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Today I’m addressing the elephant in the room…

A really annoying, ‘make me wanna pull my hair out’ elephant:

EMF Protection Scams. 

They give ethical product makers who have something real to offer a bad name. 

And they make those of us with proper training who seek to educate the public look “looney.”

So today we’re separating fact from fiction as it pertains to the EMF protection space. 

First let’s establish what EMF is.

Feel free to skip to the bottom sections where we call out products and companies as scams. You won’t hurt my feelings 🙂

Is EMF Real?

Yes, of course it is. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are a scientifically proven property that refers to a combination of magnetic and electric fields of force.

Magnetic fields are a product of flowing electric current; whereas electric fields are produced due to a difference in voltage. 

We may not see it, but we’re surrounded by EMFs wherever we go. They can be generated from both natural sources and artificial man-made products.

In nature, EMFs are formed in the atmosphere, where there is a local build-up of electric charges. A perfect example is lightning. 

The effect of EMF can also be seen through the function of compasses.

The compass needle is automatically oriented in a North-South direction because of the earth’s magnetic field. 

Even our own bodies contain electromagnetic fields.

This is apparent in the fact that physicians use electrocardiograms (ECG or EKG) to analyze heart function. 

But EMF can also come from sources like:

  • Mobile phone stations
  • Radio stations
  • Power lines
  • Smart meters
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart appliances
  • Wireless networks (or any other device that makes use of high-frequency radio waves)

Is There Proof That Artificial EMF Causes Health Issues?

In recent years, the term “EMF” has become synonymous with the energy – or radiation – that emits from its fields. 

Such radiation – especially what stems from the radiofrequency and extremely low frequency portions of the spectrum –  has now become a cause for concern regarding its health impacts. 

The more research that’s done, the more clear and real this dangerous link becomes. 

While some scientists say that EMFs don’t pose any type of danger, there are many more who seek to raise awareness of its growing threat. 

(Side Note: Regarding scientists with differing views, you need to look at who’s funding them and the studies they conduct. Don’t be surprised when you find that the “naysayers” are being funded by higher ups in the Telecommunications Industry). 

Since many of you reading this will be members of the “this type of radiation isn’t a threat” camp, let’s look at some studies.

If you’re already aware of the research, feel free to skip down to the Scams section.

A study showed that radiofrequency EMFs can be carcinogenic to humans. 

Their studies show that the use of wireless phones can increase a person’s risk for glioma – a type of brain cancer that’s notoriously malignant.

They found that the gliomas most often formed on the side of the head where people held their phones while talking.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

In another study, scientists found that workers exposed to high levels of EMF for a long time had higher risks of developing acute myeloid leukemia. 

Environmental Research Journal

Other research based in Europe found nearly similar results, but this time with a focus of leukemia in children.

While the study concluded that EMF may not be the primary cause, extended exposure to EMFs at the very least greatly contributed to it. 

Environment International

Experts have also found that extremely low-frequency EMFs can cause significant changes in humans’ biological processes.

This then leads to problems involving their psychological and neurological health. Disrupted sleeping patterns and mood instability are just some of the changes that have been well-documented.

Journal of Scientific Reports

Now you may be thinking…

“Ok, well if this is true and studies prove it, why doesn’t everyone experience these effects?”

The answer to that is because everyone’s body burden is unique.

Your susceptibility to “feeling” its effects is determined by factors like your genetics, nutrition, overall exposure, viral load, immune system function, and more. 

I put air quotes around the word “feeling” because artificial EMFs are impacting your cells whether you feel it or not. 

And remember, damage is cumulative. 

People don’t develop chronic illnesses or cancer overnight. It’s something that slowly builds in the background – unfelt – until that final straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back. 

But when your body does reach its “maximum burden capacity,” that’s when things start to fall apart and you start noticing symptoms like: 

  • Difficulty in concentrating 
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained dizziness
  • Increased irritability and restlessness
  • Chronic headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Ringing in the ears
  • And more

So now that we’ve laid the foundation that…

a). EMF is real

b). It can be harmful

The logical next step is to ask yourself, “How can I protect against it?

That’s where EMF protection products come in. 

There are legitimate solutions out there. The EMF Protection arena is NOT a scam in itself. 

But there are some scammy products out there.

 Just like in every industry, when a need arises, some manufacturers will rise to meet that need ethically….

And others will attempt to just make money off of your fear and pain. 

So let’s look at how to tell the difference.

The Definition of a Scam & How It Applies to EMF Protection

The term “scam” refers to any scheme or business that is fraudulent and fake, operating solely to take advantage of unsuspecting victims – and take their money. 

In terms of EMF protective products, scams can include devices that have expensive price tags without any proof of effective results. 

Some sellers may even use stolen logos, fake business names, and overly sophisticated designs on their layout as a facade for their activity. 

And unfortunately, most (if not all) of these businesses are propagating online. 

One way you can tell if a product or service is a scam is if there are no reviews.

Still others do have reviews, but you can kinda tell they’re fake. If the headshots of their so-called customers look straight out of a glamour studio, that should clue you in. 

Also, if there’s no substance to their review and looks like it could’ve been written by someone who has never used it, stay far, far away…

Because it probably was written by someone who’s never used the product, and they were just paid to pretend like they had. 

Sometimes these products are also too good to be true because they’re incredibly cheap and claim to have almost impossible effects. 

Another factor to consider is if the product doesn’t have an explanation for how it works or if its results cannot be properly measured with an EMF meter. 

This is the biggest problem I see.

Electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation (like what comes from cell phones & WiFi) can be MEASURED. 

You should be able to take a “before” measurement, use and/or place the product as instructed, and take an “after” measurement and see a difference. 

>> This is the meter I recommend.

This is the EMF meter I use.

If a product’s marketing materials are so flowery in language as to make you feel like their science is “too sophisticated” for you to understand, they’re probably trying to pull the wool over your eyes. 

The Problem with Some EMF Protection Products

There are a lot of misconceptions about the effects of EMF and how it behaves because of the fake protection products found in the market. 

Some of these scams use complex scientific terms just to fool the public on how effective they can be. 

For example, some use terms like “scalar energy” or “tachyon energy” to try and make a product sound super sophisticated. But in truth, they don’t mean much. 

And they certainly don’t indicate how effective a product is.

Scalar describes a quantity, either length, speed, or mass, which has no direction and is specified by its magnitude. 

Tachyon energy, on the other hand, is a completely hypothetical theory about light, which means that it’s not real or proven! 

There’s also the hoax that EMF can be transmuted into less harmful frequencies. This is FALSE. 

If we look at the behavior of EMF, we can see that it cannot be transmuted. It can only be converted into heat or motion, as seen through the function of microwaves and blenders. 

Another complex term used in marketing these EMF protection scams is “piezoelectricity.”

Piezoelectricity is believed to emit positive vibrational frequencies that can combat the negative vibrational frequencies produced by EMFs.

Let’s get this clear…

Piezo Electric Currents are currents that result from heat and pressure being applied to crystals. “Piezoelectricity” and its vibrations are not “protective” because EMF does not vibrate, and it is neither positive nor negative.

Rather, EMFs oscillate and their waves travel with a positive and negative amplitude.

The last myth I want to debunk is the term “BioGeometry.”

The term is two words sandwiched together to refer to biology (which is a science) and geometry (which is math). 

Now, “BioGeometry” was invented to explain the effects of space on human biology. The truth is, understanding the nature of EMF is enough explanation.

The term BioGeometry is merely used to sound more scientific, new, and complex. 

The Biggest EMF Lie of All 

The worst thing about fake EMF protection products is that they are in no way helpful in lessening your exposure to harmful EMF. 

These things claim they can make your body stronger in handling radiation, or that they can alter the fields so they have less impact on your body. 

They even go so far as persuading you that a single product (the one they are peddling) serves to protect from ALL types of EMF simultaneously – electric fields, magnetic fields, microwave radiation, and high-frequency voltage transients. 

Such claims are not only absurd but also impossible! 

Each field has different characteristics and properties, and therefore requires different methods and materials of protection.

These scams only endanger the lives of people who continue using their devices with ignorant bliss.

They lend a false sense of security that results in people using their devices even more and for longer periods of time.

It means people are no longer mindful of their use of technology because they feel “protected.” 

In reality, they are still very much being affected by EMFs.

Why EMF Scam Products Are So Successful (Not in Protecting, But in Duping)

The main reason why these fake EMF protection products fool so many people is because of their need for convenience. 

Some consumers ignore legitimate research because they just want a quick, easy, and cheap solution that doesn’t require a lifestyle change on their part. 

I completely understand that feeling. It’s why I started this site – to make a complicated, overwhelming topic easier to digest. So I’m not judging. It’s not your fault that manufacturers cut corners and hire really good copywriters to make their product sound legit.

I just want to encourage you to do your research and not purchase blindly. 

As you’re shopping for protection, avoid anything that promotes itself to be the one solution to all EMF problems.

These scam sellers rely on consumers having very little awareness of how electromagnetic fields operate. 

They know that unknowing customers can be fooled by complicated sounding words and scientific theories that don’t have much bearing. 

Plus, they’re preying on the fact that people are desperate for a miracle solution that can make all their problems disappear. 

Quick fixes like protective plug-ins and anti-EMF stickers pose themselves as legit and trustworthy products.

But upon closer inspection, they’re nothing more than ordinary things that can’t do anything about radiation in the environment.

Now finally, let’s look at specific product categories and brands that – in my humble opinion – don’t work. 

EMF Protection Products That Are Actually Scams

Please realize that the following is just my opinion – albeit an educated one. My stance in discerning fake from effective is rooted in measurements. Electromagnetic fields, radiofrequency radiation, etc CAN be measured. 

So the protections I recommend are those that can take a before measurement and reduce it significantly. If the numbers on my meter don’t change after instituting the so-called protective product, I tend to think it’s a scam. 

With that said, I recognize that I don’t know “all things.” Each person has to do what they feel is best for them based on research. Perhaps in coming years, research techniques will become sophisticated enough to reveal changes that align with “harmonizing” or “neutralizing” negative effects of EMF. At which point I would re-evaluate my opinion.

But that time has not yet come.

1. Stickers, Diodes, and Chips

If you search “EMF protection” on Amazon, what will greet you is a page full of adhesive discs/stickers.

These products claim to negate a lot of the bad effects of EMF, but the truth is, they don’t do squat.

In fact, they can potentially boost the levels of radiation you’re exposed to because they do put some strain on your connection. As a result, your phone will increase its power usage as it seeks to secure a connection to the nearest cell tower.

You can tell these anti-radiation chips don’t “block” radiofrequency radiation because your phone still works.

If it actually blocked your phone from emitting radio waves, you wouldn’t be able to make and receive calls. 

Some brands in this category to avoid include:

  • xZubi
  • Goodlee
  • Quantum Shield 
  • RadiSafe

2. Plug-Ins that “Harmonize” or “Neutralize”

Here’s the main problem I have with plug-ins:

As soon as it’s plugged in, it’s going to generate an electric field.

As soon as there’s power running to that plug-in, it’s going to generate a magnetic field. 

So this is an instance where you have to determine if the pros outweigh the cons.

Is the protection you’re going to receive more significant than the fields it’s going to generate?

In my opinion, the only case where benefit trumps exposure is with Dirty Electricity plug-in filters like GreenWave. 

I HIGHLY recommend you get these for at least the bedrooms where people sleep every night (ie you can skip the guest bedrooms).

You just need to verify that your home’s wiring is correct first. If you live in a fairly new build, that shouldn’t be an issue.

A lot of scam companies promote plug-ins that claim to cancel all types of EMF just by plugging the device into the electrical outlet. 

One of the most common examples is the Gia Harmonizer – commonly associated with multi-level marketing models. 

For reasons I’ve already discussed previously in this article, claims associated with such plug-ins have no basis in scientific fact.

Electromagnetic fields cannot be neutralized, negated, harmonized, or transmuted into “less harmful” frequencies. 

Some brands in this category to avoid include:


This plug-in is part of the Infinity Home System which claims to provide the entire house with protection upon plugging to a live electrical outlet. 

This product seems persuasive, especially since it insists that it can protect children and pets too. But upon closer inspection, you will find that the page doesn’t even have a scientific basis for how the product works. 

Note: This is one of those instances where meters and tech may become advanced enough in the future to prove the kind of tech they use works. If that happens, I may change my opinion on EarthCalm as a scam. 

Other brands to beware of:

  • Aulterra
  • eLink
  • SafeSpace EMF Adapter

Legit options in this category:

  • GreenWave Dirty Electricity Filter (I think everyone should have these in their bedrooms, at minimum. And your bedroom is the best place to start if you’re on a budget. 
  • Power Perfect Box (pricey but it filters dirty electricity at the point it enters your home. So it’s true whole home protection for dirty electric fields).

3. Scalar Energy Generators

I’ve previously discussed why the term “Scalar Energy” isn’t a term that proves a product’s effectiveness.

It’s just part of the flowery language used.

There is no way, based on research conducted thus far, that scalar energy can cancel out EMF.

Here are some brands to beware of:


It’s alarming how many bold claims the QuWave makes. The QuWave declares that it can activate scalar energy which can “repair itself” and cancel out the effects of radiation, microwaves, and EMF. 

The product goes as far as professing that scalar energy can make your DNA resistant to damage and that it boosts immune function while optimizing cellular energy levels.

Some people claim they’ve felt a positive difference with QuWave products. I encourage you to do your own research and decide what’s best for you.

Iyashi Bracelets 

Here’s another product that claims to make use of Scalar energy.

The bracelets are made of crystal ceramic material that claims to infuse the full spectrum of scalar energy with negative ions. 

With this combination, the bracelets insist that it can clear the energy blockage of the body, harmonize bio-field, and protect you from EMF. 

Again, beware. There may be something to it as they have some impressive testimonials. 

But their accessories provide no changes that can be measured with an EMF meter, and there’s not enough evidence to convince me they’re legit otherwise. 

4. Crystal Pyramids

Several anti-EMF crystal pyramids are made of amazonite and orgonite, but these crystals are in no way able to block the dangerous effects of radiation. 

The one exception for this can be shungite because it has properties that can absorb EMF.

However, its effect is very little that it cannot totally give protection to the consumer. 

The truth is, you cannot set a stone in your room and expect it to change the EMF in the environment because it won’t.

The only situation where I see how these could work is if you were to get such a large, and I mean LARGE chunk of carbon-rich stone, and set it in between you and something like your WiFi router. 

It’d need to be large enough to where you wouldn’t be able to see your WiFi router on the other side of it. 

That would not be cost-effective. There are much better, more budget-friendly options like a router cage or mesh pouch like the Signal Tamer.

5. Jewelry 

I have mixed feelings about jewelry. But one thing’s for sure…

You cannot put on a necklace or bracelet and be completely protected from EMF. 

I won’t go too in-depth here, but you can read this jewelry article if you want to explore the topic further. 

EMF protection pendants are everywhere and promote themselves with scientific buzzwords.

These products are no exception to schemes that claim to repair the body from negative energies and correct the body’s imbalances. 

Some brands to beware of:


The QuanThor is an Anti-EMF protection bracelet which is said to increase the user’s mental performance while lessening the effect of stress.

Its description is peppered with names of chemicals and components that claim to give the body’s immune system a boost.

It’s only redeeming quality is that some of their bracelets use magnets and magnets do have scientifically proven benefits. 

EarthCalm Pendants 

This pendant from EarthCalm promotes the usage of Sanctuary 2 technology, which they say is the “highest level of wearable protection.”

Again, the description page shows a lot of symptoms it can stop, but no solid scientific evidence as to how the material actually interacts with EMFs.


These acrylic pendants may be aesthetically pleasing, but its popularity doesn’t match with its legitimacy.

Even though the product description claims to be worn by a lot of people to protect them from EMF, there isn’t a thorough explanation as to how the product works. 

Final Verdict: Do EMF Protection Devices Work?

Yes and No. 

Yes because there are plenty of products designed to actually reflect EMF away from your body.

They provide results that can be measured – aka levels decrease while the product is in use. 

Which brings me to the best way to determine if an EMF protection product is legit or a scam…

With an EMF meter. 

I recommend the TriField TF2 because it measures electric and magnetic fields and radiofrequency.

Yes, there are better meters on the market, but they are super expensive and complicated.

The Trifield TF2 is very user-friendly.   

SO…What Do I Recommend?

First and foremost…

1. Shielded Bed Canopies

Yes, they’re pricey, but you honestly can’t get a better ‘bang for you buck and benefit’ than to sleep in a 99.9999% shielded area. 

These are the canopies I recommend.

Use code ‘JBEATEMF’ to get my discount.

When you’re sleeping is THE most important time to protect yourself against EMF (and remember, that’s a collective term that has morphed from just electric and magnetic fields to now include radio frequencies and dirty electricity). 

A grounded bed canopy takes care of all those except magnetic fields. And you can take care of magnetic fields by simply unplugging everything in your room.

You’ll be left with the wiring in your walls and outside sources such as power lines. 

If you get high magnetic readings from your wiring, you can take care of that by shutting off the breaker to your bedroom at night. A switch like this one makes that super easy.

2. Clothing

Again, I stick to shielding solutions that decrease my meter readings, and clothing definitely does that. 

If you work from home, you might can sport a shielded hoodie and leggings (or sweatpants) like me. But if you work in an office, they make undershirts and other undergarments that you can wear under your regular clothes. 

Basically what I’m saying is wearing shielded clothing doesn’t mean you look weird.

In most cases, you can’t tell the difference at all. And if you do the leggings and undershirts, you won’t see it at all. 

For any of those clothes, if you end up buying from EMRSS – use code ‘JBEATEMF’ to get my discount. 

I’ll also throw bedding items in this category like blankets and sheets.

NOTE: If you do a bed canopy, you don’t need the sheets or any kind of shielded bedding. 

Ok, so with all that said, let me give you a real-life example of how I use these every day:

I’m like everyone else… I like to surf my phone in the evenings. We don’t have to give up tech entirely – we just have to be smarter in the way we use it. 

So in the evenings as I’m winding down for bed, I like to check a few websites and get caught up on what happened that day while I’m all snuggly under a warm blanket. 

Here’s what my setup looks like:

I have either this blanket or a swatch of shielded fabric that’s large enough to cover me from neck to toe. I have a 2 ft x 8 ft cut of the SwissShield Naturell fabric found here.

It comes 8 feet wide (but picture that as your length to cover you from chest to toe), so I bought 2 feet of it, which is wide enough to cover me from side to side.

Then, I wear this shielded beanie:

EMF Protection Hat Radiation Blocking Beanie by Halsa. Silver Fabric. High Shielding Efficiency. Blocks Radiation from Cell Phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, Power Lines, Microwaves and More. Black.

Lastly, I have a box – you can use any object really – to prop my phone up on so I don’t have to hold it. 

Eventually, I’m going to upgrade to this phone stand:

Karelian Heritage: Shungite Cell Phone Protection Plate Stand (Cell Phone Stand) OP16

Buy on Amazon

Pair that with a long stylus and you can “surf” without touching your phone at all. 

I also wear blue-light blocking glasses anytime I look at a phone, computer, etc at night. 

Now once I do my “check-ins” and get caught up on the day’s news, my phone goes right back on airplane mode.

3. Nutrition

Did you know you can lower the impact EMF has on your body by what you eat? I learned about the incredible importance of nutrition during my battle with Lyme disease. 

It was one of my 4 keys to success:

  • Diet
  • Detox
  • EMF mitigation
  • God’s grace/guidance

The most important nutrients to consume for EMF protection are antioxidants/polyphenols and proper mineral balance. 

I’m developing a guide that will delve into this in more detail (launching in January hopefully), but I’ll share the main thing I do on ‘auto-pilot.’

Every morning, I drink a 1 ounce shot of 4 juices – noni, goji, mangosteen, and acai berry. I get a case of the juices automatically shipped to my house once a month so I never have to think about it. 

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

You can probably find similar juices somewhere like Whole Foods – just make sure they include the skin and pulp. That’s very important. And the less processing, the better, and the more nutrients that will remain intact.

4. Smart Meter Shielding

I already have really in-depth guides to this you can check out here and here

Basically, you need to measure to see exactly what exposure levels you’re dealing with because you don’t want to waste money on shielding if it’s not necessary. 

And if you find out you do need shielding, it’s typically a two-step process:

Get a cover for the smart meter. 

Then get some sort of microwave absorber/reflector combo like this smart meter shield kit OR some flex shields from SYB to mount on the interior wall opposite the meter.

5. Legit Dirty Electricity Solutions

Next would be to address the dirty electricity in your home the right way via the whole home filter or individual plug-in filters I mentioned earlier. 

6. Miscellaneous Shielding Products That Actually Work

Last but not least, let me address those “odds and ends” type products that don’t really fit into any of the above categories.

Here are some items I really like that actually give you a significant decrease in meter readings:

The important thing to realize in avoiding scams is to remember that there’s no such thing as an all-in-one, easy solution that can deflect all EMFs. 

If a product:

…uses a lot of complex, intimidating words that don’t seem to make sense

… cites “science” that isn’t accepted by the scientific community 

… claims to harmonize, neutralize, or transmute EMFs

Stay away. 

We have to be responsible consumers by understanding how EMF works and what protective measures are effective against them.

I understand it’s a complicated topic…

If you need personalized help, I offer email and phone consultations as a Certified EMF Consultant.

I have packages that help you with your smart meter, nearby power lines, cell tower radiation, virtual home inspections, and more. Learn more here. 

Side Note: I just want to quickly address the times we’re living in. Many people are feeling hopeless, depressed, confused, isolated…just overwhelmed. Can you relate? If you need a dose of hope right now, please click here to read my personal note to you.

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