Meet Jordan Mitchell

Certified EMF Consultant

I became aware of EMF like many of you did – painfully and shrouded in a cloud of confusion.

I can’t know for sure, but I believe I grew electrosensitive after my immune system crashed due to Lyme Disease.

It all started with a tingly, deep tissue burn-type feeling every time I worked on my computer, tablet, and phone.

So I started doing what I do best – researching.

And I kept on and on and on until I was completely overwhelmed by it.

But you know what feeling overwhelmed makes you do? It makes you want to quit.

That’s when I realized that someone needed to make navigating the EMF protection waters simple and easy to manage. 

So I sought professional training, earned my certification in EMF Consulting, and built this website.

It is the culmination of hours I’ve spent researching and seeking effective solutions. I have taken great pains to lay out the information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply.

When you’re trying to protect your family from the growing onslaught of EMF, the last thing you need is analysis paralysis. I sincerely hope to serve you well through this site by providing factual information, helpful buyer guides, and trusted recommendations that I have tested and/or researched myself.

I also offer easy email consultations where you can get your questions answered directly – book one here.

The Goal of This Site: To  Simplify EMF Protection

The progression of technology (especially Wifi and now 5G) has brought on a new set of challenges – challenges the general public is just starting to realize and address.

Since the idea of “EMF radiation” being detrimental to our health is somewhat new, there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

At Beat EMF, we aim to provide factual, well researched information on the dangers of EMF and everything that goes with it.

I hold to the truth that an enemy can only be defeated once it’s identified.

So many of our articles teach you how to detect EMF radiation in your home and environment through proven methods.

We even provide consultations to walk you through the process.

When manufacturers catch wind of a need people have, they start whipping out “solutions” left and right.

The problem is those “solutions” are often scams & more about creating hype than helping the person.

The EMF protection industry is no different.

So it’s up to us as consumers to do the research, and we strive to make that easy with our guides & consultations.

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