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Smart meter protection may be easier than you think. 

Sure, a metal wireless communication device that drenches your home in radiation may seem intimidating, but it’s actually an easy fix.

You just have to know what to do.

So let’s get to it!

This is the smart meter cover I recommend to all my clients.

What Is A Smart Meter and Why Is It Harmful to Your Health?

A few decades ago, electricity measurements were obtained through analog readings. It was the only way utility companies could determine the amount of electricity used and charge you accurately.

Smart meters, on the other hand, are able to calculate the amount of energy you use and transmit that data to the utility station wirelessly.

No more labor costs involved in sending someone to your home to take the reading.

Good thing for the electric companies.

Bad news for us.

It wasn’t long after smart meters were rolled out that the complaints started rolling in.

People started reporting side effects like headaches and not sleeping well.

We have a whole article that digs deep into smart meter symptoms you can check out, but there were also non-health related complaints like privacy issues.

The primary and perhaps the most recognized problem with smart meters is that they emit a large amount of radiation.

The radiation is so powerful that it easily penetrates walls and affects those who live within them.

Perhaps the worst part of it all, radiation from your smart meter is emitted 24 hours a day, resulting in prolonged exposure which only increases the chances of developing radiation-related disorders.

I know…I wish smart meters were banned too. But alas, they’re not – at least not in most areas. Check out that link to find some areas with friendlier policies.

But for many of us, we’re stuck with them, so let’s look at a few ways to protect yourself from smart meter radiation.

7 Smart Meter Protection Strategies to Reduce Radiation Exposure

1. Switch to an Analog Meter

Unlike the smart meter which sends real-time information wirelessly about your electricity or gas usage, analog meters must be read physically.

Eliminating that wireless communication eliminates the emission of radiofrequency radiation.

Switching to an analog meter is the gold standard in protecting yourself from smart meter radiation.

The process of changing from a smart meter to an analog meter is called opting out.

Rules about “opting out” vary from state to state.

Some companies charge a fee while others do it for free. You should look up your state laws about opting out of smart meters before making a decision.

2. Invest in a Smart Meter Cover

A smart meter cover is a protective shield that blocks up to 98% of radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by smart meters.

Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield

As effective as it is in blocking these frequencies, it still allows utility companies to receive the information they need.

If you can’t opt out of your smart meter program or simply don’t want to, you can still achieve protection with a quality meter guard:

  • They are built to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Their design allows it to easily slide on or off, so it’s easy to carry with you if you move.

This is the cover I recommend. 

3. Make Your Own Smart Meter Shield at Home

If there isn’t room in your budget to buy a smart meter cover, the best alternative is a DIY smart meter guard.

It is a cheaper method with equally beneficial results.

To make your own cover, you’ll need materials like aluminum foil or aluminum mesh. Check out our complete smart meter cage tutorial here.

4. Hang Radiation Blocking Posters or Picture Frames

Smart meters are installed directly to an exterior wall or siding of your home.

The radiation needs to be blocked from the inside as well, and an easy way to do that is with an EMF-blocking frame.  

These posters and frames can block more than 99% of the radiation emitted from smart meters.

Poster frame liners are available in multiple sizes and can fit almost any frame, meaning you can transform any picture or piece of art into a radiation-blocking tool without anyone knowing.

Learn more about anti-radiation frames here.

5. Paint the Wall Behind the Smart Meter with EMF Blocking Paint

This strategy is similar to the poster frame idea with the difference being that it’s a more permanent and widespread solution.

WOREMOR RF-IE50 EMR & RF Shielding Paint Protecting from HF, RF/RFID Bluetooth, Cell Towers EMI 5 Liter - EMR-WM-RFIE50

EMF paint is a highly water-resistant paint that’s more than 99% effective in attenuating radio frequency radiation and shielding high frequency electromagnetic fields.

In most cases, EMF paint is black and applied as a primer coat, which can then be covered with any color water-based emulsion paints, silicon resin paints or façade paints.

It’s effective against any form of radiation, whether it originates from smart meters or from exterior power lines, Wi-Fi signals and more.

6. Distance Yourself from Wherever the Smart Meter Is Installed

Distance is key when you are protecting yourself from radiation as exposure decreases dramatically the further you get from the source.

However, the process of rearranging your house to suit your distance from the smart meter may take some creativity and planning, but it’s worth it.

For instance, if the smart meter is installed outside of a bedroom, make sure the head of your bed is not up against that wall.

Move your bed to the opposite side.

The same strategy applies to the positioning of your couches in the living room. Couches should not be up against the wall where your smart meter is installed.

7. Shield Any Windows Surrounding the Meter

It’s pretty common for radiation to leak in through windows. If your smart meter is located near a window, you’ll want to take precautions and shield that window.

Anti-Radiation, High Protection EMF Shielding Window Film (5 feet x 5 feet)

Protective shielding films have been proven to be up to 98% effective. One positive aspect of shielding films (which can also be a downside) is that they limit the amount of sunlight entering your room.

While this may be an advantage for keeping your house cooler in summer, it is a major downside if you always want your room well lit with natural light.

If you decide it’s worth it, correct installation is critical so you may want to seek the help of a building biologist or home contractor who is experienced in applying window films.

I hope these smart meter protection tips help you reduce radiation levels in your home quickly and easily!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner. 

Want to learn more about the dangers of smart meters? Check out our complete guide here.

Side Note: I just want to quickly address the times we’re living in. Many people are feeling hopeless, depressed, confused, isolated…just overwhelmed. Can you relate? If you need a dose of hope right now, please click here to read my personal note to you.

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