Anti Radiation Clothes for Pregnancy: Do They Work?

As expecting moms, our mama bear protective instincts kick in long before baby is born.

We do everything we can to nurture our baby’s health – everything from taking prenatal vitamins to regular check-ups with the doctor or midwife.

But now there’s a new threat on the scene:

EMF radiation.

You may have heard about it in regard to using cell phones and laptops. Fortunately, protecting yourself and baby is easy with anti radiation clothes for pregnancy.

Today, I want to discuss how mothers can shield their babies from radiation while still in the womb and share a few of my favorite picks for shielded maternity clothes.

Dangers of EMF Radiation for Pregnant Women

Did you know?

Over 100 health professionals have put together The BabySafe Wireless Project to raise awareness of the growing threat of EMF.

It’s not just theory anymore. The dangerous side effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure are reality.

It wreaks havoc by disturbing the body’s natural electromagnetic field, interfering with the way cells communicate. Pregnant women and children are most susceptible to its effects.

Here is just a small sample of the research revealing harmful effects of EMF for unborn babies:

  • Increased risk of asthma
  • Carries the potential to alter DNA
  • Increased risk of miscarriage
  • Behavioral issues

One 2002 study published in the journal Epidemiology asked more than 900 pregnant women to wear EMF monitors as a method of measuring their daily exposure. Results indicated that pregnant women exposed to high levels of EMF were 80% more likely to experience a miscarriage.

These stats are not meant to scare you, but simply to show you what science has unveiled recently.

I believe everything has to be taken in moderation. I don’t suggest moms walk around with tinfoil-wrapped bellies! There are, however, some effective shielding solutions that are (fortunately) cute and comfy to wear.

Benefits of Anti Radiation Clothes for Pregnancy

1- Undercover Protection

I say undercover because modern clothing designs to shield against radiation have come a long way. They don’t stick out like a sore thumb – no one you’re wearing special protective clothing unless you choose to tell them!

Most EMF maternity garments provide at least 35 decibels of radiation attenuation, which translates into a 99% shielding effect.

2- Peace of Mind

As an expectant mom, peace of mind is priceless. For the benefit of our babies, we make sure we eat right and take all the vitamins, so doesn’t it make sense to actively protect against other toxins?

Electromagnetic smog is somewhat of a new topic, but an equally important one nonetheless.

If a simple clothing item can give you peace of mind that baby is protected from EMF and RF (radio frequency) radiation, why not do it?

3- Durable

Radiation protection clothing for pregnancy is notoriously durable. So one shirt or belly band will last multiple pregnancies if you choose to have more children.

Common Materials Used

I’ve talked before about EMF blocking clothes and explained how most of them use one of the following materials:

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel

Of course, these materials are infused with more comfortable fibers like cotton and polyester.

In all my research, it seems the overwhelming protective material used in anti radiation maternity clothes is silver. I’m glad because silver tends to be the most comfortable and is a much better option than nickel, which many people are sensitive or even allergic to.

Different Types of EMF Blocking Maternity Clothes

Belly Bands

These are just like the supportive, elastic bands you find at the store but with a shielded lining. You can wear it completely concealed under your shirt, or do like I did and use it to extend the length of your tops by stretching the bottom part over the top of your pants or skirt.

Look for one with a pleated design that easily grows with your belly.

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My favorite is the belly band by Belly Armor.

It’s made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex for a lightweight, breathable fit. By far my favorite part is that their bands are third-party lab tested in an FCC-certified laboratory.

Thanks to its silver lining and solid construction, the Belly Armor belly band provides up to 99.9% radiation shielding against radiation in the 10 MHz to 8 GHz range. Cell phones, wi-fi signals, smart home devices, and laptops all fall into that range.

Check out the belly bands here.

Belly Blankets

If you don’t like the feeling or restriction of spandex, go for a shielded blanket. You get the benefit of EMF protection and the comfort of plush cotton. They work by simply draping them over your belly, creating a barrier between radiation and your baby.

Again, Belly Armor is the clear winner here for their lab testing as described above. Measuring in at 30 x 35 inches, it provides generous coverage all the way through the third trimester. As an added bonus, you can use the blanket to shield your toddler later on!

Check out their blanket designs!

Or read our full belly blanket review here!

Shirts and Tops

To be honest, most anti radiation maternity tops are pretty plain. That suits my laid-back style just fine, but it may not suit your tastes.

I love Belly Armor’s line of rouched tees! They’re comfy, breathable, and not too obvious that it’s made to shield from radiation. But even if people do notice, it’s a great conversation starter and opportunity to raise awareness.

Just like their belly bands and blankets, their shirts measure in at 50 decibels, which translates into 99.9% protection. Learn more about Belly Armor shirts here!

Amazon carries a few dressier tops, which you can find here. My only beef with them is that most don’t offer third-party testing, so no “proof” of their attenuation ability.

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Nursing Covers

EMF protection shouldn’t stop once baby arrives!

In addition to their clothing line, Belly Armor also offers a shielded nursing cover with a pure cotton exterior and silver-lined interior. These are great for breastfeeding in public where you are no doubt exposed to countless wi-fi signals!

As with any good nursing cover, it has an open neckline to ensure proper air flow while baby nurses and easy adjustable strap. Check out their nursing covers!

Tips to Reduce EMF Exposure During Pregnancy

Shielding is only one part of the equation. The best way to protect yourself and your baby from EMFs is through distance and reducing use of high-emitting devices. However, I know we can’t ditch our devices all together, so here are a few ways to reduce your exposure while pregnant:

  • Don’t use laptops in your lap. Opt for using them on a desk or table instead.
  • Hook up to the internet with an ethernet cord instead of using wi-fi.
  • Turn your phone on airplane mode when not in use.
  • Pre-charge devices and use them unplugged (emissions are higher while plugged in).
  • Keep devices in another room when not in use (distance is your best friend!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to wear anti-radiation clothes during pregnancy?

Nope! It’s completely personal preference. Leading a healthy lifestyle and caring for your body properly while pregnant is more important than any outside protections.

Do shielded clothes look weird?

I don’t think so! In many cases, you can’t tell the difference between shielded clothing and regular garments.

Do they contain lead?

Absolutely not! That would defeat the purpose of its health benefits 🙂  Most protective clothing uses silver fibers.

Do they require special cleaning?

This will vary between manufacturers. Most simply require hand washing. I would definitely avoid using bleach and dry cleaning (considering all the chemicals they use!).

I hope this guide to anti radiation clothes for pregnancy helps you decide if this method of protection is right for you!! Let me know if you have any questions! 


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