Your EMF Protection Resource: Separating Fake from Effective


Our goal is to raise awareness about the growing threat of EMF.



We provide the information and tools you need to properly detect electromagnetic frequencies in your environment.


We research and test EMF protection products to separate fake from effective, so you don’t have to.

1. Education

The progression of technology (especially Wifi and now 5G) has brought on a new set of challenges – challenges the general public is just starting to realize and address. Since the idea of “EMF radiation” being detrimental to our health is somewhat new, there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

At Beat EMF, we aim to provide factual, well researched information on the dangers of EMF and everything that goes with it.


2. Detection

An enemy can only be defeated once it’s identified. We’ll show you how to detect EMF radiation in your home and environment through proven methods. We also strive to connect you with building biologists who can provide even more information and tips for finding EMF sources in your home.


3. Solutions

Let’s face it.

As soon as manufacturers catch wind of a need people have, they start whipping out “solutions” left and right.

The problem is those “solutions” are often second-rate products that are more about creating hype than helping the person.

The EMF protection industry is no different.

So it’s up to us as consumers to do the research.

That’s where Beat EMF comes in.

It is our mission to recommend simple solutions, identifying what works and what doesn’t so that you can protect yourself from EMF while avoiding the scams. 

About the Founder

Jordan Mitchell

Jordan Mitchell

Founder, Editor, Product Tester

Life is a journey with ups and downs that you never see coming. One of my biggest roller coaster rides started with a Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis. Who knew a simple tick bite at 6 years old would go undetected and begin wreaking havoc 20 years later? I sure didn’t. Lyme disease has lead to a lot of things – one of the most difficult being electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

As a result, I’ve researched EMF radiation and its effects on our bodies until I was completely overwhelmed by it.

And you know what feeling overwhelmed makes you do? It makes you want to quit.

That’s when I realized that someone needed to make navigating the EMF protection waters simple and easy to manage. 

That’s what I set out to do with Beat EMF. It is the culmination of hours I’ve spent researching and seeking effective solutions. I have taken great pains to lay out the information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply.

When you’re trying to protect your family from the growing onslaught of EMF, the last thing you need is analysis paralysis. I sincerely hope to serve you well through this site by providing factual information, helpful buyer guides, and trusted recommendations that I have tested and/or researched myself 

Certified EMF Consultants

I decided to pursue training as an EMF Expert Consultant as a direct result of trying to help my wife who has been in declining health for several years. 

In the last few years I discovered EMF’s as a possible cause for most if not all of her health issues and thus I began the journey of research and discovered the Certified Training program through which allowed me to learn in great depth about the issues and how to help my wife and other people feel better.

My professional focus is on children and adults experiencing Electrical Sensitivity or Electrical Hyper Sensitivity symptoms.

  • Professional Consultation will include a personal visit to the home or office or a consultation by phone or internet.
  • Comprehensive environmental EMF readings will be taken with specialized meters.
  • Detailed reports will be developed with remediation and mitigation suggestions.
  • Mitigation services will be available post consultation.

Given my background as a Real Estate professional since 2004 as well as a remodeling specialty contractor since 2000 I have a unique perspective in helping home buyers find or create an EMF safe home.

As a contractor I am able to help clients remediate issues that are discovered during the consultation or refer them to a professional (ie. electrician) if needed.


You can contact me for a consultation or questions through my website, EMF Overload

Tim Holley

Certified EMF Expert, EMF Overload Detection and Protection Services

EMF Protection Specialists provides professional measurement services using modern equipment including magnetic and electric field meters, RF meters, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes.

We provide a complete professional report including:

– ELF (extremely low frequency) 
– RF (radio frequency) 
– Dirty electricity 
– Measurements to determine “safe” distances from appliances and necessary mitigation techniques.
– Consultation with the customer regarding suggested mitigation procedures. 

We look forward to serving you!

For Questions or Consultations:


Phone: 970-409-7459

Gary Bocksch

Certified EMF Expert, EMF Protection Specialists Education/Expertise: MS, BS, AAS Professor Applied Science – Electrical Engineering Technology 1983-2007 CS Mott College Flint, MI<br /> Specialty: Electronic Communications

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