Why I Don’t Recommend EMF Jewelry

EMF jewelry is a novel idea – easy, inexpensive, and convenient.

But does it work?

Outside of the placebo effect, I don’t think so. 

Let me explain why…

IMPORTANT: If you’re a long time reader, you’ll notice a lot of changes to this article. That’s because I recently graduated with my certification in EMF Consulting. 

Now with a much greater understanding of how EMF works, I CANNOT RECOMMEND EMF Jewelry. 

I highly recommend you read this EMF SCAMS article.

My Main Concern with EMF Jewelry

I feel that calling a piece of jewelry “EMF blocking” or “EMF protecting” is misleading.

In order to be shielded from EMF, you need a conductive material in between you and the source of radiation.

And whatever isn’t covered by that material is still exposed.

With that in mind, how much protection do you think you get from a 2-inch pendant? Or a bracelet?

Not much…and therein lies the problem with EMF jewelry. 

So I don’t recommend jewelry as a go-to shielding strategy. In fact, I really don’t recommend it at all in any sort of EMF protection protocol.

For adequate protection, you need to either enclose the source of EMF in a shielding material or cover yourself with shielded fabric (ie clothing).

(Side note: My favorite place to get shielded clothing is EMRSS. Use code ‘JBEATEMF’ to get my discount).

Jewelry can’t do either of those. 

Other Concerns: How EMF Jewelry Claims to Work 

In general, the way EMF blocking jewelry works – and I use that term only because that’s what it’s commonly called – can be divided into 2 primary categories according to their proposed effect on electromagnetic radiation:

  • Absorbing it
  • Neutralizing, harmonizing, or balancing it 

Let’s look at each a little more in depth. For each mechanism of action, I’ll also review the popular materials used to achieve their proposed effects.

1. Absorption

One of the most popular stones used in EMF protection accessories is shungite.


Shungite is a mineral primarily sourced from Karelia, Russia. It’s the largest known deposit of shungite with somewhere around 300,000,000 tons.

Its unique structure consists of large, hollow carbon molecules arranged in the shape of a sphere (known as fullerenes).

For centuries, we’ve known of carbon’s absorption ability, but the cage-like arrangement of shungite’s carbon molecules is like absorption no steroids.

Pure shungite is almost entirely made of these carbon molecules, making up roughly 98% of its construction.

It is this high carbon/extreme absorption ability that makes shungite an effective tool against EMFs.

You may have seen some YouTube videos where someone passes a chunk of shungite between a meter and their microwave. 

You’ll notice that as the shungite passes across the meter’s sensor, its RF readings drop significantly. 

That’s great…but can you cover your entire body with shungite? 


Can you engulf your router in a shungite box? 

Well, I guess someone could do that, but it would be ridiculously expensive, and you’re better off using a shielded bag like the Signal Tamer.

So despite its great carbon composition, shungite isn’t a very realistic form of protection. 

Other so-called EMF protection stones include:

  • Black tourmaline (more on this one below)
  • Obsidian
  • Hematite
  • Orgonite
  • Pyrite

Instead of reviewing each one individually, I’ll just save you some time and say don’t waste your money on them.   

2. Neutralizing, Harmonizing, Negating

The other category that most EMF jewelry falls into is the idea of counteracting, balancing, or negating the effects of EMFs

This can’t be measured with an EMF meter.

And once you understand how electromagnetic fields behave, you realize that these fields can’t be “balanced” or “negated.”

For this reason, I remain skeptical and don’t recommend them.

I think there’s simply too much misinformation and false advertising with this type of jewelry.

However, I know that research is just beginning regarding “counter frequencies” or fields that can somehow help our bodies withstand the stress caused by artificial EMFs.

I encourage you to conduct your own research.

But if you came here looking for an honest opinion, I say don’t buy them.

If you’re curious why other people buy them, here’s how they claim to work:

Some substances claim to neutralize via negative ion generation or strengthening your body’s own electric field.

Tourmaline is one example.


A unique gemstone commonly referred to as the “electricity stone,” tourmaline is one of the only crystals able to produce both positive and negative ions.

Because of this dual nature, tourmaline generates its own electrical field, although a very weak one.

Japanese researchers showed that its electric field was still generated even when cut into chunks, which of course, is what we see in jewelry items.

So the benefit of tourmaline for this application is really two-fold:

  • On the one hand, it emits negative ions. It sounds backwards, but artificial EMFs generate positive ions (bad) while natural electric fields generate negative ions (good). Exposure to negative ions is good, which tourmaline provides.
  • On the other hand, tourmaline’s weak electric field is said to support our own, strengthening it against the effects of artificial fields that surround us. (that part sounds a little wonky to me – not based in scientific fact).

Again, though, how much protection can you expect to get from a small chunk of stone worn around the neck or hand? 

Even if you believe that it somehow strengthens your body’s own biofield, how much strength could it possibly provide? 

You would need to stand near a chunk of black tourmaline the size of one the Stonehenge stones – even then you wouldn’t be protected from all angles.

Biofield Tuning (Q-Link)

Then there’s something called biofield tuning – a phrase adopted in 1994 by the National Institutes of Health to refer to research revealing a subtle energy field emitted by the human body.  

Proponents of neutralizing EMF jewelry say this biofield is often thrown out of whack by cell phone frequencies, power lines, etc.

A company called Q-Link is among the leaders in this industry.

They help explain this process by picturing 2 tuning forks. If you hold a pair of tuning forks vibrating at different rates close to each other, they will begin to interact and amplify each other.

When strengthened in this way, it is supposedly better able to overcome artificial (and potentially harmful) frequencies.

To date, this has not and cannot be proven or measured. Therefore, I can’t recommend it. 

Schumann Resonance Generation

Schumann generating jewelry works in a similar way. The term “Schumann resonance” was coined in 1962 to identify Earth’s natural frequency.

Since we live on earth, our bodies are tuned to that frequency.

Proponents of these devices claim that artificial frequencies disrupt this connection, resulting in a number of possible side effects.

I agree, but I haven’t seen evidence to suggest jewelry can provide any real or lasting positive impact involving frequencies.

A select number of manufacturers have developed wearable devices that generate Earth’s natural frequency at a low level.

Leaders in the field of frequency tuning jewelry include EarthCalm and Shieldite.

Feel free to research yourself. As for me, I cannot recommend them.

Proposed Benefits of Wearing EMF Protection Jewelry (Spoiler Alert: There Aren’t Any)

To understand the benefits they market, you have to first understand what EMF does to your body.

Thanks to the chemical reactions always occurring, our bodies are filled with tiny electrical currents.

Electric impulses govern everything from our heartbeats to the way neurons communicate in our brain.

External electric fields have a direct impact on those inside. Research is still ongoing, but it seems that disruption to these natural fields can result in symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Tingling sensations
  • Light and/or sound sensitivity
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle pain
  • And more

So the benefits of protecting yourself from disruptions caused by EMFs is a reduction of such symptoms.

HOWEVER, I haven’t seen evidence – in fact, any evidence is strictly anecdotal at this point – to believe that EMF accessories provide these benefits.

It just doesn’t line up with how we know electromagnetic fields behave.

Types of EMF Jewelry

Currently, your options are pretty limited, consisting mostly of bracelets and necklaces or pendants.


In most cases, you can’t tell a specialized EMF blocking necklace (remember, I use that term lightly) from any other.

They are very discreet, but at the same time, fantastic conversation starters (a great opportunity to spread awareness of EMF exposure!).

Some EMF pendants consist of a chunk of one stone like shungite or tourmaline, while others offer a combination.


If you search Amazon for EMF protection jewelry, you’ll find many bracelets pop up. These proposed shielded bracelets usually consist of stones or crystals.  

Some even utilize magnets for their proposed muscle and joint relief benefits.

Be sure to look for the documentation and research behind materials used.

But really, you’re better off sticking with proven protection like EMF clothing. 

Final Verdict: Is EMF Jewelry a Scam?

As with any other product type, there are definitely scams in this arena.

It’s critical to do your homework before making a purchase, so you don’t get sucked into a scam, wasting your hard-earned money.

I have a much more in-depth article on scammy topics you can read here if you’re interested. 

If I were to offer you just one tip, it’d be this:

Always look for documentation on the technology and materials used. And measure, measure, measure!

You really can’t verify the protective ability of any product without an EMF meter.

>>> I recommend the TriField TF2 meter. 

Even if you can get a good before/after reading (like with shungite), remember the 2 BIGGEST PROBLEMS with EMF jewelry:

Coverage and the fact that EMFs cannot be “neutralized.” 

You’re just not going to get the protection you need in this electrified world from a piece of jewelry. 

And one last word of warning:

Don’t depend on product reviews. 

It’s unfortunate, but many of those reviews were paid for, so they are biased and not genuine.

Wearable EMF protection DOES exist, but it’s in the form of shirts, underwear, hats, etc. 

Think COVERAGE when you’re looking for personal EMF shielding.

I hope this guide to EMF protection jewelry helps you make a decision that’s best for your family! 

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