HF, RF/RFID Bluetooth, Cell Towers EMI 5 Liter - EMR-WM-RFIE50

EMF paint is a highly water-resistant paint that’s more than 99% effective in attenuating radio frequency radiation and shielding high frequency electromagnetic fields.

In most cases, EMF paint is black and applied as a primer coat, which can then be covered with any color water-based emulsion paints, silicon resin paints or façade paints.

It’s effective against any form of radiation, whether it originates from smart meters or from exterior power lines, Wi-Fi signals and more.

6. Distance Yourself from Wherever the Smart Meter Is Installed

Distance is key when you are protecting yourself from radiation as exposure decreases dramatically the further you get from the source.

However, the process of rearranging your house to suit your distance from the smart meter may take some creativity and planning, but it’s worth it.

For instance, if the smart meter is installed outside of a bedroom, make sure the head of your bed is not up against that wall.

Move your bed to the opposite side.

The same strategy applies to the positioning of your couches in the living room. Couches should not be up against the wall where your smart meter is installed.

7. Shield Any Windows Surrounding the Meter

It’s pretty common for radiation to leak in through windows. If your smart meter is located near a window, you’ll want to take precautions and shield that window.

Anti-Radiation, High Protection EMF Shielding Window Film (5 feet x 5 feet)

Protective shielding films have been proven to be up to 98% effective. One positive aspect of shielding films (which can also be a downside) is that they limit the amount of sunlight entering your room.

While this may be an advantage for keeping your house cooler in summer, it is a major downside if you always want your room well lit with natural light.

If you decide it’s worth it, correct installation is critical so you may want to seek the help of a building biologist or home contractor who is experienced in applying window films.

I hope these smart meter protection tips help you reduce radiation levels in your home quickly and easily!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner. 

Want to learn more about the dangers of smart meters? Check out our complete guide here.

Side Note: I just want to quickly address the times we’re living in. Many people are feeling hopeless, depressed, confused, isolated…just overwhelmed. Can you relate? If you need a dose of hope right now, please click here to read my personal note to you.

59 thoughts on “7 Smart Meter Protection Strategies”

    • Hi Shirley,

      Yes, dirty electricity often leaks out of outlets. The easiest, no-cost solution is to pull your bed 6 feet away from the wall. I know that’s not realistic in many cases, so the other option is to get shielded outlet covers like these (just scroll down the page). That’ll get you 50%-75% reduction.

      You could also use graham stetzerizer filters or something like the Greenwave bedroom filter packs.

  1. Have you looked into the Personal Floww? It purports to transform EMF into beneficial earth magnetic waves.
    I was about to take the $275 plunge and buy one but was not convinced

    • I haven’t heard of the Personal Flow, but I already know I wouldn’t recommend it based on what you said. EMFs cannot be transformed into something less harmful. Electromagnetic waves can be reflected, refracted, absorbed, etc – but not transmuted into any other kind of wave.

      Glad you didn’t bite that expensive bullet 😉

      You might be interested in this article on EMF scams if you haven’t seen it already.

    • Hi Jordan,
      Fabulous web page.
      Do you have any knowledge about these copper tensor rings based on sacred geometry that fit at the base of the smart meter to modulate the radiation and render it harmless?

      I know secret geometry is used in predicting the stock market quite successfully, And would love to know if you have any experience or knowledge of this kind of tool to reduce smart meter exposure.

      Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Jordan,
    my smart meter is in a metal box (all sides except where attached to the house. It has an antenna attached on the outside of the box.
    I have a meter and the emissions are continual, peaking at very high readings every few minutes.
    Will it be enough just to cover the antenna with foil, or does the meter itself also emit?
    And: should any shielding be grounded?
    many thanks

    • Hi Jack,

      I would just test it and see (since you already have a meter). Try wrapping the antenna in aluminum foil then measure and see what it says.

      It sounds like the back of the box does not have a metal casing, so RF will be coming through that wall. Go take a reading on the opposite wall (inside your house) wherever the meter is and see if you need to shield there. You probably do.

      With smart meters, you’re dealing with RF (radiofrequency). You only need to ground these to shield from electric fields. So no, you don’t need to ground any smart meter shielding. Hope that helps!

      If you need additional help or aid in deciphering your meter readings, feel free to book a smart meter consult here.

    • Hi Elaine,

      I do not recommend products like Blushield because they do not make a difference in meter readings. Meaning, if I take a “before” measurement of ambient EMF in a room, then install the device, then take an “after” measurement, the readings will be the same. The device doesn’t reduce EMF levels at all.

      My #1 goal in EMF protection is always to eliminate or drastically reduce the stressor.

      With such devices, they expect you to still live with the stressor and just trust their product to protect you. I personally don’t want to have to put that much “faith” into a product.

      That’s not to take away from other people’s experiences. I recognize there are some things in life that cannot (or have yet to be) “proven” by science.

      I simply prefer to use solutions that show a measurable reduction in EMF exposure.

  3. Hello, Is it safe to cover the wall with aluminum foil? Ther are 16 smart meters installed at the back of our wall. Inside our house, we have a wifi router. If I cover the wall with aluminum foil will it not bounce or amplify the radiation. What is the best thing I can do to attenuate the emf. Thank you very much

  4. Hello, a newcomer to this site, not sure if this is an old blog or not but found it interesting and relevant: as a citizen in the U.K turned down a smart-meter because of radioactive and extreme levels of static to the point of hospital visits and having ruled out interior and exterior functional devices am more than certain that it comes from neighbouring properties, the residents having said when asked by myself that they don’t have a smart-meter, after the possibility was suggested by a visiting gas engineer – I tend to think this is actually the case and that I am not being told the truth.

    Having done the confrontation thing and failed, and no companies or applicable organisations failing to be forthcoming, and the formal complaint-processes being blocked, am requiring the need of some kind of anti-radiation protection to block the (what seem to be) thermal effects coming through the wall. I have lost five years of my life already, each day made to feel sick, with headaches and earaches etc…and am concerned about my mother, too (and cats), although I seem to feel the effects the most. I have tried foil and it works, yet the foil-boards rip eventually and are ugly and cumbersome. Was thinking about decorating each of the dividing-walls with two or three layers of foil, with thin board covering those, and then painting emulsion over the top of them to make the walls look like walls. I have not heard of anything done like this before – actual Faraday Cages seeming too complicated to have to implement. Maybe you might know of important details required for such an operation?

    I hope my participation on this web-page is not out-of-place.


    • I am in the same boat as you concerning a neighbour. She is young and lives in the flat below, she had smart meters installed and I have suffered greatly since. She has her washing machine on a night, despite me telling her it keeps me awake till it shuts off (3 to 4 hours). I gave her a letter detailing all my problems with her smart meters, to no avail, she continues to do this knowing I am made ill and sleep deprived, I find it impossible to sleep during those times and they also make my stomach churn and sweat, its truly debilitating. I have sent emails to all the main energy suppliers explaining my situation because I don’t know her supplier I had to send out around 15, most came back with “we don’t supply to this address”, British Gas said smart meters do not affect anyones health and also they do not affect pacemakers… then closed the complaint saying it was resolved… yeah right. There is more to this and if I ever get it resolved I will post again here.

  5. Hi, I don’t use my plugs on my second floor, so I shut the fuse in the basement panel for the upstairs. My lights still work, but no my plugs. Is this enough to protect me from dirty electricity, or is there still wiring for my plugs in my walls that are working? Thanks

    • Hi Caterina,

      If you shut off the fuses to your second floor only, then it’s just the second floor that would see a decrease in dirty electricity. There would be no change in any other part of the house.

  6. I read on another site that you have to be careful with blocking the EMF’s from a Smart Meter on the inside of the house using things like aluminum foil because it may reflect the EMF’s from other EMF emitting items in the home, like, a fluorescent light, or, maybe a wifi router. Is this an actual problem, and, would the principle be the same if using a blocking poster?

    • Hi Nicole,

      The scenarios when you need to be careful include painting and/or installing conductive material in an entire room, on all walls. Simply hanging a shielded poster or aluminum foil over a small area is not a concern.

  7. There is a smart meter for gas outside the wall of our upstairs bedroom window. It’s not round, like an electric smart meter. So, the round shield won’t work. This looks like a good alternative to me (I’m also checking into opting out to get an analog meter).

    • Hi Grace,

      I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. A utility meter either communicates wirelessly (smart) or it must be read manually (analog). There are some analog meters that are digital. As long as it does NOT send your home’s readings wirelessly to the base station, then it does not emit radiation.

      Hope that helps!

  8. Understand about the EMF protection but what can one do about controlling power surges from the Elec. Company to the smart meter and eventually into the home? Is there any type of surge protector that can be installed at the breaker box that would eliminate/reduce spikes in surges from the smart meter to the home? I am unable to ‘opt-out’ of the smart meter for the analog.

  9. Hi, my old meter, which sat in the middle of a two by two foot square hole that penetrates half way through my garage wall, (it’s like inside the block wall, but outside a separate stud wall)

    This was so ugly, I built a beautiful quartzite surround, that covered everything but the meter’s face, so the power company could still read the meter.

    Now that we unfortunately have a smart meter, we were required to chip out all the quartzite with a rock chisel, in order to remove the old meter and install the new one.

    Now we are back to major ugly. My wife being a steel-based artist, she’s volunteered to make a 25”x25” steel plate, with lots of lines cut in it to represent whatever animal, forest scene, etc she may choose.

    This sheet will cover the entire 24”x24” ugly hole, but my question is this: will this sheet require a lot of cut lines, in order for the smart meter to send out enough signal to the power company?

    Alternatively, could the steel sheet be done with no cutouts? (And just do a painting on the cover)

    We’d install the sheet with slide out fittings, in case the power folks ever need to repair, adjust, or replace the smart meter.

    PS, watch out, everyone. Our power company 8s now selling such things as “smart” thermostats, water heaters, electric ranges, etc. I, for one, won’t buy one, as I don’t want the power company deciding what temperature my home should be, etc. Scary. (I do have a method for how to trick a smart thermostat, which I’ll share, but only is someone asks.)

    • Hi Malcolm,

      That’s a tough one to answer. It definitely can’t be fully encased/covered. I think the cutouts would be necessary, I’m just not sure how many/what size they would need to be. The only way you’ll be able to determine that is with an EMF meter that measures RF. Get a “before” measurement, and play around with the steel plate (starting with no cut outs, then just a couple cut outs, etc) until you reach an “after” measurement of about 95% left than your before measurement.

      Hope that helps!

  10. Thanks so much for the reply, Jordon! I’m not clear what you meant by “…until you reach an “after” measurement of about 95% left than your before measurement.”

    Ar3 you recommend that I would be ok eliminating 95% of the radio signal, or that I need to only eliminate 5%, thus letting 95% of them free to travel to PPL’s nearest receiver?

    Unfortunately, I can’t see any way my artsy wife would be able to design a product in a series of experimental cutouts.
    Possible solution: perhaps she could design something, e.g. cutouts of various birds, marine life, plants, etc, all AROUND a central round hole the size of the face of the meter.

    Have you any experience with people blocking the entire meter except for its face?

    • Hi Malcolm,

      Sorry for the confusion. I meant that you would shoot to eliminate 95% of the radio signal.

      I don’t believe you’d need a hole the size of the face of the meter. I think you’d still be left with a hefty amount of RF. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to predict exact hole size. It’d just be something you’d have to play around with a meter to discover. I understand that may not be possible when attempting artwork, but that’s really the only way to find out how small/how a big of a hole you’d need in the design. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  11. Hello, we have a smart meter that cannot be replaced, and it is installed directly on the wall of the house. It is near a window, but I do not want to coat the window or use the very expensive fabric to make curtains. Instead, since I am already opening up the walls, could I put the smart meter cover you recommended over the outer facing sides of the meter, then install a metal plate on the inside of the sheathing? This has it covered from every angle, and as far as I can tell, should prevent the majority of emf’s from coming in, therefore eliminating the need for the window protection.

  12. smart water meters in the pavement outside a house in the UK.

    Please tell me what you think.
    I’ve denied all others but this is in the public highway, so I can not stop it.

    Would a ball/load of tin foil shoved in the hole stop this madness?


  13. If placing a shield reduces smart meter emissions, will not the electric company tell you it must be removed for them to get a reading? Do they own the space around the meter or is that legally my domain to do as I please? As long as I build the shield around their box without touching their equipment I should think it’s my right and just too bad for the company. Just planning ahead.

    • Hi Bob,

      The smart meter shields reduce emissions by about 98%. The remaining 2% is enough for transmission of data to still go through to the utility company. If you build your own, design it in such a way that it doesn’t block the signal completely. Shoot for a 95% – 98% reduction. Otherwise, yes, you will have trouble with the electric company. The meter is their property – not ours, though I’m not sure how much space around the meter is considered theirs.

  14. My daughter (23) has been sick ever since moving into our new home. It’s been 11 months. She has Lupus but this is beyond a lupus flare. She is getting sicker and sicker. Many visits to ER and nothing seems to get her better. Her bed is on the wall where the smart meter is. I used stones that help protect but I don’t think that’s enough. Where can I find the paint to paint her wall? What else can I do? I’m a desperate mom! Please help!

    • Hi Daniel,

      It helps protect a small area directly behind it, yes. But picture a flashlight pointed at a ball. Only within the shadow behind the ball is protected, while any areas light hits is left unprotected. We usually need to shield a larger area behind the meter than is covered by the metal plate. Hope that helps!

  15. Hi. I live with my mother and she was talked into letting the electric company install a smart meter even though it is not mandatory where I live. I am very concerned for my health and as I am not able to move right now I am going to order a cover for it and a panel for behind it. Where it is located makes the panel tricky though because it is installed right next to a window and a door that has a window in it, as well as almost directly behind the fuse box (it sits just below it). There is a cabinet right next to the fuse box as well. How much of a diameter around the meter needs to be covered by a panel on the inside and how close to the meters do windows need to be filmed? This is a very frustrating location for this meter.

  16. My daughter & very young grandchildren have just moved in to a rented house with a smart meter in the understairs cupboard (indoors). the meter is on the wall which adjoins the next door neighbours same cupboard. I bought some shielding fabric and faraday tape and have taped two layers of the fabric right over and around both the meter and the power head as both very close to each other – but obviously not able to get behind the meter. Couldn’t find a cage the right shape (meters in UK are usually oblong / square shaped. Is what I have done adequate and safe enough? I have tested with a Trifield meter and the readings are definitely lower…. but I’m still worried if what I have done is safe and that I’m not making anything worse by using the fabric this way rather than a cage? Would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

  17. Hi Jordan,
    Thank you for all the great information. We just received a notice from the electric company that they will be installing smart meters very soon. I already knew they were a bad idea, but I’ve been doing some more reading up on the subject. “Fortunately” we can opt out, but keeping our old meter will cost us $29 per month!! Robbery. My question is I noticed a box of some sort being installed on the telephone pole in front of our house- it’s maybe 20 feet from our house. Then today I noticed a sign posted on the pole warning any other workers- “RF exposure at 1 foot or closer to the face of the antenna exceeds the FCC public exposure limit”. Is this antenna emitting levels of dangerous RF to is in our house or playing in the from yard? I don’t know what they consider dangerous, but one foot for them might be the equivalent danger of what 20 is for us. Thank you for your help.

    • You’re right, it’s absolutely ridiculous to be charged for opting out of something you never asked for! With that said, the fee is about worth it to not have a smart meter.

      You’re also correct in that what the FCC deems “safe” is far, far higher than what has proven to be biologically safe. Unfortunately, if the pole is right in front of your house, your exposure is more than likely above what we as EMF-aware individuals would deem acceptable. But the only way to know for sure is to get a meter and test your levels. I recommend the TriField TF2.

  18. I’d go for the EMF-Turtal paint or LBK100, it was the most cost effective in my case, I painted the wall with the Turatal, but need to ground it, that’s important to get the best shielding level! I’ve got the paint from the UK distributor, they have the LBK100 too at emfclothing(dot)com

  19. Hi I recently spoke with someone from gigahertz they sell the gigahertz meters they said that the EMF paint is about 33% affective they have tested it. I also spoke with Dave Setzer on the phone, he said you definitely want to shield your smart meter on the inside wall but not on the outside because he said if you shield the outside it makes the signal go inside stronger. He said when you put that mesh over your smart meter and you don’t get a signal anymore it’s because it’s all going backwards hast to go somewhere. i’m wondering if just shielding the sides would be better but not the front of it as far as the outside. I invested in the Stetzer meter and filters for my home. It’s worth every penny.

  20. My energy company have agreed to turn the smart meter on to “dumb” mode, so that I will need to give them readings manually. Is dumb mode safe? safer…or still bad?

  21. Can I place aluminum flashing directly behind the box that holds the smart meter to stop it from coming into the house? It is attached outside our house on our daughters bedroom wall.

    Also you mentioned we could paint that wall with the special blocking paint but said you need to ground it? How do you do that?

  22. I found an inexpensive Smart Meter Cover called the RF Meter Shield (www.rfmetershield,com). It is easy to install, lab tested (with published results), and provides great Smart meter Protection.

  23. Hi Jordan,

    I’m interested in purchasing an EMF meter but cannot afford the TriField TF2. Are you aware of any other more affordable models that would provide quality readings?

  24. Hello Jordon, as I am so sensitive to everything I don’t want a smart meter, but they are coming, I said no now I will pay extra for how long?

  25. Hello
    In our home my wife & I sleep in our bedroom with our heads immediately behind our power/metre box containing a smart metre (with antenna) on the outside wall. The box is set into the brick veneer so prob just a sheet of gyprock separating us from it.
    Also Solar company people were looking at installing an inverter next to it as well.
    Is this bad for our health? What can be done as we can’t move the bed.

  26. We are buying a tiny house that has a smart meter (and breaker box) installed on the house and my sons computer is supposed to go within 4-6 feet of where the meter is. 🙁 We don’t currently have insulation/walls up yet. Would it be enough to use foil before we add the insulation? I’d love to have it moved away from the house 10′ or so, but I’m not sure if it’s an option. The power company said that I can’t get an analog box though.

  27. Hi I live in a senior mobile home park and the smart meter is on a post (in the car port) with a metal box in which the smart meter is enclosed. The post is 3′ from the house and the smart meter faces the street.
    What would be the cheapest yet effective way to deal with this?

  28. How far does the RF travel from a smart meter. My daughters room is on the second floor above our smart meter. I am trying for an opt-out but if I get denied I need a solution for her safety. Also, do you have a recommend for wifi router, our router sits in my daughters room. I am trying to have it relocated but in the meantime would like to get it covered.

  29. I dont think covering the meter will stop the radiation!! the house wiring acts like a giant antenna for it. chaneling it straight to the plug by your bed to dose you all night long. and even if it just comes from the meter,, shielding on the outside of the meter while the back side points toward the house doesnt sound smart either.

  30. Will the electric company still get readings off of the smart meter if I buy an Amazon cover for it?


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