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If you’ve looked around the site, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been talking a lot about smart meters and the health concerns associated with them.

Today’s post is all about smart meter covers that shield your home from the radiation they emit.

How Do Smart Meters Work?

Smart meters were created to make everything regarding our electricity consumption, bills and payment more convenient…

For the utility company, that is.

No more paying an electricity man to come out and read your meter.

That’s because smart meters are able to communicate wirelessly, sending data about your electricity usage directly to the station.

Sounds innocent enough, so what’s the reason to shield against it?

Glad you asked.

(By the way, if you’re not sure if you have one, here’s what smart meters look like.)

Why Your Home Needs a Smart Meter Shield

Smart meters release radio frequency (RF) radiation in millisecond blasts as much as 9,600 times per day.

With enough exposure, radio frequency radiation can induce serious damage to the human body and is classified as a Group 2B possible carcinogen.Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield

Check out our favorite smart meter cover – blocks 98% of radiation.

Also, smart meters work thru a built-in switched mode power supply.  As a result, it increases the amount of dirty electricity in our homes.

Countless reports have surfaced about adverse reactions to smart meter radiation, including:

  • Ear Pain
  • Dizziness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration and memory loss issues
  • Nervous system issues

Studies have also proven that microwaves from devices like smart meters have the ability to activate voltage gated calcium channels or VGCC.

These channels are embedded in the cell membranes of your body.

When activated, they release ions that cause the discharge of nitric oxide in our cells and to the power generators of the cell – the mitochondria.

The release of these ions is very harmful because they get converted into hydroxyl free radicals.

Such radicals cause chronic diseases by altering proteins, cell membranes, and even DNA.  

Some studies have even shown a significant increase of inflammatory markers like TGF-Beta -1 in people whose homes use smart meters.  

Long story short, it is imperative that we protect ourselves from too much exposure to microwaves and RF radiation.

That’s where a smart meter shield comes in.

How a Smart Meter Cover Works

Radio Frequency waves can be blocked in two ways:

  • Reflection
  • Absorption

First, let’s talk about reflection.

We can do this by using aluminum foil and a metal sheet. The term reflection simply refers to reflecting RF waves in another direction.

Whereas with absorption, the shielding material absorbs the RF waves.

Such materials include specialized absorbing paints and minerals like shungite.

A smart meter cover works via reflection and blocks about 90% to 99% of radio frequency.

What to Look for in a Quality Smart Meter Cover

Before buying a smart meter cover, you need to know what to look for to make sure you’re getting something that actually works, instead of spending money on a useless mesh box.

First, check the material used.

Stainless steel is the gold standard in the industry, but aluminum works well too.

Some cheaper covers might be made with nickel or copper, but they have durability issues and aren’t uniquely suited for this purpose like stainless steel is.

Next, look at the product’s attenuation rate.

Attenuation rates pertain to the rate of diminution of power with respect to distance along a transmission path.

Basically, it’s how much radiation it blocks according to how far you are from the source.

You don’t want to block the signal 100% because the smart meter still needs to be able to send data to the utility company.

Blocking radiation completely is nearly impossible anyway – it’s all about reduction.

A quality smart meter will block around 98% of the radiation.

Last is the installation.

Of course, most of us want something easy to assemble. Fortunately, installing a smart meter cover is pretty straightforward.

I’ve yet to find one that was too complicated and couldn’t be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Best Smart Meter Shield as of 2020

If you google the term or do an Amazon search, you’ll find several options, but most effective in my opinion is this one by Smart Meter Covers (an aptly named business).


It’s efficient: It blocks 98% of the radiation coming from your smart meter.

It’s durable: It is made from 316 stainless mesh that can withstand all weather conditions.

It’s easy to install: No need to call an electrician or helper. It’s a 1 person job. Just slide it over the glass and you’re done.

It’s portable: Moving out? No problem. Bring it with you when you move. Slides on/off easily.

It’s backed by a money back guarantee: A full refund is guaranteed within 30 days of return.

Fits most US and Canadian smart meters

As a con, it’s not cheap but still affordable considering the protection it provides.  Though it’s sold for half the amount of similar products.

Here are before and after readings, showing the reduction in radiation:


Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield


Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield

Frequently Asked Questions

Do smart meter covers block radiation from getting into the house?

No, if your smart meter shares a wall with a high-traffic living area like a bedroom, living room, or kitchen, you’ll need to shield inside as well. You can learn how here (starting at point #4).

Do the shields interfere with the power company’s ability to read the meter?

No, that’s why the cover is mesh and not solid metal. The tiny hole size of mesh allows just enough to get through so the utility company can still get their readings. If you’re still concerned, give your power company a call. These shields have been around long enough that most utility companies are familiar with them.

Do smart meter covers work?

Yes, absolutely! They reduce up to 99% of radio frequency radiation. They are ideal for homes whose smart meter is near a patio, garage, or outdoor play area where people are near it on a regular basis.

19 thoughts on “Best Smart Meter Shield”

    • Hi Mark,

      The easiest/cheapest thing I’ve found without looking too bad (aka hanging aluminum foil or steel sheeting on your wall) are shielded posters that can double as picture frame or wall art. You could also use EMF blocking paint to cover that wall, then paint over it with your color of choice (because EMF paint is usually black).

      Hope that helps!

  1. Our smart meter is on wall outside directly behind kitchen sink & cabinet. I can’t really hang anything in there or access that area of the wall. What is best option?

    • Hi Katie,

      What does the exterior wall (where the meter is) look like? I’m wondering if there’s room to slide a mesh sheet behind it (like made of silver, stainless steel, or copper)?

  2. Do you know of a New Zealand company that sells something similar? Our meters look different to ones you have and mine measures 5.5″ across and 9″ long. Any advice welcomed. Thanks.

  3. I paid to opt out of smart meter BUT they installed a smart meter they say does not use RF. How does this effect dirty energy and microwaves (I do not know much about these things). Do I still need a cover for the smart meter? Would on of those cloth items help on the inside of the house opposite where the smart meter is? Thanks

    • Hi Rita,

      The only way a meter can be “smart” (ie it sends data to utility station remotely) and not use RF is if it sends data through your power lines. Those are rare, and I wonder if they’re just trying to appease you.

      Please read around my site for answers to your question. This type of situation is a little more in-depth than what I publicly share, but you can book a smart meter consult here (conducted via email) if you feel it’d be helpful.

  4. I have 11 “highly recommended” smart meters fixed to the wall outside my kitchen and would love to have the analog meters back. I believe they relay my electricity usage every 10-15 minutes. But assuming everyone in the 10-living unit building submitted to having a smart meter installed, they didn’t all have the meters so close to their living space as I do. I would be interested to know how you think I should try to shield myself from the RF associated with these meters without reflecting more energy onto my neighbors. PS. We have 35 buildings similarly equipped with 9-11 smart meters on one end unit such as mine. Suggestions?

    • Hi,

      I apologize for any inconvenience, but I can no longer provide personalized shielding strategies in this public forum due to the high volume of emails and comments I receive. It’s become a full time job! I’m grateful though as that means more and more people are opening their eyes to the radiation around them, and getting help!

      If you haven’t found an answer to your questions yet and think it would be helpful, you can book a consult here.

  5. Hello Jordan. Whats the best way tp protect my 16 year old son who loves looking at his cell phone. He loves watching history and financial documentaries. He’s on it all the time. Also, he has to sit in front of his computer for school 8 hours a day…

    Thank you.

    • Hi Christina,

      Most videos can be downloaded in their entirety and then viewed in airplane mode. So for any shows, documentaries, videos – download to device, turn it on airplane mode, then play/watch.

  6. Thank you so much for the information! It is helpful. We are building a house on some property which is quite a distance from the street. The power company says they have a meter which can only be read on demand from their technician with an RF device. It’s apparently not pinging until they use the device. I can’t seem to find any information on this type of meter. I’m wondering if this is a smart meter marketing gimmick? You can choose a standard meter or this type of meter. Have you heard of this? Thank you!

    • Hi Ellen,

      That type of meter does exist. Can you search “meter model + manual” online? You can also ask your utility company for the maker’s documents to learn more about it – usually published online somewhere.

      And lastly, by “standard meter” – do you mean analog meter? Or are they referring to the ‘normal’ smart meter that pings all day? If standard = analog, then go with that one.

  7. if the smart meter is outside the house isn’t the only radiation I’d really need to block on the back side wall inside the house ?
    Not understanding how a cover reduces my exposure when I’m inside of the house. Can you explain please.


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