EMF Protection Products That Are Total Scams

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Today I’m addressing the elephant in the room…

A really annoying, ‘make me wanna pull my hair out’ elephant:

EMF Protection Scams. 

They give ethical product makers who have something real to offer a bad name. 

And they make those of us with proper training who seek to educate the public look “looney.”

So today we’re separating fact from fiction as it pertains to the EMF protection space. 


Get a self-paced, step-by-step path to less EMF in your life—without weighing you down with complicated terminology & information overload.

First let’s establish what EMF is.

Feel free to skip to the bottom sections where we call out products and companies as scams. You won’t hurt my feelings 🙂

Is EMF Real?

Yes, of course it is. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are a scientifically proven property that refers to a combination of magnetic and electric fields of force.

Magnetic fields are a product of flowing electric current; whereas electric fields are produced due to a difference in voltage. 

We may not see it, but we’re surrounded by EMFs wherever we go. They can be generated from both natural sources and artificial man-made products.

In nature, EMFs are formed in the atmosphere, where there is a local build-up of electric charges. A perfect example is lightning. 

The effect of EMF can also be seen through the function of compasses.

The compass needle is automatically oriented in a North-South direction because of the earth’s magnetic field. 

Even our own bodies contain electromagnetic fields.

This is apparent in the fact that physicians use electrocardiograms (ECG or EKG) to analyze heart function. 

But EMF can also come from sources like:

  • Mobile phone stations
  • Radio stations
  • Power lines
  • Smart meters
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart appliances
  • Wireless networks (or any other device that makes use of high-frequency radio waves)

Is There Proof That Artificial EMF Causes Health Issues?

In recent years, the term “EMF” has become synonymous with the energy – or radiation – that emits from its fields. 

Such radiation – especially what stems from the radiofrequency and extremely low frequency portions of the spectrum –  has now become a cause for concern regarding its health impacts. 

The more research that’s done, the more clear and real this dangerous link becomes. 

While some scientists say that EMFs don’t pose any type of danger, there are many more who seek to raise awareness of its growing threat. 

(Side Note: Regarding scientists with differing views, you need to look at who’s funding them and the studies they conduct. Don’t be surprised when you find that the “naysayers” are being funded by higher ups in the Telecommunications Industry). 

Since many of you reading this will be members of the “this type of radiation isn’t a threat” camp, let’s look at some studies.

If you’re already aware of the research, feel free to skip down to the Scams section.

A study showed that radiofrequency EMFs can be carcinogenic to humans. 

Their studies show that the use of wireless phones can increase a person’s risk for glioma – a type of brain cancer that’s notoriously malignant.

They found that the gliomas most often formed on the side of the head where people held their phones while talking.

In another study, scientists found that workers exposed to high levels of EMF for a long time had higher risks of developing acute myeloid leukemia. 

Other research based in Europe found nearly similar results, but this time with a focus of leukemia in children.

While the study concluded that EMF may not be the primary cause, extended exposure to EMFs at the very least greatly contributed to it. 

Experts have also found that extremely low-frequency EMFs can cause significant changes in humans’ biological processes.

This then leads to problems involving their psychological and neurological health. Disrupted sleeping patterns and mood instability are just some of the changes that have been well-documented.

Now you may be thinking…

“Ok, well if this is true and studies prove it, why doesn’t everyone experience these effects?”

The answer to that is because everyone’s body burden is unique.

Your susceptibility to “feeling” its effects is determined by factors like your genetics, nutrition, overall exposure, viral load, immune system function, and more. 

I put air quotes around the word “feeling” because artificial EMFs are impacting your cells whether you feel it or not. 

And remember, damage is cumulative. 

People don’t develop chronic illnesses or cancer overnight. It’s something that slowly builds in the background – unfelt – until that final straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back. 

But when your body does reach its “maximum burden capacity,” that’s when things start to fall apart and you start noticing symptoms like: 

  • Difficulty in concentrating 
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained dizziness
  • Increased irritability and restlessness
  • Chronic headaches
  • Digestive issues
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Ringing in the ears
  • And more

So now that we’ve laid the foundation that…

a). EMF is real

b). It can be harmful

The logical next step is to ask yourself, “How can I protect against it?

That’s where EMF protection products come in. 

There are legitimate solutions out there. The EMF Protection arena is NOT a scam in itself. 

But there are some scammy products out there.

 Just like in every industry, when a need arises, some manufacturers will rise to meet that need ethically….

And others will attempt to just make money off of your fear and pain. 

So let’s look at how to tell the difference.

The Definition of a Scam & How It Applies to EMF Protection

The term “scam” refers to any scheme or business that is fraudulent and fake, operating solely to take advantage of unsuspecting victims – and take their money. 

In terms of EMF protective products, scams can include devices that have expensive price tags without any proof of effective results. 

Some sellers may even use stolen logos, fake business names, and overly sophisticated designs on their layout as a facade for their activity. 

And unfortunately, most (if not all) of these businesses are propagating online. 

One way you can tell if a product or service is a scam is if there are no reviews.

Still others do have reviews, but you can kinda tell they’re fake. If the headshots of their so-called customers look straight out of a glamour studio, that should clue you in. 

Also, if there’s no substance to their review and looks like it could’ve been written by someone who has never used it, stay far, far away…

Because it probably was written by someone who’s never used the product, and they were just paid to pretend like they had. 

Sometimes these products are also too good to be true because they’re incredibly cheap and claim to have almost impossible effects. 

Another factor to consider is if the product doesn’t have an explanation for how it works or if its results cannot be properly measured with an EMF meter. 

This is the biggest problem I see.

Electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation (like what comes from cell phones & WiFi) can be MEASURED. 

You should be able to take a “before” measurement, use and/or place the product as instructed, and take an “after” measurement and see a difference. 

>> This is the meter I recommend.

This is the EMF meter I use.

If a product’s marketing materials are so flowery in language as to make you feel like their science is “too sophisticated” for you to understand, they’re probably trying to pull the wool over your eyes. 

The Problem with Some EMF Protection Products

There are a lot of misconceptions about the effects of EMF and how it behaves because of the fake protection products found in the market. 

Some of these scams use complex scientific terms just to fool the public on how effective they can be. 

For example, some use terms like “scalar energy” or “tachyon energy” to try and make a product sound super sophisticated. But in truth, they don’t mean much. 

And they certainly don’t indicate how effective a product is.

Scalar describes a quantity, either length, speed, or mass, which has no direction and is specified by its magnitude. 

Tachyon energy, on the other hand, is a completely hypothetical theory about light, which means that it’s not real or proven! 

There’s also the hoax that EMF can be transmuted into less harmful frequencies. This is FALSE. 

If we look at the behavior of EMF, we can see that it cannot be transmuted. It can only be converted into heat or motion, as seen through the function of microwaves and blenders. 

Another complex term used in marketing these EMF protection scams is “piezoelectricity.”

Piezoelectricity is believed to emit positive vibrational frequencies that can combat the negative vibrational frequencies produced by EMFs.

Let’s get this clear…

Piezo Electric Currents are currents that result from heat and pressure being applied to crystals. “Piezoelectricity” and its vibrations are not “protective” because EMF does not vibrate, and it is neither positive nor negative.

Rather, EMFs oscillate and their waves travel with a positive and negative amplitude.

The last myth I want to debunk is the term “BioGeometry.”

The term is two words sandwiched together to refer to biology (which is a science) and geometry (which is math). 

Now, “BioGeometry” was invented to explain the effects of space on human biology. The truth is, understanding the nature of EMF is enough explanation.

The term BioGeometry is merely used to sound more scientific, new, and complex. 

The Biggest EMF Lie of All 

The worst thing about fake EMF protection products is that they are in no way helpful in lessening your exposure to harmful EMF. 

These things claim they can make your body stronger in handling radiation, or that they can alter the fields so they have less impact on your body. 

They even go so far as persuading you that a single product (the one they are peddling) serves to protect from ALL types of EMF simultaneously – electric fields, magnetic fields, microwave radiation, and high-frequency voltage transients. 

Such claims are not only absurd but also impossible! 

Each field has different characteristics and properties, and therefore requires different methods and materials of protection.

These scams only endanger the lives of people who continue using their devices with ignorant bliss.

They lend a false sense of security that results in people using their devices even more and for longer periods of time.

It means people are no longer mindful of their use of technology because they feel “protected.” 

In reality, they are still very much being affected by EMFs.

Why EMF Scam Products Are So Successful (Not in Protecting, But in Duping)

The main reason why these fake EMF protection products fool so many people is because of their need for convenience. 

Some consumers ignore legitimate research because they just want a quick, easy, and cheap solution that doesn’t require a lifestyle change on their part. 

I completely understand that feeling. It’s why I started this site – to make a complicated, overwhelming topic easier to digest. So I’m not judging. It’s not your fault that manufacturers cut corners and hire really good copywriters to make their product sound legit.

I just want to encourage you to do your research and not purchase blindly. 

As you’re shopping for protection, avoid anything that promotes itself to be the one solution to all EMF problems.

These scam sellers rely on consumers having very little awareness of how electromagnetic fields operate. 

They know that unknowing customers can be fooled by complicated sounding words and scientific theories that don’t have much bearing. 

Plus, they’re preying on the fact that people are desperate for a miracle solution that can make all their problems disappear. 

Quick fixes like protective plug-ins and anti-EMF stickers pose themselves as legit and trustworthy products.

But upon closer inspection, they’re nothing more than ordinary things that can’t do anything about radiation in the environment.

Now finally, let’s look at specific product categories and brands that – in my humble opinion – don’t work. 

EMF Protection Products That Are Actually Scams

Please realize that the following is just my opinion – albeit an educated one. My stance in discerning fake from effective is rooted in measurements. Electromagnetic fields, radiofrequency radiation, etc CAN be measured. 

So the protections I recommend are those that can take a before measurement and reduce it significantly. If the numbers on my meter don’t change after instituting the so-called protective product, I tend to think it’s a scam. 

With that said, I recognize that I don’t know “all things.” Each person has to do what they feel is best for them based on research. Perhaps in coming years, research techniques will become sophisticated enough to reveal changes that align with “harmonizing” or “neutralizing” negative effects of EMF. At which point I would re-evaluate my opinion.

But that time has not yet come.

1. Stickers, Diodes, and Chips

If you search “EMF protection” on Amazon, what will greet you is a page full of adhesive discs/stickers.

These products claim to negate a lot of the bad effects of EMF, but the truth is, they don’t do squat.

In fact, they can potentially boost the levels of radiation you’re exposed to because they do put some strain on your connection. As a result, your phone will increase its power usage as it seeks to secure a connection to the nearest cell tower.

You can tell these anti-radiation chips don’t “block” radiofrequency radiation because your phone still works.

If it actually blocked your phone from emitting radio waves, you wouldn’t be able to make and receive calls. 

Some brands in this category to avoid include:

  • xZubi
  • Goodlee
  • Quantum Shield 
  • RadiSafe

2. Plug-Ins that “Harmonize” or “Neutralize”

Here’s the main problem I have with plug-ins:

As soon as it’s plugged in, it’s going to generate an electric field.

As soon as there’s power running to that plug-in, it’s going to generate a magnetic field. 

So this is an instance where you have to determine if the pros outweigh the cons.

Is the protection you’re going to receive more significant than the fields it’s going to generate?

In my opinion, the only case where benefit trumps exposure is with Dirty Electricity plug-in filters like GreenWave. 

I HIGHLY recommend you get these for at least the bedrooms where people sleep every night (ie you can skip the guest bedrooms).

You just need to verify that your home’s wiring is correct first. If you live in a fairly new build, that shouldn’t be an issue.

A lot of scam companies promote plug-ins that claim to cancel all types of EMF just by plugging the device into the electrical outlet. 

One of the most common examples is the Gia Harmonizer – commonly associated with multi-level marketing models. 

For reasons I’ve already discussed previously in this article, claims associated with such plug-ins have no basis in scientific fact.

Electromagnetic fields cannot be neutralized, negated, harmonized, or transmuted into “less harmful” frequencies. 

Some brands in this category to avoid include:


This plug-in is part of the Infinity Home System which claims to provide the entire house with protection upon plugging to a live electrical outlet. 

This product seems persuasive, especially since it insists that it can protect children and pets too. But upon closer inspection, you will find that the page doesn’t even have a scientific basis for how the product works. 

Note: This is one of those instances where meters and tech may become advanced enough in the future to prove the kind of tech they use works. If that happens, I may change my opinion on EarthCalm as a scam. 

Other brands to beware of:

  • Aulterra
  • eLink
  • SafeSpace EMF Adapter

Legit options in this category:

  • GreenWave Dirty Electricity Filter (I think everyone should have these in their bedrooms, at minimum. And your bedroom is the best place to start if you’re on a budget. 
  • Power Perfect Box (pricey but it filters dirty electricity at the point it enters your home. So it’s true whole home protection for dirty electric fields).

3. Scalar Energy Generators

I’ve previously discussed why the term “Scalar Energy” isn’t a term that proves a product’s effectiveness.

It’s just part of the flowery language used.

There is no way, based on research conducted thus far, that scalar energy can cancel out EMF.

Here are some brands to beware of:


It’s alarming how many bold claims the QuWave makes. The QuWave declares that it can activate scalar energy which can “repair itself” and cancel out the effects of radiation, microwaves, and EMF. 

The product goes as far as professing that scalar energy can make your DNA resistant to damage and that it boosts immune function while optimizing cellular energy levels.

Some people claim they’ve felt a positive difference with QuWave products. I encourage you to do your own research and decide what’s best for you.

Iyashi Bracelets 

Here’s another product that claims to make use of Scalar energy.

The bracelets are made of crystal ceramic material that claims to infuse the full spectrum of scalar energy with negative ions. 

With this combination, the bracelets insist that it can clear the energy blockage of the body, harmonize bio-field, and protect you from EMF. 

Again, beware. There may be something to it as they have some impressive testimonials. 

But their accessories provide no changes that can be measured with an EMF meter, and there’s not enough evidence to convince me they’re legit otherwise. 

4. Crystal Pyramids

Several anti-EMF crystal pyramids are made of amazonite and orgonite, but these crystals are in no way able to block the dangerous effects of radiation. 

The one exception for this can be shungite because it has properties that can absorb EMF.

However, its effect is very little that it cannot totally give protection to the consumer. 

The truth is, you cannot set a stone in your room and expect it to change the EMF in the environment because it won’t.

The only situation where I see how these could work is if you were to get such a large, and I mean LARGE chunk of carbon-rich stone, and set it in between you and something like your WiFi router. 

It’d need to be large enough to where you wouldn’t be able to see your WiFi router on the other side of it. 

That would not be cost-effective. There are much better, more budget-friendly options like a router cage or mesh pouch like the Signal Tamer.

5. Jewelry 

I have mixed feelings about jewelry. But one thing’s for sure…

You cannot put on a necklace or bracelet and be completely protected from EMF. 

I won’t go too in-depth here, but you can read this jewelry article if you want to explore the topic further. 

EMF protection pendants are everywhere and promote themselves with scientific buzzwords.

These products are no exception to schemes that claim to repair the body from negative energies and correct the body’s imbalances. 

Some brands to beware of:


The QuanThor is an Anti-EMF protection bracelet which is said to increase the user’s mental performance while lessening the effect of stress.

Its description is peppered with names of chemicals and components that claim to give the body’s immune system a boost.

It’s only redeeming quality is that some of their bracelets use magnets and magnets do have scientifically proven benefits. 

EarthCalm Pendants 

This pendant from EarthCalm promotes the usage of Sanctuary 2 technology, which they say is the “highest level of wearable protection.”

Again, the description page shows a lot of symptoms it can stop, but no solid scientific evidence as to how the material actually interacts with EMFs.


These acrylic pendants may be aesthetically pleasing, but its popularity doesn’t match with its legitimacy.

Even though the product description claims to be worn by a lot of people to protect them from EMF, there isn’t a thorough explanation as to how the product works. 

Final Verdict: Do EMF Protection Devices Work?

Yes and No. 

Yes because there are plenty of products designed to actually reflect EMF away from your body.

They provide results that can be measured – aka levels decrease while the product is in use. 

Which brings me to the best way to determine if an EMF protection product is legit or a scam…

With an EMF meter. 

I recommend the TriField TF2 because it measures electric and magnetic fields and radiofrequency.

Yes, there are better meters on the market, but they are super expensive and complicated.

The Trifield TF2 is very user-friendly.   

SO…What Do I Recommend?

First and foremost…

1. Shielded Bed Canopies

Yes, they’re pricey, but you honestly can’t get a better ‘bang for you buck and benefit’ than to sleep in a 99.9999% shielded area. 

These are the canopies I recommend.

Use code ‘JBEATEMF’ to get my discount.

When you’re sleeping is THE most important time to protect yourself against EMF (and remember, that’s a collective term that has morphed from just electric and magnetic fields to now include radio frequencies and dirty electricity). 

A grounded bed canopy takes care of all those except magnetic fields. And you can take care of magnetic fields by simply unplugging everything in your room.

You’ll be left with the wiring in your walls and outside sources such as power lines. 

If you get high magnetic readings from your wiring, you can take care of that by shutting off the breaker to your bedroom at night. A switch like this one makes that super easy.

2. Clothing

Again, I stick to shielding solutions that decrease my meter readings, and clothing definitely does that. 

If you work from home, you might can sport a shielded hoodie and leggings (or sweatpants) like me. But if you work in an office, they make undershirts and other undergarments that you can wear under your regular clothes. 

Basically what I’m saying is wearing shielded clothing doesn’t mean you look weird.

In most cases, you can’t tell the difference at all. And if you do the leggings and undershirts, you won’t see it at all. 

For any of those clothes, if you end up buying from EMRSS – use code ‘JBEATEMF’ to get my discount. 

I’ll also throw bedding items in this category like blankets and sheets.

NOTE: If you do a bed canopy, you don’t need the sheets or any kind of shielded bedding. 

Ok, so with all that said, let me give you a real-life example of how I use these every day:

I’m like everyone else… I like to surf my phone in the evenings. We don’t have to give up tech entirely – we just have to be smarter in the way we use it. 

So in the evenings as I’m winding down for bed, I like to check a few websites and get caught up on what happened that day while I’m all snuggly under a warm blanket. 

Here’s what my setup looks like:

I have either this blanket or a swatch of shielded fabric that’s large enough to cover me from neck to toe. I have a 2 ft x 8 ft cut of the SwissShield Naturell fabric found here.

It comes 8 feet wide (but picture that as your length to cover you from chest to toe), so I bought 2 feet of it, which is wide enough to cover me from side to side.

Then, I wear this shielded beanie:

EMF Protection Hat Radiation Blocking Beanie by Halsa. Silver Fabric. High Shielding Efficiency. Blocks Radiation from Cell Phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, Power Lines, Microwaves and More. Black.

Lastly, I have a box – you can use any object really – to prop my phone up on so I don’t have to hold it. 

Eventually, I’m going to upgrade to this phone stand:

Karelian Heritage: Shungite Cell Phone Protection Plate Stand (Cell Phone Stand) OP16
Buy on Amazon

Pair that with a long stylus and you can “surf” without touching your phone at all. 

I also wear blue-light blocking glasses anytime I look at a phone, computer, etc at night. 

Now once I do my “check-ins” and get caught up on the day’s news, my phone goes right back on airplane mode.

3. Nutrition

Did you know you can lower the impact EMF has on your body by what you eat? I learned about the incredible importance of nutrition during my battle with Lyme disease. 

It was one of my 4 keys to success:

  • Diet
  • Detox
  • EMF mitigation
  • God’s grace/guidance

The most important nutrients to consume for EMF protection are antioxidants/polyphenols and proper mineral balance. 

I’m developing a guide that will delve into this in more detail (launching in January hopefully), but I’ll share the main thing I do on ‘auto-pilot.’

Every morning, I drink a 1 ounce shot of 4 juices – noni, goji, mangosteen, and acai berry. I get a case of the juices automatically shipped to my house once a month so I never have to think about it. 

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

You can probably find similar juices somewhere like Whole Foods – just make sure they include the skin and pulp. That’s very important. And the less processing, the better, and the more nutrients that will remain intact.

4. Smart Meter Shielding

I already have really in-depth guides to this you can check out here and here

Basically, you need to measure to see exactly what exposure levels you’re dealing with because you don’t want to waste money on shielding if it’s not necessary. 

And if you find out you do need shielding, it’s typically a two-step process:

Get a cover for the smart meter:

Then get some sort of microwave absorber/reflector combo like this smart meter shield kit OR some flex shields from SYB to mount on the interior wall opposite the meter.

5. Legit Dirty Electricity Solutions

Next would be to address the dirty electricity in your home the right way via the whole home filter or individual plug-in filters I mentioned earlier. 

6. Miscellaneous Shielding Products That Actually Work

Last but not least, let me address those “odds and ends” type products that don’t really fit into any of the above categories.

Here are some items I really like that actually give you a significant decrease in meter readings:

The important thing to realize in avoiding scams is to remember that there’s no such thing as an all-in-one, easy solution that can deflect all EMFs. 

If a product:

…uses a lot of complex, intimidating words that don’t seem to make sense

… cites “science” that isn’t accepted by the scientific community 

… claims to harmonize, neutralize, or transmute EMFs

Stay away. 

We have to be responsible consumers by understanding how EMF works and what protective measures are effective against them.

I understand it’s a complicated topic…

If you need personalized help, I offer email and phone consultations as a Certified EMF Consultant.

I have packages that help you with your smart meter, nearby power lines, cell tower radiation, virtual home inspections, and more. Learn more here. 

Side Note: I just want to quickly address the times we’re living in. Many people are feeling hopeless, depressed, confused, isolated…just overwhelmed. Can you relate? If you need a dose of hope right now, please click here to read my personal note to you.

275 thoughts on “EMF Protection Products That Are Total Scams”

    • Hi Rhonda,

      I hadn’t heard of Helix Life, but I just visited their site. They seem to position their products as a means of “neutralizing” EMF. But electromagnetic waves cannot be neutralized. They can be reflected, scattered, absorbed, etc – but not “rendered neutral.” They also use a lot of flowerly language to describe what their product does without providing any specifics on materials used that supposedly bring about the claimed result.

      I personally wouldn’t buy from them.

      But I always recommend people to do their own research and decide what’s best for them. Hope that helps 🙂

      • I spent a lot of money with Purahome and they sell safe space products and Iyashi source but I just saw that you don’t recommend them???!? So you don’t think any of their products good? We had a 5g tower go up very close to my house about 6 months ago and I had tinitis and major heart palpitations and trouble sleeping and all of that is gone now. So something of what I bought must be working no?

        • Hi Daniela,

          I think “harmonizing” type products by companies like you mentioned either (1) don’t work or (2) it’s really hard to prove their efficacy. I only recommend provable, measurable products that reduce EMF.

          However, I don’t discount anecdotal evidence. If you had all those symptoms before, and adding this device was the only thing you changed, and now all those symptoms are gone…then I’d tend to believe they work. I just can’t publicly put my stamp of approval for those types of products because their effectiveness is really hard to prove with sound science.

          Hope that makes sense!

      • Coming into this conversation and article quite late. But I presently have Body Align products. Any input on this company and yes, they are stick on dots and also disks on bracelets.

      • Hi Jordan, can you tell me if EMF Harmonized and Body Align is effective? I have just started learning more about EMF and how harmful it is. A friend reconmended these two brands to me.

        • Thank you. I was considering purchasing one last night until I did more research and eventually found your site here. I’m subscribing to your email newsletter.

        • Hi Jordan, thanks for the great info you have put together.
          I was thinking of purchasing a harmoni pendant because they make em sound soooo good!
          They say they have done all kinds of research and show comparitive data indicating how wearing one improves lots of different markers of health. Is all of that bs?

  1. Hi Jordan,
    I came across your article trying to research the validity of DefenderShield.com and a few other sites.
    I am looking to get something that protects me from my laptop (their DefenderPad® Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield) and my cell phone (their ConcealShield® Privacy Pouch – Anti-Spying, Tracking & Digital Theft – EMF & RFID Faraday Bag) and was wondering what you think of their products? Do you have any recommendations? I am also looking for something to protect my apartment. Mostly from my router. (I do not have the ability to buy anything to test these products. I am saving to get the products themselves.) Any input would be very much appreciated!

    • Hi Courtney,

      DefenderShield’s products are legit. My only concern with their laptop pad is that people will continue to use their laptops actually on their lap. It only blocks EMF from going into your legs (which is great). But if you’re still using it in your lap, that means it’s still very close to your body, so your stomach, hands, arms, chest are still being exposed.

      The best thing you can do with a laptop is use it on a desk/table with an external keyboard and mouse. This puts distance between you and the source and prevents your hands from touching/resting directly above where all the EMF-producing components are.

      I do like their ConcealShield phone pouch!

      As for your router, best thing is either a shielded cage like this or a shielded fabric bag like this. That’ll take care of your router, but if your devices connect wirelessly, you’re still being exposed. I highly recommend connecting via ethernet cords – if you haven’t already 🙂

        • Hi Kirsten,

          Since Alexa is a wirelessly communicating device, I do not recommend its use. You most certainly do not want it in a bedroom, and even more so, you don’t want it in a child’s room.

          I can’t give you an exact “number on a meter” to show the amount of exposure without coming to your home and measuring, but I can assure you, it’s not good.

          • Hi Jordan,

            Thank you for this article. I have just begun researching the affects of emf. I’m wondering if it’s the cause of the fatigue that my daughter, son & myself have been experiencing. My daughter has an Alexa in her room & our router is located near my son’s room. I am wondering if the fabric you referenced could be used to cover the Alexa & the router (like the mesh cover…the link wasn’t working) Would that help? Seems more economical than the canopies. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jordan,

    What do you think about shieldyourbody.com?

    I am currently pregnant and am looking for the blanket from belly armor but can’t find it anywhere online that isn’t out of stock here in Australia.

  3. Hi Jordan, what are your thoughts on tensor rings? They make large ones for smart meters, luckily I dont have one, but overall could you give me some insight?
    They sell one that is supposed to protect the area you’re in and I dont quite see the validity in that. I am, however, a shungite person, which helps some yes but not totally.

    • Hi Vincent,

      I’m not confident enough in tensor rings to recommend them. They seem to claim benefit primarily against magnetic fields. And while smart meters emit high RF, they do not emit high MF. Some, yes, but not much. What little it does have becomes negligent within 2 feet away.

      The “energy field” tensor rings claim to generate also seems a little scammy to me.

      • Hi Jordan, I really like your article and your honest attitude for helping people!

        My husband made several Tensor Rings with different sizes. We tested them with EMF/RF meter at home.

        Tensor ring didn’t reduce EMF at all, but it reduced RF about 40-50%.

        I saw some Youtube videos that people are testing Tensor Rings on the laptop computers or in front of the microwaves with kinesiology only, but they should use meters to show the exact results.

  4. Hi Jordan,

    I just read your article, and am also a person that likes evidence to prove something really works. I feel like I have to research things so much that sometimes it’s actually frustrating! 🙂 I’ve been somewhat skeptical of pendents as well because I never knew if they actually work. However, I recently was looking into the Harmoni pendant (harmonipendant.com and they seem to have some tests using the TRIfield meter that you recommend (we also have that meter). What are your thoughts about that particular pendant, and is that a valid way to test whether it’s actually benefitting the wearer or not? My wife would like to get a pendant to wear for EMF protection, but I hesitate to spend the money if it’s not going to be effective. We do other things to lessen our exposure, such as turning wifi off at night, being conscious to not have our phones in our bedrooms at night (our phones (including the childrens’) charge in the kitchen at night), etc. But if there’s another step we can take by wearing a pendent that is effective, we’re open to that as well.

    Thanks for your time checking it out and responding to this question.

    • Hi Johnathan,

      The problem I have with EMF jewelry is two-fold:

      1. Coverage: Even if a manufacturer can provide proof of EMF shielding with a meter, the only shielding you’re going to get is the area covered by the stone/metal/etc. With necklaces, that’s usually no more than 3 inches, which may as well be nothing when it comes to shielding.

      2. Harmonizing/negating claims: If they don’t claim to actually shield/block/absorb, then they usually claim their product harmonizes or neutralizes artificial EMF to make it less harmful to the body. However, electromagnetic waves can’t be transformed into a less harmful versions. That’s what this Harmoni pendant seems to claim.

      On the home page, I can see a screenshot of a video where the man is holding a TriField meter. However, when I hit play, it doesn’t play. I don’t know if it’s my computer or the site that’s being buggy. But I’m interested in seeing how they conducted the test with the meter. Even meter tests can be conducted deceptively. I’m not saying this one is as I cannot play the video.

      I’d like to see it, so if you know of another location that video is posted – maybe youtube or vimeo – I’d be happy to look it over and give you my opinion.

      • Here’s the link to the video Jordan: (note from editor: link removed)

        I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too. Thanks!

        • Hi Samantha,

          Thanks for sharing that link!

          Total honesty? I had to turn the video off just 4 minutes in because it was making me mad lol. He used so many incorrect terms regarding EMF. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so maybe he just chose his words poorly? Maybe nervous from being recorded…I don’t know.

          The terminology was off, which indicates an understanding that’s “off.” They measured incorrectly – you can’t hold the meter for a true reading because your body acts as an antenna. They didn’t set up a control type measurement. Meaning, the real test would be to hold a cell phone at your chest beneath the necklace with the necklace in between the meter and your body. Then take a measurement to see if the pendant provided any sort of protection.

          They didn’t do that, and until I see such data, I can’t recommend it.

          Note: I removed the link in your comment because I don’t want that associated with my site. But thank you for sending it to me so I could see for myself 🙂

          • HI Jordan, I’m one of the owners of harmoni pendant. You may have watched an old video of James Goren describing his account of people with reduced EMF measurements after wearing a harmoni pendant. And this is merely his observation – not a study. However, I wanted to update you that there is a study and two whitepapers we have conducted and are submitting to journals for publication. So it would be nice for you to review them. Our pendants do work – we do not claim 100% EMF protection. we found in our study that the Harmoni Pendant reduces the stress of EMF by 48% on average based on testing 100 individuals with 8 different doctors conducting the study. and that is after only wearing the pendant for 5 minutes in the presence of a high EMF source. The Harmoni Pendant is mainly a stress reduction pendant. As we have shown it significantly reduces stress as measured by HRV – heart rate variability. Please go to our website and click one of the two research tabs in the menu to see the research studies and see some of the many benefits provided by this pendant – not just EMF mitigation. https://www.harmonipendant.com/pages/research.

            PLease also note we give 100% money back guarantee to anyone that doesn’t like their pendant at any time. Because we stand by the efficacy of our pendant and our claims. You may also not the over 1000 reviews of people that love their pendant and the benefits it has provided them.

          • Hi Jordan,

            Now that one of the owners of the Harmoni pendant (Wendy Myers) has made a post here with the apparent evidence that their pendant supposedly works, what do you think of the Harmoni pendant now?

          • Hi Joe,

            I recommend everyone do their own research. Some users report great benefits. For me personally, I don’t use it nor do I recommend it to my clients. I prefer more tangible shielding practices.

    • ”Replying to Johnathan McLaughlin’s questions re the HARMONI pendants, I actually bought one. Two night ago I was wearing it for the first time, but I had no apparent changes (for better or worse).

      But last night I wore it, and I woke up in the morning with both of my arms tingling from fingers to shoulders. This reaction to EMF hasn’t happened in a long time since I’m electrosensitive and have made a huge number of changes to my small apartment (due to living next door to a room with 36 smart meters for 3 years).

      In addition, I was awakened 3 times by patches of skin (and the feeling went somewhat deeper, like 1 inch) on my legs hurting (not muscle cramps). I had to do some moving around and exercises to make the hurt go away and to be able to sleep again. I have never experienced this before, but I now believe that the HARMONI PENDANT actually had the opposite reaction to what they claim: Namely, It amplified the EMF in the room next to my body.

      I really had a lot of hope for the Harmoni pendant, and I will try it one more night (tho not tonight!!). If I get the same bad reaction, I’ll be writing Dr. Jockers and others who’ve said it provides good protection from EMF.

      Since I developed electrosensitivity, I am a very good “guinea pig” for these devices.

      • Hi Sally,

        Thank you for sharing your story. I catch a lot of flack for not supporting products like this pendant, but I stand by my stance precisely for experiences like yours and simply because the science does not support its claims.

        Thanks again!

        • My friend and I are definitely returning the 4 Harmoni pendants we ordered.
          I got an email from Harmoni asking me to review the pendant, but with what they sent me it was impossible to do. So I “replied” instead, but I later learned that that email was “unable to be delivered”.
          I will now write to the email on their website (and then call if it that email comes back to me undelivered), (and then report them to Better Business Bureau if I’m totally unable to establish contact with them).

      • Hi Sally,

        I’d love to hear an update on the pendant. Did you try it again for a second night?


        (Hi Jordan- I appreciate your site and your comments -I’m learning a lot!-feel free to remove this question if not appropriate), jen

    • My daughter is highly EMF sensitive. She suffered from debilitating GI issues. Her symptoms subside 100% of the time within two minutes of resetting her Harmoni Pendant (which is suggested once per week.) It is definitely affective within 1 foot rather than three inches, because this is the distance used to facilitate the reset. The rest of my family wear the pendants, but as she is apparently the only member sensitive, she is the only person who notices a physical difference of any type. The results for her are profound, though.

  5. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you very much for your article. I live very close to a cell phone tower with my family. I am wondering if you can help me, because I truly do not know where to start looking. Since we are home now 24/7 because of the quarantine. I would really like to find a good item to protect my family. Can you possibly recommend something?

    Thank you,

    • Hi AJ,

      You have 2 options:

      – Shield the rooms you’re in (this would involve shielded paint and fabrics for curtains)
      – Shield yourself (this would involve clothing and bed canopies)

      Even though shielded clothing costs more than regular clothes and bed canopies are pricey, they are far more budget-friendly than painting an entire house and buying shielded fabric/curtains for all your windows. So that’s the route I personally do and recommend. But it’s your choice 🙂

      As a cheaper alternative to a bed canopy, I like this BlocBag. Sleep is THE most important time to shield your body from EMF. Most of us sleep 8-9 hours a night in our homes. So that’s 8-9 hours straight of EMF saturation – RF (radiofrequency) radiation in your case living so close to a cell tower.

      Just don’t fall for those “whole home EMF neutralizers” – they do nothing to reduce the EMFs in your environment.

      • Hi Jordan,
        WOW, what knowledge. I have know about EMF for a long time, have even put things in my microwave to block signals, but can’t keep them there…
        I know about the Faraday cages and fabrics, but was told about shungite.. Looked it up and ordered some. I bought pendants, bracelet and the discs that go on the phone or laptops… What do you know about that natural rock, or whatever it is? I know it’s mined and comes from Russia. Does it only have a very small areas of protection, or use it mostly a balancing thing???
        This whole thing is frustrating trying to take care of your body, when everything is stacked AGAINST it. My body was damaged from a flu shot in 1997 as it was, and fighting back all these years to have to then fight these things is maddening. I only have a hot spot, but have a smart tv, 2 laptops and 2 cell phones. My husband and I need to cut down on our usage!!. What does airplane mode do, does it help when not using??! I boughtv Faraday fabric.. So I’m trying to figure out best way to use… It states that it is emi shielding and rmi shielding with nickel asked copper and says it blocks WiFi 2.4, & 5GHz with 40-100db shielding reading from 10Mhz to 5Ghz…44×36″piece, so I’m hoping to utilize to to the optimum. Any thoughts would be great.
        Thank you so much for caring about such a very important health issue, most people haven’t a clue. ❣️💞

        • Hi Tammy,

          I’m sorry to hear of your struggles with this! I know it’s so frustrating. Regarding shungite, its benefits are limited. I like it, but I don’t depend on it. I have an article on it here.

          Airplane mode eliminates the device’s signal and therefore its radio frequencies. It’s the best free shielding solution. So for instance your laptop, you can hook up via ethernet cable then put the laptop on airplane mode. That’s what I do.

          For the faraday fabric, you can use that to wrap around any RF source – your router, cell phone, tablet, etc. You can also use it like a blanket while working on your laptop.

          • Question about the faraday cages / fabric wrapping your router…. does it stop your wifi from working? I plan to switch over to all ethernet connections to eliminate wifi entirely but until i figure out the wiring in my home I was considering using faraday to block some radiation from the router when it is on. I am finding that many questionable sources refer to the router cage as a scam, and I’m wondering if they are actually meant to wrap around your router that is connected to devices via ethernet. I’m assuming even when you are only using ethernet your modem is still emitting some radiation, even if significantly less then wifi.

          • Hi Anne,

            No, they don’t stop the router from working because it doesn’t block 100%. It may, however, reduce signal strength for those far away from the router’s location (like if it’s in the basement, someone on the 2nd floor may have a hard time connecting). Router cages are certainly not scams. The scams are the stickers/chips.

      • Would that include the Synergy Science QI Home type products? (As far as ones that do nothing)

        They’re literally putting a 5G pole immediately behind our home at the local high school so truly I’m thinking it’s time to move.

        • I haven’t personally bought and tested the Qi home devices. But I can say this, if I had a 5G pole that close to my home, I wouldn’t trust any of those types of devices. I’d have every member of my family sleeping in a shielded bed canopy until we could move.

          I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that!

  6. Hi Jordan,
    i am interested in your views with Earthing Oz products especially the plug in
    and personal devices?
    i did purchase the plug in but do not own a emf reader to measure,
    Could i also add a Router pouch?

    regards Morena

    • Hi Morena,

      Are you referring to the tesla gold plug-in by Blushield? If that’s not what you’re talking about, could you please provide a link so I can check it out?

      If any of their plugins and personal devices claim to work by “harmonizing” or “neutralizing” EMFs, then I don’t believe they work – as physics tells us electromagnetic fields cannot be transmuted, negated, or harmonized.

      If the router pouch you’re referring to is a bag or cage like this mesh bag or mesh box made of a conductive material like silver or stainless steel, then yes that DOES work, and I highly recommend them.

      • Hi jordan,
        i forgot to send you the link to Earthing Oz,
        under Radiation protection, blue shield,
        the Tesla Gold Plug In is on that site and while you are at it,
        what do you think of the Tesla Gold Personal device you carry
        with you would be like, it is on the same page,
        looking forward to hearing back from you!

    • Hi Jordan
      I am interested in your take on synergy science qi shield products. My mother in law has become convinced of their effectiveness but they don’t seem to provide scientific justification and charge upwards of $1000 pee unit and ok worried she is just being scammed. What are your thoughts?
      synergyscience (dot) com/shop/emf-protection/qi-shield-emf-protection/

      • Peter, I have no special knowledge but what I can see from the Qi website documents, which include some testing results, the device is not a ‘placebo’ — it ‘does something’ to RF fields at the 900MHz to 2.5GHz/5GHz frequencies associated with most cell phone and wifi technology.  The big question is ‘does it do something that improves human health’ or merely ‘does it make the RF meters happy’, for these are two separate concerns.

        The device is not active, has no power cord.  It appears to be metallic foil or wire fashioned such that the RF signals are “captured”.  I think it is more likely that the RF signals are ‘partially cancelled’ by reflection — signals from the RF-spewing device are reflected in such a way that a small percentage of energy superimposes itself and thus reduces the net field that your mother would experience.   Perhaps several different kinds of metals and cleverly selected geometries could do this for those particular frequencies.  From some of the tests, it looks like the effect is extremely sensitive to the placement relative to the source of the RF signals (such as straight in line), whereas if too far off the straight line the field strength is actually *increased* a little.  This might be a good tradeoff but one that needs monitoring.

        However, the measurement tools used were not tuned to human health — they were geared to the average power of the field versus the number and extent of ‘peaks’.  The FCC testing did not emulate a cell phone’s pulsing nature, which is among the most significant contributors to poor health.

        Overall, I would be cautious for such a new product.  Each anecdote adds to our knowledge.  For significantly less money you could have a genuine solution — turn off wifi and use ethernet cables, as one example.  Consulting with a certified building biologist — at a cost far less than the lowest end Qi product — would likely identify much more relevant ways to address the health concerns.  At the end of a day, frankly, it is the ‘addiction’ to wireless devices that is what needs to be addressed to improve people’s, not a magic product to enable that addiction.

  7. Hello Jordan,
    Yes it is the Tesla gold plug in i have, supplied by Earthing Oz,
    what are your thoughts on this product?
    I also had purchased their Bodywell mobile tech chip for the phone,


  8. Hi Jordan,
    Not sure if you had received my email i sent,
    I do have a Tesla Gold Plug In which i purchased fro ‘ earthing.com.au’
    and am thinking of the Tesla personal blue shield device to use when out and about,

    I also bought the Bodywell Chip for the phone,

    Just wanted to know what your thoughts are?

    • Hi Morena,

      I didn’t receive an email from you, but I have seen your comments on this article. I’m going to address all your comments in this one response.

      Unfortunately, the Tesla Gold plug-in, the blue shield device, and the bodywell chip all fall into categories that I do not recommend and that I do not believe work effectively.

      The only shielding you’re going to get from a chip on your phone is the small amount of surface area that’s covered by the sticker/chip – so virtually useless. I recommend a shielded case or pouch for phones.

      Regarding the Tesla Blue Shield products, they claim to “harmonize” EMFs. They openly admit they do not actually block EMF. They’re just supposed to make its negative effects less negative? I don’t buy that. EMF radiation is such a serious issue that I want to actually block those waves from reaching my body. That can only be done by placing a conductive material between you and the source. That’s why I recommend clothing, cases, curtains, bed canopies, etc.

      I’ll be updating this article soon with a more robust ‘brands I use’ section. I’ve just been so busy with consultations and research! I sincerely apologize it’s taken me a few days to respond to your comments.

      • Another question please the phone and iPad shielded cases that you mentioned like Syb and defender sheild wouldn’t this potentially boost the levels of radiation you’re exposed to because of putting some strain on your connection? Thank you so grateful to having your professional advice. I want to minimize the exposure as much as possible especially that my child had 1 ct scan at 1 because of a fall, so don’t want to add more. Especially that the stickers I placed on their tablets and phones are bad!

  9. Great article,
    I bought a expensive bracelet from EarthCalm. Every time I use it after 3 hours I get a blood stain on my wrist from it. I called them and they said they have never seen this before??? I remember in your article that some devices attract waves . Is this dangerous? Thanks.

    • Hi Bruce,

      I don’t think the EarthCalm bracelet is necessarily harmful, I just don’t think it’s protective. I haven’t heard of that particular effect either (regarding the stain), but if it appears – without fail – every time you wear it, I’d say there’s definitely a connection. I personally don’t use EarthCalm products, and I don’t recommend them.

      I guess there is sort of a harmful aspect in the sense that products like that make people think they’re protected when they’re really not 🙁

    • Hi Angela,

      Blushield products fall into the category of things that claim to harmonize and/or neutralize EMF, which I discuss as not recommended in this article. I know they have a great looking website with lots of testimonials, but if a product does not actually block (or significantly reduce) waves from penetrating your body, then I cannot recommend it. And they admit on their site that their products do not actually block EMFs.

      Whether real or placebo effect, if you feel like it’s helping, it might be worth it for you to keep it. But I wouldn’t depend on that as your #1 or all-encompassing protection strategy.

      • thank you for your insight, wish I hadn’t spent so much, it seems hopeless, there are no products really available that can help wireless EMF other than a faraday cage and a silver tee shirt 🙁 What about this product? 5gbioshield (dot) com

        • Blushield devices aren’t “harmonizing” or “neutralizing” devices — the multiple waveform scalar field works directly on the body at the cell level. EMF meters don’t measure scalar, only transverse waves, so that’s not an accurate way to test Blushield. You have to test it directly on living organisms to see its effects, which we have done on humans and animals, and we are in the process of more studies right now.

          Also, Blushield uses scalar waves to transmit the information coded into its microprocessor, and “scalar” in this definition means the other component of an EM wave, not the term scalar of mathematics/physics that relates to vectors (which is described in this article as a way to dismiss products that use scalar). The transverse wave is the component of an EM wave that can be measured with EMF meters. Scalar also goes through blocking material, and scalar fields that are carrying biologically harmful information (such as the scalar component of cell phone or Wifi EMFs) will go through the blocking material and still affect you negatively.

          Blushield recommends reducing EMF exposure as much as possible, but not relying too heavily on blocking products because of the reason I just stated.

          • Hi Courtney,

            Thank you for commenting. I would have to use the product myself and conduct my own testing before recommending. At this point, I still do not recommend. However, I approved this comment so others can see it because I believe information empowers and that everyone should do their own research and come to their own conclusions

          • I recently bought a Tesla Gold Plugin and did a tear down, there are no transmitters or microprocessors inside. It’s simply a board with an LED attached. So this product is definitely 100% a scam with great marketing and PR behind it.

            It seems mighty convenient that Scalar can not be measured or detected with any scientific instruments.

  10. Thank you for the no-BS information, refreshing and realistic.
    I will be sure to contact you if I have any questions. Again my thanks.

  11. Hi, I really appreciate your article. We really want to protect ourselves from EMF exposure. One product we came across is: https://www.synergyscience.com/qi/

    They have several devices from personal to whole house protection. After reading your article I suspect that these are not measurable / effective. I would appreciate your input on this device. They have some ‘studies’ on one of their pages but most seem to be more like ‘experiments’ done by the company…

    Thank you for your comments

    • Hi Brian,

      I don’t recommend Qi products. There’s just no way to prove its claim – that it somehow strengthens the body so that it’s no longer negatively impacted by EMF. I read through a few of their pages and noticed that they say things like “you don’t even need to turn off your wifi router.” And I think that’s irresponsible.

      • I love your work, your effort and your clarity. As a concerned human who has a long history in the field of holistic health- I’m very interested in suggesting that you consider adding in the idea of using Live. Blood Analysis to your investigations of these products. You get soooo many questions about the devices that “claim to neutralize” the emf- and as you have said- again and again, these devices don’t do that(or at least it can’t be measured). BUT, what you have acknowledged, is that what matters, is whether or not the HUMAN BODY has an experience of the dangers of the EMF’s being neutralized——- and that my friend, can be observed by using Live Blood Analysis around the EMF – no device and then with device. Would you consider doing that?

  12. I have heard a lot on GIA products. I am just wondering if you’ve heard of them and what’s your take on them.
    The information I seems very legitimate but again they’re trying to sell a product.
    Thank you for your response.

    • I have had GIA products for years–since 2016. The water, the harmonizer, the car thing, the little dots to put on my phone and all my devices and the necklace. I have noticed zero result. I keep using the stuff because I have it, but I can’t recommend it.

  13. Hello Jordan,

    I’m so glad I came across your website. I’ve been thinking of getting emf bracelets, but was skeptical of them. Now I am looking at a laptop shield and maybe for the the whole house. It seems like you recommend DefenderShield quite a bit, so I am looking at DefenderPad® Laptop EMF Radiation & Heat Shield and their cell phone cases. I also came across this website – EMF Academy – that has many products from DefenderShield. If you have time maybe you can check it out. Interested in whole house protection. We use WiFi for now.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Richard,

      I’d avoid the bracelets and stick with actual shielding, blocking & reflecting the radiation. I do like DefenderShield as well as Shield Your Body for their tech shielding. I get everything else I need from LessEMF.

      Regarding EMF Academy, I do not know Christian personally, but he seems knowledgeable enough about EMF and sincere in his desire to help. He recommends some solutions that I would not, but everyone has their own opinion, and that’s okay – good even 🙂

      Honestly, regarding whole house protection, simply getting rid of WiFi and going wired using ethernet cables (ran to every room you need it) would decrease your home’s EMF levels significantly. Don’t fall for those ‘whole house’ plug-ins that claim to neutralize EMF.

      • Thank you for the quick reply Jordan. I did purchase the DefenderPad for the laptop. As for the ethernet cable, the router is in the downstairs room and the laptop is in the upper room. I could get a long enough ethernet cable I suppose. Does it matter what kind of ethernet cable I get? Would the computer load faster and work better if it’s wired as opposed to WiFi? God bless.

        • Hi Richard,

          You could certainly get an extra long cable, but you can also have someone come run through your attic and down whatever you wall you want a port on.

          As for type, Cat 7 is best.

          And yes, a wired connection is much faster than WiFi 🙂

          • Hello Jordan, is it safe to put the router closer to the laptop and what is your opinion on a shield for the router? Thank you.

          • Hi Richard,

            The distance between your router and the laptop doesn’t really matter. I may not be understanding your question correctly? The safest thing to do is swap out a wireless router for a wired one, then connect to the laptop with an ethernet cable.

            As far as shielding, I always recommend using a wired router, which eliminates the need to shield the router. However, if that’s not feasible right now, a router cage like this one is what you would need.

          • To Jordan and Richard…
            One solution I have found to maintain a wired connection throughout my home was to use Netgear PLP 2000. It uses your home’s grounded electrical wiring to send a wired connection to another room. One box is plugged into the wall outlet & modem, and the other box is plugged into any other wall outlet running on the same circuit.
            With many internet suppliers, you can either request that they disable your WiFi signal remotely, or you can do it yourself right online through your account. Mine works great, and I get full speed on the other side of my home. I have two EMF/RF/LF meters, and find no significant difference when testing LF at the box location. I have ordered another set, as it appears that I can pair the new set to the existing working system. Hope this helps others with a wired solution!

  14. Hi Jordan thanks for the information of EMF’s. I wonder what your views are regarding “Grounding or Earthing” pads and bed sheets? Sorry if this question is inappropriate for your EMF blog but if one does not ask, one risks not knowing – perhaps you do have a view to share ?

  15. Hi Jordan,

    Grateful for your scientific approach. Realize you’ve answered about stickers. Am asking about Omnia Radiation Balancer http://www.omniaradiationbalancer.com/ because the developer studied Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, a Tesla protege. Heard Tim Sandars interviewed about New Physics Paradigm.


    • Hi Gerri,

      My #1 goal in EMF protection is always to eliminate or drastically reduce the stressor.

      With such devices, they expect you to still live with the stressor and just trust their product to protect you. I personally don’t want to have to put that much “faith” into a product.

      That’s not to take away from other people’s experiences. I recognize there are some things in life that cannot (or have yet to be) “proven” by science.

      I simply prefer to use solutions that show a measurable reduction in EMF exposure using a meter, and these do not do that.

      That’s just one person’s opinion though 🙂

      • Hi Jordan.

        Thank you for all the great info! I want to correct some misinfo about orgonite pyramids and jewelry. They don’t block anything but what they seem to do is lessen its negative effects on the body. As for the shungite, mine is on the way. Woo hoo!

        What I’m really writing about is to ask what you think of lame fabric? I know mylar works. I am thinkung of combining for my windows. What do you thunk?

  16. Hi JORDAN,
    I just read what you wrote about the stickers, unfortunately I had put some on my kids phones and tablets Brand Naturlizer. Which you said it might make the emf worst. Please what would be a better alternative, they use their electronic fir school I especially worry about the phone in the pocket. I will definitely buy the green wave plugs for their rooms. But it’s so scary you buy something to make things better like stickers and it turns out it harms you more. I deeply appreciate your advice.

    • Hi Dima,

      Just to put your mind at ease, don’t worry about those stickers doing even more harm. They, alone, are not going to increase exposure significantly. It’s just that #1 – they don’t work. And #2 – I’ve seen some instances where they make the phone work harder to connect.

      I never recommend carrying phones in pockets, but if you have to, the best thing you can do is carry it in a faraday pouch like the Mobile Phone Pod on this page, but bear in mind, the phone would not be able to send and receive calls. A cheaper solution is just to turn it on airplane mode whenever it has to be carried on the body. And only turn it off airplane mode when they need to make a call.

      For tablets, many of the apps can be downloaded and played/worked on in airplane. Same for podcasts, online lessons, etc. You can download them in their entirety, then flip on airplane mode and click play. Otherwise, they just need to not use them on their laps. Set them on a desk or table and sit away from them – aim for 2 feet minimum.

      Regarding your question about SYB and Defender possibly magnifying radiation output – that’s why their products are only shielded on one side (the side that faces your body so that the EMF is reflected away from your body). You either want something that’s 100% encased and shielded so that it cuts off transmission entirely or you want something that is only shielded on 1 side so that it doesn’t interfere with the signal and simply reflects the EMF away from you.

      I hope that helps!

  17. HI Jordan,
    Any chance I can have a 10 minute call with you to ask / discuss some personal questions about EMF

    • Hi Grethel,

      I hadn’t heard of Wave-Guard before reading this comment, but I briefly looked at their site and their explanations of how their products work.

      Their products fall into the category of devices that expect you to still live with the stressor (EMF) and just trust their product to protect you. I personally don’t want to have to put that much “faith” into a product.

      I’ll always recommend shielding that actually results in decreased EMFs to your body (verified through meter readings) over things like this.

      However, I would not consider this product a scam.

      • Are you saying here that you would recommend Wave-Guard products if people have eliminated EMF as much as possible thru other means (like me), and want more protection by using Wave-Guard devices?

        I’m living in an apartment with people living above, below and on both sides of me. So something like Wave-Guard might help protect me from getting EMF from other people’ devices.

        Here’s what is written on their website:
        “Wave-Guard devices all safely attract and transmute all modulated and pulsed EMF and Microwave frequencies that are contained in near field longitudinal waves. It does this in a passive, safe way by acting as a more powerful antenna or receiver for these waves. Your body no longer acts as an antenna or have to process the harmful waves or be as affected by them.”

  18. Hey Jordon,

    I’m extremely lost as well with all of the product information out there for EMF protection. I keep coming back to a costly option by Qi-Technologies and there Qi Home Cell EMF protector. What do you know about this?

    • Hi Josh,

      I don’t recommend devices like the Qi Home Cell because they don’t make a difference in meter readings…meaning they aren’t actually blocking or reducing EMF in the home. They’re just supposedly making EMF less taxing on your body. I personally don’t want to have to put that much “faith” into a product.

  19. Hello,

    I’ve been using smart dots for my devices which claim to “harmonise” – I know this is a phrase you’re wary of but wondered if you could take a look at their site energydots. com/benefits/independent-testing/ It includes independent testing and provides the reports so it’s hard to tell if it’s legit or not. Could you give me your thoughts please aw I don’t want to spend any more money on their products if they aren’t providing enough protection. Many thanks in advance 🙂

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with the community. My question is about high pressure sodium lights and the EMFs that they emit. My husband works in an indoor garden. Those lights plus a bunch of other equipment is what surrounds him all day. He normally wear a tshirt, shorts, sneakers (no way to ground him because the tabs don’t stay on) and a baseball cap. I don’t know how much EMF he is exposed to but I’m sure the number is high. What’s the best way to protect him? The clothing is very expensive and has to be replaced every year and often times washed special.

    • Hi Angela,

      I do not recommend as it works on the premise of “balancing” and “harmonizing.” Refer to my reasons above in the post for why I do not recommend products like that.

  21. I was going to get an EMF shield (copper fabric) to put over my router, but what happens to the EMF waves? I read that if you block or cover EMF emitting equipment, the EMF’s just keep “bouncing around” in the area, becoming potentially more dangerous. Can you explain this? Thank you!

    • Faraday cages are the only things that block EMF 100%. Other forms of shielding – like with copper fabric – simply reduce it. So the waves just seep through the fabric but at a significantly decreased rate (that’s what allows the device to still be operational). They don’t “bounce around” and become more dangerous.

  22. Jordan!
    I wear Bluetooth hearing aids which connect my calls wirelessly. Any thoughts as I need exceptional help hearing due to my job. Also, what are your thoughts of using the fabric to make a vest you would wear under clothing? Would this only help that area?
    And if you use the router cage – would you still need additional protection such as the fabric over your covers at night? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Karla,

      Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with what your options are for hearing aids. But if there’s any way you could get non-bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and switch to a special wired headset, I’d do that.

      As for fabric, I do recommend clothing, but yes, it only reduces EMF to the area that it’s covered. So a shirt would be better than a vest. A shirt plus leggings (to wear under normal clothes) would be ideal.

    • Hi Crystal,

      I don’t recommend any “dots.” Regarding shungite, I like it as long as the user understands it plays a very small role in what should be a much larger, more comprehensive EMF protection plan. Involving eliminating EMF sources, distancing, and proper shielding (via deflection or absorption).

      • Ok thank you!, is there anything you recommend to use as proper shielding/deflecting or absorption aside from distancing and reducing usage of devices? we have a large family and I want do and use the best since we all work from home (including little ones with iPads that we try to limit device usage) and want to avoid the most EMF in our home

  23. thank you! is there a few “tools” that you recommend that deflect or absorb EMF for protection and just one more question what do you think bout clothing like getlambs (dot) com?

    • Hi Crystal,

      There are a lot of things you can use. It’s really too much to discuss in a comment. I’d recommend browsing the site as I discuss many helpful tools.

      Regarding clothing, yes, shielded clothing is absolutely a legitimate way to reduce your EMF exposure. GetLambs seems to be a good company – based on the materials they use in their clothing.

  24. Hi Jordan,

    We have really enjoyed reading your posts and comments and thank you for taking the time to put this all together.

    I have been doing some research on a device for our home and have Coe across a product out of Germany called Qi home on a site called synergy science. They have links to studies relating to two of their products and my wife and I were interested in your thoughts. Here is a link to the site synergyscience (dot) com/qi-studies/
    Regards Tony

  25. Hello Jordan,
    I’ve been looking into the EMF clothing options and tbh, there’s not much out there. But it has come to my attention that there are several athletic apparel companies selling silver, zinc, and copper infused products that are being promoted for their antimicrobial properties. They each seem to have a proprietary fabric blend.

    Sunice has x-static silver.
    New Balance has Silver Core Fiber
    Tommy Copper has their Copper Zenergy technology.
    and Real Nature has pillowcases with Copper Oxide Fiber.

    I was wondering if any of these product lines (or other name brand product lines) have attenuation capabilities even if only for some of the frequencies.

    • Hi Lori,

      That’s a great question and something I haven’t looked into. But you’ve piqued my curiously, and I’ll definitely look into it. My initial thought is that the silver and/or copper components of the fabric are probably not tightly weaved enough to provide proper shielding. But I’ll do some digging and see!

  26. Hi Jordan,

    I have been doing some research on a device for our home and have come across a product out of Germany called Qi home on a site called synergy science. They have links to studies relating to two of their products and my wife and I were interested in your thoughts on this product. They have links to studies ands we wanted to know if this is valid or not.

    • Hi Tony,

      At this time, I’m not endorsing Qi Shield or Qi Home Shield products as I have not seen proof that it works, and I can’t verify their studies. I’m not going to call it a scam.

      It’s just that I always base my recommendations on proven, long-term tested, and widely accepted science based on how we know electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies behave. And Qi products do not meet that criteria in my humble opinion.

      With that said, I always recommend everyone to do their own research and base their purchasing decisions on what they are comfortable with.

  27. I just found you and learned more in 5 minutes, than I have over many weeks of research! Thank you!

    Right now, I’m dealing with my main electrical panel, right behind my bed, on the outside wall. I can’t move my bed, in the room. So I’ve put a cover on the meter, to block the RF signal. But I don’t know what else to do for the EMF/EF, coming through the meter AND the big, thick electrical wire, going down to my subpanel.

    I’ve looked at the Power Perfect Box, but it’s hard to tell scam from legit. I think I might try it. It’s just expensive! Beyond that, can I shield the cable somehow? I have full access to it, since it’s an unfinished basement.

  28. Hello! Thank you for this wonderful article! I was just looking at a website called emfrocks (dot) com. They sell tesla crystals inside faraday bags and say that it repels EMFs and recharges us. It sounds a bit suspicious to me, but I’m curious what your thoughts are. Thank you!

    • Hi Cristina,

      I don’t know enough about “tesla crystals” to recommend them, but it sounds wonky to me. Any product that basically says “oh don’t worry about all the EMF in your environment, just continue to immerse yourself in it and trust this to protect you” – I tend to not recommend.

      I always advocate for actually addressing the EMF sources in one’s environment by eliminating it, distancing yourself from it, or shielding against it (using sound science – like faraday-type cages or conductive materials that reflect EMF away from your body).

      Hope that helps!

  29. Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for all your good work. I have read that you are not supportive of the Qi products. They do say regular meters cannot detect the difference their devices make, or how they really do what they do.

    Supposedly they create a field that “lays” a protective electron energy on you that decreases or reflects the radiation, balancing out excess protons from radiation. The larger house version can treat a large area, not just a small disc size spot. So, couldn’t this be detected in some way? They claim to have studies or demos of tests.

    If you have time please look at the presentation here: (link removed)
    At least check on the scientist developer part near the end. I need to know if this is real science or gobbledegook.

    I am also part of a group that researches and discusses help for people suffering from Morgellons and other skin parasites or Lyme type diseases. They are concerned about how EMF and 5G may affect them. They have asked me to speak but I am not really qualified. I would pay for your time if you would do it. I will discuss this with the book author and Sunday discussion group leader Richard L. Kuhns. The book title is “Get your life back from Morgellons and other parasites”

    Please answer me privately if you want to at prosperus3@gmail.com


  30. Hello, I’d love to know what your take on this is?
    harmonipendant (dot) com/pages/emf-protection-natural-living-family

    It’s the Harmoni Pendant. I’ve read through all the comments, but when I watched the first video on this page, they said it doesn’t harmonize the EMF’s, it actually harmonizes your body so they EMF’s pass through without doing damage…

    I’m very sensitive to EMF’s and am looking for ways to reduce. I’d love to know what you think of this please? thank you so much for your time.

    • Hi Susie,

      IMHO, their claims really don’t line up with sound science. There are certainly ways you can strengthen your body from the inside out but that’s with proper, targeted nutrition – not a necklace.

      I always recommend people do their own research, but that’s my opinion, and I can’t in good conscience recommend it.

      The best thing you can do is go one-by-one through all the EMF sources in your environment and shield through either elimination, distance, or blocking-type measures.

  31. Hi Jordan, I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on the WaveRider, given the independent studies that look so impressive? I did post before but it doesn’t look like it has gone thru, so sorry if this is a repeat. I’ve learnt heaps from your article, thankyou!! Praying the Waverider is for real, but love your thoughts, esp given the studies. Thanks again!!

    • Hi Josephine,

      I can’t recommend it unless you can “see” the decrease in ambient EMF levels with a meter. Unfortunately, the device is far too expensive for me to purchase just to test and see.

      I’m sorry this comment wasn’t more helpful!

  32. Hi Jordan,
    I have been looking at some products from tech wellness. As far as I can tell they seem legitimate and not overpriced. What are your thoughts on this company?
    Thank you!

      • Thank you, Jordan, for what you said above. Most people think the only harmful EMF comes from WiFi divices. Making it clear for people about what a device can or can’t do is extremely HELPFUL.

  33. I have an older Sunlighten sauna manufactured in 2009. I used a Sper Scientific Gauss meter (840025 – an older model) to measure the EMF output. The reading at the top of the side panels were as low as 5 but it got up to 15 near the bottom of the panels. It measured 48 where the two back panels come together, again, at the bottom of the panels. I chatted with the company and they told me this was normal for this older unit and the current safety standards are 100 Gauss. I really need to detox from heavy metals so my doctor told me to use the sauna 3 times a week. The woman from Sunlighten assured me this was safe and would do me more good than harm. Is there something I could use around the bottom of the panels to shield me from the higher levels of EMFs being emitted?

    • Hi Nancy,

      What unit of measurement does your meter use? Those numbers seem very high. However, sauna sessions played a significant role in my recovery from Lyme disease, so I am of the mindset that they do more harm than good. With that said, I have the ultra-low EMF sauna from JNH Lifestyles, so I’m more comfortable with the pros/cons.

      I do feel those numbers warrant shielding. The only thing I can think of is to prop magnetic plates like Shieldene over the bottom panels. It won’t be 100% shielded because magnetic fields must be fully encased in order to be contained, but that’s not possible in this scenario.

      If you try it, re-measure, and don’t see a significant decrease, I’d consider selling your current sauna and putting that toward a low EMF model.

      I hope that helps!

      • The meter says it measures 0 -199.9 milliGauss and 0 – 19.99 microTesla. I used it on the milliGauss setting. I have a friend that has a meter that I think might be of better quality. Perhaps I’ll use hers to see if I get a lower reading.
        Thank you for your suggestions.

  34. Hi Jordan,

    Thanks so much for your response! My 7-year-old has a 5G tower 100 metres from his school. The kids also hold ipads connected to wifi for half the day… I’ve asked he works offline only, but also wondering if they are any undergarments you could recommend that would shield from the 5G and 4G. Or any other suggestions to protect him? I’m looking into suing the tower company, but even if I do it many take years… Thanks again!!! Josephine

  35. Hi Jordan,
    Thank you for all your efforts and getting this info out there especially with the rollout of 5G…

    We were looking at two products now, as you did not like the others we were looking at and commented above with others.

    So one is the; www dot rayguardprotect dot com personal and home use.

    And another product endorsed by a Christian Doc we follow and it is called the; harmonipendant dot com

    Just wondering if you have had any experience with either or do you like/dislike their methods. Thank you.

    God Bless.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thank you!

      I don’t trust any product that doesn’t actually reduce the amount of EMF & RF radiation in my environment. Neither the Ray Guard nor the Harmoni make a difference on meter readings, and therefore I cannot endorse them.

      • Hello Jordan, I wrote you earlier about RayGuard products. They were designed to meet the Swiss anti-electromagnetic wave laws of 1998 and 2008. Since then they have been upgraded to protect against the new frequencies of 5G. I doubt they can significantly affect all new 3,000 frequencies being allowed for the future. Nevertheless, The studies validating their effects have all been biological studies and are available on the website. It is a disservice to not fully investigate these scientific studies since the products are castigated as total scams on Google. I have not in the six years of sales had a single return or negative response. The Google listing states:
        “EMF Protection Products That Are Total Scams
        https://beatemf.com › EMF Education
        Apr 7, 2020 — So one is the; www dot rayguardprotect dot com personal and home use. And another product endorsed by a Christian Doc we follow and it is …”
        Perhaps it is unintentional in which case, since it appears next to my listings, would be appropriate to get removed. Thank you, Michael

    • I can add a comment about this “Christian Doctor”. I am a believer myself so I understand about giving more trust to someone who claims to be so kind of a christian – I am not saying whether he is or not. But from what I have concluded from receiving his emails for quite some time is that he is always trying to sell, sell, sell. He likes to sent you over to a link or webinar where you click on a video presentation that you have no idea how long it is, you have no ability to scan through or fast forward through the non-sense or unimportant stuff. Any time I encounter such a video the alarms and red flags go up. To me that approach of attempting to hold someone captive is unscrupulous and unethical.

      I have loss most of my respect and trust of this doctor who I found because of his essential oil education. I do find his essential oil info worthy but all else his does just screams to me as trying to get the money from people.

  36. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for your informative article. I was wondering what you think of putting black tourmaline around the home and do you think it is as good as shungite. Also what is the best way to protect yourself if there is a cell tower on the roof of the apartment building you live in?
    Thank you,

  37. Hi Jordan… love your site. Could you clarify about holding a meter or not. You said,”…you can’t hold the meter for a true reading because your body acts as an antenna.” But my Trifield instructions say, “hold the meter to obtain a true reading of your exposure.” I found a elec. hot spot in my house where there are no apparent electrical devices that reads around 80 V/m. If I lay the meter down it goes to zero. I am confused as to what to make of this.

    • Hi Greg,

      Yes, I stand by my recommendation to not hold the meter. Product manufacturers will each have their opinions. Trifield says that because they know the body acts as an antenna and to get your “true exposure” that ‘antenna’ should be factored into the measurement. But here’s where I’m coming from – are you holding or have any bodily contact with the item you’re measuring on a normal, daily basis? Most of the time that answer is no. And so you don’t need to have bodily contact with the item during measuring.

      Regarding your weird measurement, is the surface that you lay the meter down on made of metal, by chance?

  38. Hi Jordan,
    Can you tell me which is the best material for blocking/diffusing EMF radiation? Would it be concrete, steel, iron, copper, silver or something else? Many thanks, Michael

  39. Hi Jordan,

    So glad to stumble into your website! Just recently an EMF specialist online who wrote articles saying EMF pendants etc don’t work and now he’s recommending a pendant :/ and so I lost my trust in their work. I appreciate you honesty and perspective.

    Question, I’m assuming shutting down the electricity at night is the best option but if that’s not possible how effective re the individual plug-ins for dirty electricity? (I have significant EHS).

    Thank you!

    • Hi Monika,

      Yes, that’d be best, just keep in mind that only takes care of the electric and magnetic fields (not RF from things like wifi and cell towers). Did you know you can shut down just the breaker to your bedroom? That’d be “best” as you know. But yes the “good” option would be DE filters. They do work as they return the stray current to the fundamental. Just be aware that dirty electricity filters do no protect at all against radio frequencies.

  40. Jordan! I appreciate your site and information so much! Overwhelming at first! We can turn our wifi off but we have SOO many signals (even 5G) still making their way into our home (and we have a newborn). I wish those harmonizers worked! (and I have one in my home) .. glad I know not to rely on it.
    Do you have any recommendations for Canadian companies for shielding clothes/bedding or anything that helps reduce our exposure?

    Thank you!

  41. Hi, Jordan,
    I just discovered Aires Tech, and the website seems to offer scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of the products. Are you familiar with those products? If so, I am interested in your opinion of them. Thanks, in advance, for your reply!

  42. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for this site. Three questions!

    1. An Integrative Health specialist let me know about Gaia wellness and their products. Would you recommend this?


    2. When we measure anything once we pull away a few inches most everything goes down to .2 or .3. This is confusing to me because it makes me feel like if I’m not constantly standing next to these electronics or holding them then there is no risk. But I’m not sure if I buy that either. I am using the Weighted Mag with a TriField meter.

    3. The phone specifically when measured ups around so much there is no consistency at all. Most of the time the numbers are under 5mg, which TriField says is the safe limit. And if you let the meter stay by the phone long enough (over 2 mins) it finally starts to settle around .4/.5. Do you agree with the safe limit and how do you know what the real reading is (the high readings at first or the final lower readings)?

    • Hi Ghazal,

      1. Regarding the gia product, if it acts as a shield that reflects the RF away from the body, then I would support it. If it doesn’t actually reflect RF away from penetrating your body and claims some kind of “harmonizing” or “neutralizing” stuff, then no I do not recommend it.

      2. It’s true that distance makes a significant difference, especially for electric and magnetic fields. So yes, keeping your distance from such sources is one of the best protective strategies. RF is a different story.

      3. For your cell phone, while magnetic fields are there, you should primarily be measuring radio frequency, and yes, it does jump routinely as it regularly pings the nearest cell tower or searches for nearby bluetooth devices to connect to, or loads/sends new data. Always go by the peak reading. No, I do not agree with their safety limit. Magnetic fields are best kept below 1 Mg.

  43. Hi Jordan,

    I am so glad I found this website.

    Regarding the DE (greenwave) filter, if a single room have for instance 4 electrical plug, do we need to put 4 DE filter as well? or 1 or 2 pc is enough?

    What kind of radiation it help to reduce? Magnetic field, electric field, or RF radiation?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alwie,

      One DE filter is typically enough per one room. Oversized master bedrooms may require 2.

      It filters out the harmonics on your wiring. Dirty electricity is in a category all on its own in addition to electric fields, magnetic fields, and radio frequencies.

  44. We live near a cell phone tower and my wife is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and can hear a horrible sound from the tower and makes her sick and painful. So far none of the devices we buy stop the pain or sound for her. Our house seems to be invaded by radiation from the tower. What does she need to use to help her get the pain and sound stopped.

  45. Dear Jordan,

    Some people suggest using a Himalayan salt lamp to reduce the impacts of EMF, what is your opinion regarding this?

    They say Himalaya salt lamp can generate some negative ions into the air, so it may be helpful to combat some bad influences of electrical appliances radiation in the particular area.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alwie,

      Yes I like Himalayan salt lamps. They won’t reduce ambient EMF levels, but they help combat the damage done in your body from the positive ions. I also like simply heating blocks of Himalayan salt and sitting with them under my bare feet.

  46. hi Jordan thanks and may god bless you, i was about to put money down on (something dodgy) on top of other spending i’ve already done.

    i will just keep shielding things and monitoring them

    i and many others appreciate your reporting!

  47. Hello Jordan, your site is so informative and helpful, thank you for all the work you’re doing and for sharing it all! One of your recommendations for people (like me) who have wi-fi and can’t change to a wired connection is to contact our provider and ask them to lower our signal strength. But doesn’t a lower-strength signal make the devices have to work harder to catch the signal thus making them emit more EMF? Perhaps this would be the case in a rural area where there is less reception in general and would not be an issue in an apartment building in an urban area. Can you clarify this?

  48. Hello, I want to buy a headphone, like the air tubes to decreases my exposure to EMF, do you have any recommendation ?
    Had you heard about SafeSleeve’s products ? Can I trust their products ?
    I saw you recommended “Universal EMF Protection + Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case” from DefenderShield, and in one comment I also saw that you recommend techwellness, the problem is that in this link: https://techwellness.com/blogs/expertise/anti-radiation-phone-shield-case-review ,techwellness did a test and did not recommend some cases (one of them was the DefenderShield), so I would like to know your opinion on this. Thank you for your time :-D.

  49. Hi Jordan

    Thanks for all your research. Would I be right in thinking that Bluetooth earphones would not be a healthy choice? My husband uses them all the time and, in spite of my protests, bought me a pair as a gift! Are negative ion generators effective against EMFs?

    • Hi Nina,

      Correct, bluetooth earphones are not good (RF emitting device right inside the ear, too close for comfort to the brain).

      Yes, negative ion generators are effective and beneficial. They do not “neutralize” EMF, but just think of them like taking extra vitamins when you know you’re fighting off a cold. They’re not going to kill the cold, but they’ll support your body so you can get over it faster. Same with negative ion generators. Your body can better withstand the effects of EMF if it’s routinely exposed to negative ions.

      • Hi Jordan

        Thanks for your reply.
        What do you think of the technology behind Qi devices?

        I bought one that’s meant to cover two people – about an 8 foot radius. It’s portable, so use it in the office (where there’s a modem and lots of computer/ sound recording related devices) and take it to bed.

  50. Hi Jordan,
    We (my husband & I) are learning EMF & have been concerned for many years! We just may have wasted money on a company called gia wellness. We heard a presenter speak on gia products at a nutrition workshop & bought in. We have the ih20 water system, the HARMONIZER, STICKERS, & PENDANTS! I wanted to BELIEVE these EMF protectors are legit! Please give me your opinion before I persuade others into buying!
    Thank you,

    • I haven’t take a deep dive into the gia line, but I don’t recommend any harmonizers, stickers, or pendants. Now for the water system, if that’s a negative ion generator, then that’s good.

  51. Hi there,

    I am curious about your opinion on Somavedic products? I am being lured in by the positive reviews but it is very expensive.

    I already fell for getting a q-link and shugite pyramid and jewelerry, and not sure it is doing anything. I also have some shielding on my window, a sheilding blanket, hat and grounding mat.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Karen, I’m not an expert on the Somavedic device and how it works, but I do know it’s in the category of devices I’m very leery of, and I believe you get far better shielding from your window shielding, shielded blanket, grounding mat, etc.

  52. Hi Jordan what a blessing to find you and your expertise here! Thank you sincerely ❤️

    Interestingly I’ve actually have used the Earthcalm product for years. You might recall it has three stages of protection or ‘remodulation’ per the manufacturer.

    I’ve never been able to progress beyond level 1 as; 1) my cat developed sudden bladder incontinence &
    2) my neighbours, who lived in the suite above me, developed sudden high anxiety but immediately felt better whenever they were away from the suite.
    I never told them I was using the Earthcalm until after they inquired if was feeling the same things they were…both situations came on suddenly & coincidentally with me attempting to go up to level 2 on the EC device.
    Both situations immediately remedied once I removed the plug from the level 2 slot. Interesting right?! I did contact the Earthcalm company however they claimed no one had ever indicated to experience these specific issues with their products.

    I still use it on level 1 because I believe, or I’ve convinced myself , that it may be the only reason (along with a solid connection to divine energy) that I can inhabit this place despite having 7 smart metres installed directly below my suite.

    One last question, do you know anything about amradield EMF shielding fabric?

    Thanks so much 🙏

  53. Hi Jordan,

    First thing is what I love most of your blog is your side note, for me this is the best part of it and I believe this is the best part for everyone.

    I have been planning to purchase an EMF protection been a year and I have been looking around and most I see seems to be enticing but no documented study, I did keep reading and reading but seems I can’t find the correct one or I still having a doubt so decline and set aside. the other week I found an email on my inbox about the Harmoni Pendant so It reminds me again so I went online and look about the studies of this but still I am in doubt.

    I google about EMF protection if they are really real or beneficial and it got me to your blog, it amaze me that I have not seen it a year ago (:_;) maybe my eyes didn’t catch it.

    I love the way when you pointed someone to do the research and also when you let them use an EMF Meter to test not just relying on all those flowery word. Like me my first step before is to invest a EMF meter for testing then next is to buy the EMF protection device and test it.

    Talking of EMF Meter I see you suggest the Trifield2 and this was my plan before but due to the roll out of 5G what I understand is that it can detect the lower frequency of this 5G but the the high frequency, is that true? do they have a new version yet or is there any other EMF Meter that you can suggest – Thanks

    With the Paint protection you suggest above how does it applied I mean can it be applied first then do the last coating or ordinary paint? or does the effectiveness will be defeated? or is this a white version of the Paint protection.

    A year ago I came to encounter this Qi Me or Qi Shield and other Qi product from Waveguard and they are expensive, I attended the webinar but not much explanation and they can’t provide a documented study, are you familiar with this and what is is you views on this product.

    Thank you and Godbless.


    • Dear Eli,
      Look at the comments for the Qi products on Better Business Bureau. The owner and our undependable post office service make it difficult to return the product on time and get a refund.
      I’m now looking into the MRET Wave Rider, which has some real scientific studies done.

  54. Have you heard of the Australian company lifeenergysolutions.com? They use orgonite and copper coils in their products. Several years ago, we got one of their p.e.bal protectors for our house and my husband wears their pendant. Reading your other comments, it sounds like you don’t recommend any kind of pendant or shielding device, but these products do seem to have worked for us. The pendant helped my husband ease out of his depression. Whenever he stops wearing it for longer than 2-3 days, he can feel a general feeling of anxiety begin to build. Our 4 yr old daughter was experiencing night terrors nearly every single night which immediately stopped THE night we got the p.e.bal. I have no idea how/why they work for us, but it seems like they can’t be completely discredited if people experience benefits from them. They may not shield from EMFs completely, but whatever “harmonizing” they are doing is better than nothing, right? I understand your stance that people should spend their money on more complete shielding, however, moving about daily in our emf heavy world means paint, bed canopies, etc. only work in those areas and it seems like our bodies need more than that. Just my 2 cents.

    • Yes, I’ve heard of them. Stories like yours are why I always recommend people do their own research and make the best decision they’re comfortable with based on their findings. I just personally do not use such devices.

  55. Hi Jordan, I was wondering what you thought of the Qi devices from synergy science. They fall into multiple scam categories. They claim that, essentially, EMFs produce positive ions, which harm your body. They also claim that negative ions output from their devices will neutralize this, making the emfs less harmful. They are not a wired device, or a pendant. I am currently very confused on this one, because it seems like it shouldn’t work, and yet they have four scientific studies on cell cultures, using EMF readers, and a double blind study on human test subjects using a wifi router. These are done by three scientific institutes in Europe, as synergy science is based in Germany. They also have reviews by other websites and a number of testimonials. They do claim, however, to neutralize a positive field, to protect the whole home, and to protect against all kinds of man made emfs. If this is a scam, how would they have been able to fabricate so much evidence?

  56. Have you heard of Shielded Healing? Thoughts? I’m looking for whole house emf but also looking for dirty electricity management. I will be calling to hopefully get wired router and Ethernet installed. SafeSleeve cases for our phones but still looking for laptop coverage. Suggestions?

    • Brian Hoyer at Shielded Healing is a great. Unless his opinions have changed, he is like me, in that he doesn’t recommend plug-in harmonizers. The only legit option for whole protection that is a filter of sorts is for dirty electricity, which bear in mind, doesn’t provide protection against RF. I like his products, and for whole home DE management, I recommend the Satic Power Perfect Box.

      For laptops, the best you can do is hook up an external, wired keyboard and mouse and achieve distance. If that’s not doable, I like SYB’s laptop pad.

  57. Hi Jordan, so glad to find your website. I appreciate the valuable information you share with us. I would like to know your opinion on the TheraProtect EMF Home Harmonizer Protection from Therasage. Thank you!

  58. Hi Jordan thank you for the information wow been slowly learning, now I noticed for the last two weeks a nagging headache.last night I just felt to stop wearing the fitbit, I wondered about the emf of that. Found out about it,so am going to wear a watch lol.. ? Please talk about the Qi Home cell by Synergy Science..thank you

  59. Finally someone speaking out against these scams.
    Great article.
    I spend over 20 years on this topic. educated people around it online.

    Let me add my own comments to the conversation:

    First LISTEN CAREFULLY several times. let it sink in whats actually said and what this means:


    Now. This explains WHY someone feels better with some device that sends out beneficial energies. Its just covering up the damage being done ANYWAY with the EMF. And one concludes it works.
    This is also why most of these companies use HRT to “prove” their products. Or Kirlian photography.
    NONE of them actually study the cell and the damage happening intra cellular.
    I know people who swear by their “put in the brand name” and yet they end up getting sick anyway long term. I have seen this many times over the years. surgeries that could have been avoided. Even deaths.

    The immune system is being told: all is well. relax. When around these gadgets. While the onslaught of attacks are still ongoing. It’s just like crystals. They make you feel good. Or good music. Many things will affect the nervous system and make it go into parasympathetic. Most of these gadgets will too. Great destress tools.
    Now you are just going to die faster as the damage is happening regardless.

    And some of these companies know this and sell it anyway.
    They are criminals and should be in prison praying on uneducated buyers.

    It’s SOO hard for people to accept you can’t just buy a gadget and all your worries are over.

    Any professional EMF building biologist adviser never sell these gadgets on their websites. why? Because the profits are not high enough? no, I have been offered to sell this pseudo science trash for large profits. Larger than shielding paint and canopies etc. Financially I could have made LOTS of money promoting this stuff.
    But I would have cancer deaths and strokes on my conscience. I wouldn’t sleep well at night.

    If you actually could fix cell phone towers. mobile phone radiation, WiFi and what else with some pendants or a little “thing” standing on your desk, why would anyone go through the trouble painting their whole house with extremely expensive paint. Shielding their floors and roofs. And buy expensive fabrics for curtains by the windows and go out of their way to ground the whole thing proper.
    People spend tens of thausand of $ to fix their living space.

    If you can call the phone, the signal is toxic for the human body. Period. otherwise the phone would not be able to pick up the signal.
    Your WiFi router ONLY works at very specific frequencies. The slightest change and it wont work. No quantum scalar tachyon sacred geometric 5D atlantean time/space harmonizers will protect you if the internet or phone still works.

    It will do placebo. for sure. especially if its expensive.
    It will make the body relax and think there is no problem…. for sure.
    But then you wont get the “message” something is wrong and just sit in that toxic soup all day with no hesitations.

    Don’t think for a second these companies will help you with your medical bill when you need your chemotherapy sessions 5 years down the line.

    And the paid “science” wont protect you either.
    Or the government.

    By the way, do you know how easy it is to get a “clinical trial” done online? It cost only a drop in the ocean compared to the huge profits waiting for them when they “prove” their gadget works.

    Do not believe those ‘clinical trials”. I know people personally who does these things. It’s a joke.
    Unless its from a large well known university and several of them don’t buy into it.

    Here is what works for EMF PERIOD:(over 20 years of research and applications)

    1) turn it off.
    2) move
    3) distance
    4) actual shielding.
    5) rewire your house.(dirty electricity)

    for supplementation to SUPPORT (not fix) the EMF damage in the body my 2 best are:

    topical magnesium oil. lots of if. daily.
    Hydrogen inhalation and drinking hydrogen water. lots of it.
    Get off your phone addiction. Get off your wireless addiction.

    Grounding has its issues if you live in a big city. But thats another conversation.

    Good luck with it.

    Josh (www.dharmaportal.com)
    No im not selling EMF equipment.

  60. Thank you for the information you are sharing.
    What do you think about the website: bodyalign.com.
    Do you find there products legit.
    Thank you for your reply.

  61. Hi Jordan,

    My wife recently bought 3 “Ultimate Wellness Bands” from an online company called Body Align. Their web site says: “Reduce your overall feeling of being tired in your daily experience. Remove the need for stimulants from caffeine and sports drinks. Feel the vibration of energy and lift your mental fog. See the improvement in all your physical exercise. Fewer pains and aches from your life. The Ultimate Wellness Band is to be worn on the wrist and/ or ankles for all-day energy. The Ultimate Wellness Band provides an overall balancing of your body’s energy and is the foundation for your own personal daily energy wellness program.”

    They don’t claim this product protects against EMF, but I’m skeptical for several reasons; one, I haven’t felt any different after a few weeks of wearing it, two, the company’s voice mail message is recorded by the owner, which is usually a sign of a very small company, and three I can’t find any online reviews, other than the ones by the company itself. I’m trying to convince my wife that she’s been scammed, and she’s starting to believe me, but she’s not all the way there.

    Please help!

    Thanks so much,

    Tom Lusey

    • After a very quick look, it seems that product claims to work via frequencies. This is a field of research that is just now starting to make its way into modern medicine. I can’t give a definitive answer on this topic. I personally do not trust or use such products, and therefore, I don’t recommend them to my clients. But I’m not going to jump out there and label them a scam either.

    • Jordan – glad you’re educating people on this. Keep up the good work. I see that you offer paid consults so I’ll leave out the detailed response and let people book contact you for more.


      Look up Faraday cages to learn how a proper solution works (and should look).

      I discovered Body Align last week and am slightly skeptical but am not forming a conclusion until I finish doing my research.

      Their solution is based on a type of technology which is legitimate and should work in theory. That said, the only thing that matters is whether it works in the real world, and I’ve emailed the founder/CEO for more info.

      You might want to consider finding somebody in your circle that’s known to be sensitive to EMF, let them use your stickers for some time, and get their reaction to Body Align’s products (and please do share with us). That would be the best litmus test.

      Good luck,

  62. This website is full of scams. We have used radios for a century and had no problem. Try sleeping with a router on or near your head for one night, and another one with everything off. Nothing will happen.

  63. What can a person recommend to management if they live in an apt. bldg. with 100 plus units? I would guess that means 100 plus smart meters? It is a HUD owned property, so the solution would have to be affordable or borne by the tenants. Thank you for this very helpful article!

    • Most apartment buildings have 1 utility room (maybe more depending on unit size) that houses the entire unit’s smart meters (known as a smart meter bank). If you can convince management to care enough, they could line (picture like wallpaper) all the walls of that utility room with shielded material. There are plenty of options to choose from at LessEMF.

  64. Hi Jordan deeply appreciate the info can you tell me about the AIRES products are they any good. They seem to have scientific data behind them.. But I do want to hear what you know. They are offering a life Tune room device right know. you pay monthly for 12 months. I believe it covers 500 square feet a device. You get upgrades as the technology is improving. Please answer and if you have a subscribe I would like to participate. Been noticing a buzzing in my head every night it gets louder and during day its there.. Am learning more about this.. Have covered smart meter and bought from lessemf cover for router am getting one for modem. Bought a laptop shield from Defenders. Its hard as my family scoffs at this my daughter knows its real but she does not see the dander. Thank you Maia

  65. Hello Jordan! What do you think about Dr Daryll Wolfe’s emf protection pendant? He is a naturopathic dr. so I’d assume he knows what he’s talking about! But maybe not?
    Thanks so much!

  66. Hi Jordan,

    I was delighted to find your website this morning (not so delighted that you are an Amazon associate, more at the end). I’m an electrical engineer, recently retired, who has spent my entire career designing telecom testing equipment and a variety of medical devices. So, I’ve spent considerable time with EMC (electromagnetic compliance) issues, designs, fixes, etc. Many hours of lab testing in chambers and in open space.

    Several days ago, my daughter and husband bought a new house to shorten their commutes. To my chagrin, it sits under and only 100ft from 132kV steel pylon power poles. Studies of childhood leukemia have been taking place for years with very uncertain results. It’s disturbing that in the US, there are really no limits (except for several states) on emission (magnetic or electric fields) from power lines. I will be taking measurements of fields in the next few weeks but there is virtually nothing I can do from a regulations standpoint. The power lines were established years ago and unfortunately, the power companies can do WHATEVER THEY WANT once the have the right-of-ways. That’s the case here. Original poles some years back were wooden, possibly 32kV with pretty small fields. Fast forward to the last 5 years and we have 132kV, 94 foot towers, one right in her front yard.

    The difference between international recomendations for power line EMF and numbers derived by many who have researched and studied the subject, can be 1000:1 or greater. Power companies, just like cell (especially now with 5G) systems, have too much money invested. These companies and our politicians, are not going to shut down electric grids or cellular networks. On a practical note, shutting down power could probably, as some have said, crash an economy.

    In the past day or so, while doing other research, I ran into an increasing number of harmonizers, balancers, fixers, etc. which will protect you, your home, etc. from the effects of EMF.

    I was delighted to find you taking on these scam products. In terms of monetary loss or waste, this could be one of the biggest scams in history. There are so many products, well distributed, and so many consumers who cannot wade thru the contradictory information that’s out there, unless they are technical.

    Anyone who has dealt with RF, radio, TV, wireless products, GPS, aero, etc. knows that ALL (yes, I’ll say all) of these little medallions, copper blocks, etc. are total nonsense.

    There are legitimate products as you are aware, that can reflect or absorb electromagnetic waves. I will add CANCEL to this because it’s also possible to cancel the energy to a signficant degree in some cases, from any ac fields.

    If you take your EMF meter near any ac powered product and approach the power cord, you’ll see small measurement results. Now, on a similar, but disposible product, or a disposable extension cord (twin lead), split the two conductors. When you place your meter inside the loop you can form, you will now see huge numbers. In the original cord, the fields are canceled by close proximity of the two conductors. Great experiment or demonstration.

    When power companies design, or have a problem with high field strengths, they can make adjustments to the phasing of the 3 wire (possible other) system so there is more local cancellation up near the wires.

    Feel free to use any of this and edit freely.

    Regarding Amazon, I love Prime and buy mostly technical junk all the time, generally arriving when I need it. But that’s it. Amazon and Mr. Bezos need to stay the heck out of politics. Just deliver products and treat your employees well. Don’t try to dictate, along with other high tech, how the country operates.

    I hope this is mostly coherent as I generated it quickly. While re-reading this, I thought of a great experiment / display which you could do, since you seem (in my limited knowledge of you) more into cellular radiation and wireless/IOT things. Let me know if you want a few details. You would need a wireless device as the source, the scam gadget and an RF power meter or field strength meter.

    Keep up the good work and you have a lovely family !

    Dennis F (not for display)
    location: NH

  67. Thank you for this article. I was just about to buy a Somavedic device and decided to read more about EMF protection.
    Do you think their products are legit?
    Thank you in advance.

  68. Hi Jordan,
    Firstly thank you for this information, I’d like to take more measures and precautions around EMF and radiation as I’m feeling the effects of it and I have now moved into a home with solar panels on roof across the whole street. All of the links are for purchase in US, can you possibly help for some in UK please?

  69. Hi Jordan,

    Do you know if PWR Guard stick on devices are legit or a scam? I am trying to find a friend with the EMF meter you recommended so I don’t have to buy one.

    Thanks Jordan. You have a lot of great info

    Jon D.

  70. 5g blocker bracelet by AlphaBio Centrix? Perfect Solution to protect you from harmful RF Radiation in your environment! We have developed this attractive stainless-steel bracelet to be worn on your left wrist that defends against harmful 5G RF radiation. The bracelet is made of a soft eco-friendly silicone material and stainless-steel hardware with (3in1) Embedded Energy Elements: Far Infrared Ray, Neodymium magnet, and three Germanium Spheres.

    Our technology supports the theory that by stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself naturally using subtle bio frequency from the energy bracelet, your body will maintain better health and mental wellness.

    What is your opinion of this product? Thank you

  71. Hello. My biggest question has to be if theres any way to reverse damage that may have been done to your body from years of emf exposure? Wether that be specific juices, supplements or exercises etc etc?

    Ive been living in my dads house for over 20 years who continues to buy more and more technology for the house (hows 6 alexas? and a new huge router we have to walk past everyday) everything is totally wireless and i try to tell him otherwise but if anything hes more anti-emf protection than anything else so a toxic person for me indeed. I have had very bad depression for 8 years and now for the last 5 years digestive issues and at this rate im scared for harsher diseases. I just hope theres a protocol or way you know that may reverse damage done and have my body heal like it was never abused? I will be leaving this environment soon but would be nice to know i can never look back.

    Thank you kindly,

  72. Hi, Jordan

    I suspect that any production “Harmonizer” in its name should be avoided. One that I found makes watch bands for smart watches. I just purchased an Apple Watch Series 7 for my wife and about after a week of wearing it daily, should noticed her wrist started bothering her. I did a brief search on the internet this morning and found an avalanche of EMF products and articles. That’s how I found you. One tip was to put it in airplane mode: I told my wife to put it on airplane mode and by noon she said he noticed a significant difference after wearing it for about four hours. She works in a dental office and Apple Watches are becoming widely used for staff to communicate within the office. They also use them as timers for certain procedures. This becomes a very expensive timer. She really likes when she is driving for directions and hands free phone calls. My wife seems to be very sensitive to EMF, so it sounds this may not be a good device for her. Is there a product out there you could clip on the back to prevent it from touching her skin? Would that even make a difference?


  73. Regarding the Green Wave Dirty Electricity filter, I am a bit confused. So … It filters surges and “dirty” electricity, I get that but does it cover both the top and bottom outlet so that only one can be used? Or do you have to have two for each outlet box in order to plug in two electrical appliances? I’m still reading through the comments. I’m glad to have found your site because I was looking at possibly buying a Harmoni pendant. If it doesn’t work, it would just be a pretty piece of jewelry, which I need more of like I need a hole in my head. Thanks so much!

  74. I am interested in possibly purchasing the EMF Defense Pendant which has an inside layer of black tourmaline crystal as well as 26 minerals encased in 18 carat gold plated. Has any research been done on this pendant? Thanks for your help

  75. Hello Jordan:

    I purchased a personal EMF protection card from EMFSolutions and there was a disclaimer about keeping the card away from your heart. I did not notice on your site if you had any comments about this company or a cardiac issue regarding any EMF protection items. Thanks

  76. Dear Jordan, God bless you for letting your light shine and sharing the glorious gospel. I am a retired nurse, pastors wife for nearly 40 yrs serving God presently in toxic inner city London.
    We have limited money yet paid $2,500 for Qi home emf device as I listened to a webinar praising its total protection. I have an autoimmune liver disorder so my precious husband lovingly agreed to pay for it though he thought it was a scam. I fear now it is (though God is our protector as we seek His kingdom first) I am terribly practical so as you did not list Qi products as a scam can you let me know your thoughts. Its a huge device sitting on our bedroom floor and suppose to cover the whole house ( we have had it for a year) Sorry to be wordy but I am not tech oriented and with being so busy with our church and fatigue from my illness, which God has healed me so much already I appreciate your advice. You have a superb website and love your heart and photo of your family. May God reward you.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Joyce. To God be the glory! Unfortunately, I do not believe Qi devices work as advertised.

      I could be wrong. Have you personally seen a reduction in symptoms since having it?

    • Hi Joyce,

      I’m learning just as you are. Love how we can learn from each other and from knowledgeable experts like Jordan.

      I’ve been listening/reading/learning all about how our bodies work. Have you worked with an integrative medicine professional/doctor for your illness? I highly recommend it. I have joined a few online programs this year as their goal is to teach people how to care for their bodies to heal themselves. Some have monthly calls where you can get personal advice. Just to get started look online for what Dr. Edward Group says about detoxing the liver. Thedrardisshow.com is a weekly show where he (Dr. Ardis, DC) takes questions from the audience. DrJess.com is starting a new wellness program where she has developed a teaching program for people like us. Dr. Peter Kan is brilliant and is an expert in autoimmune conditions, https://askdrkan.com/. I truly hope that information is helpful to you. God Bless!

  77. Hi Jordan,
    Thank you for the EMF information. Okay did not see anything on Somavedic. Do you have any opinions or reviews on this product?

  78. Hi Jordan, a friend of mine recently purchased a Qi-Shield, are they any good?

    I am using Shungite Pyramids around my bed & computer and carry a plate in my mobile phone cover. Shungite pendant bracelets and pendant, also thinking of painting my bedroom with shungite powder infused (self mixed) paint. may I ask your opinion?

  79. Hi Jordan, great article thank you for your work 🙏🏼 Do you know much about the brand blueshield for emf protection?? Your time is appreciated thank you

    • Hi Joshua, I don’t personally have experience with blueshield. From what I understand, their devices operate on the premise of “harmonizing” fields in the surrounding environment. If that’s the case, I do not support that type of shielding.

  80. Great article! Thank you for your dedication to helping people protect themselves! Sometimes it feels like we are literally surrounded…oh wait, we are! Poisons in the air, the food, the water…the medicine. It’s sickening to think about. I also really appreciated finding your article so quickly in my search results. I am so used to the typical main stream response to these questions, “It’s fine! Don’t worry! That’s a conspiracy theory!”.
    I was also very impressed by your thoughtful & prompt responses to the comments. You don’t see that very often & its really refreshing to see all of the above! Praying for the protection of all of us…even the deniers & the liars. I have to be honest, I have known these disturbing truths for a few years now & its amazing how i still experience the cognitive dissonance to some extent. Not in the sense that I go back and forth, I am definitely firm in my understanding of this world & how it operates. My news & media include God’s word & a few alternative media podcasts that I have come to trust. But even with all of that being the case, I guess my mind turns it on/off so that I am able to function in society?? I try & share the information I find (after continued research & praying for discernment) but its not easy out there. It would be one thing if people just disagreed or said no thank you, but instead there are times where they will literally chew you up & spit you out for even suggesting we could be being lied to, cheated, robbed, poisoned, and whatever else. Maybe cognitive distance is the wrong term, I want to say it’s because I have been blessed by the Holy Spirit giving me the gift of peace & the ability to give it all up to God…the mental stress & fear anyways. But even with that protection, it’s amazing that we all haven’t lost it by now! Lol
    Even though I trust in Him, I still feel like I should do what I can to protect my family, and to be honest, I find so much of what I research to be interesting…frightening at times, but alas that’s the world we live in. We know that this is temporary & how the story ends! Thank you again!
    – Maureen

  81. Hi Jordan! Blessings to you and your free information you are sharing with others to better protect themselves. I wanted to hear your thoughts on the body well chip https://bodywellchip.com/. The website states “ The World’s Only
    Solution For Cellphone Radiation” and shows different scientific studies done. Could this chip be an exception to the others that do not work?

  82. https://youremfshield.com/products/defense-pendant?_ef_transaction_id=344561ed0c4742b9a9ce52699e095c30

    I came across a few emails mentioning the product (at the link posted above) from one of the “product truth” folks to whom I subscribe.

    I started doing my own research and happened upon your review/site.

    In reading through links on jewelry, I read information which seemed to indicate that a large negative ion source could counter EMF.

    So, I thought I’d ask if you’ve seen this item which advertises a 10,000 negative-ion protection pendant with measurable difference in EMF readings when worn???

    Would 10,000 negative ions scale large enough to truly offer a counter measure to harmful EMF positive ions???

    Thank you for your time and diligence in providing reliable, accurate information and options.

  83. Hi Jordan,
    I would love to speak with you about Aulterra and get a more clear understanding as to why you think they are a scam? I’m guessing you may have tested their products using an EMF meter without understanding how their products work which is by changing the relationship of EMF to biological systems (the source of the problem) and not be blocking, removing, or absorbing EMF radiation. Any product out there that makes those claims, I would be highly skeptical about as EMF’s are a bi-product of electricity and if you were to block, remove, or absorb EMF’s your devices would not perform well if at all. Aulterra has done extensive DNA testing, Dark Field Microscopy, BioPhoton testing which goes far beyond what these other companies have done so I’m just curious to get your honest feedback. Thank you.

  84. Hi Jordan,

    First of all: great article. Your honest approach is very appealing.
    I wanted to ask you about the shielded beanie you’ve mentioned in the article. The brand is Halsa, I am considering to buy some of their product. Do you still recommend it?
    I hesitate because its a small brand and some of the comments say that the clothes don’t block EMF. What really confuses me is the note of the seller:

    “Do not place a cell phone inside the hat, and then try to call it. This is NOT an accurate way of testing the effectiveness. Instead, use an EMF meter to compare RF/microwave levels inside and outside the hat.”

    Shouldn’t EMF protection clothes block all the signal? I found an explanation on YT that mobiles after being covered always increase the signal, that’s why it seems the material doesn’t work. I am no expert thou, that’s why I was hoping you could shed some light on the matter.

    Kind regards

  85. Hi, Thankyou for your fantastic source of information, please assist me in the search for ipad and tablet covers like defender shield in the UK???
    Will you do any reviews or give any insight at all to the UK market? It’s very expensive to ship from US !!!
    Thanks in advance (Ps I tried to subscribe but I got no verification email or did the page say it was accepted/thanks for subscribing)?????

  86. Hi Jordan,

    These comments are a wealth of information!! I found answers to most of my questions already. I learned about the effects of EMF when I suffered from all day tachycardia this past year. Thanks to my naturopath who was the 1st person to tell me about it, I’m still learning almost a year later. I have made important changes in my home but still working on de-wifi-ing.

    Do you have any knowledge about the effectiveness of using pink Tesla Crystals to repel man-made EMF? Dr. Barre Lando has provided a clinical assessment of the bags.

    Thank you for any insight.

  87. Hello Jordan,

    thank you for sharing your information. Do you recommend the SYB Flex Shields that one could place under neath laptops or wireless keyboards etc?

    Thanks so much

  88. Thank you for the clear info. Could you please provide a link for the device to turn off electricity in bedrooms? The link above isn’t live anymore. Thanks.

  89. Hello Jordan,

    I’m fascinated by your knowledge and have a few questions for you.
    First, what’s your opinion on somavedic products. They are expensive and claim to not stop emf but help the body & cells mitigate the effects of emf’s.
    Second question, what your opinion on Wi-Fi router covers. They claim to reduce wireless signal & protect health. They can be found on Etsy.
    Last question off topic, what is your opinion on the Kangen water system? I’m trying to find a reliable water intake source, and I’m weary this is another MLM. I would love to hear your thoughts on these subjects. Thank you.

  90. A Montana company, SaticUSA (www.saticusa.com) offers a Power Perfect Box, which is “…a fully synergistic power conditioner, designed to be installed at the load center” which is the breaker box where AC power enters the residence. It claims to offer protection from power-line surges, reduces EMFs, and filters harmonics. Goal: lower EMFs, lower harmonics, and reduction of RF from smart meters. Any comment?

  91. What about consciouscopper.com? I was looking at the lattice for the rooms in my house and the wearables.

    Also, emf-harmony.com has emf harmonizers for kids to wear. Are any of these websites products going to actually work?

  92. I’m curious if you happen to know of any products that can plug into an iPhone Lightning port that will allow it to connect to an Ethernet cable and eliminate the need for a wifi connection.
    Unfortunately my current satellite modem does not have any Ethernet sockets but that is another thing I would need to resolve.


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