How EMF Protection Jewelry Works: Complete Guide


My name is Jordan. I’m a researcher, EMF educator & Lyme survivor. In my years of research, I’ve noticed a lot of fraud in the EMF protection arena.

This site is where I test to separate fake from effective!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard about dangerous EMF radiation exposure. Once you identify a hazard, the natural (and immediate) response is to identify protection from it.

There are many ways to shield yourself from artificial electromagnetic frequencies, but today I want to focus on a single growing trend:

EMF jewelry.

It’s a novel idea – easy, inexpensive, and convenient.

But does it work?

Let’s find out.

How EMF Jewelry Works


This depends on what type of jewelry it is and what it’s made of. In general, EMF blocking jewelry can be divided into 2 primary categories according to their effect on electromagnetic radiation:

  • Reducing it directly (attenuation)
  • Neutralizing and/or balancing it

Let’s look at each a little more in depth. For each mechanism of action, I’ll also review the popular materials used to achieve their proposed effects.


1. Reduction (Attenuation)


legit emf jewelry


I wholeheartedly support jewelry that actually reduces EMF radiation via blocking or absorbing.

This type can be measured using an EMF detector or meter. That’s why it gets my stamp approval as shown above.

Unless you’re in something like a Faraday cage, you can’t expect to block 100% of emissions. However, jewelry constructed of certain materials can certainly reduce how much EMF radiation seeps through to your body.

One of the best materials that I know of is shungite.


Shungite is a mineral primarily sourced from Karelia, Russia. It’s the largest known deposit of shungite with somewhere around 300,000,000 tons.

Its shielding power is thanks to its unique structure that consists of large, hollow carbon molecules arranged in the shape of a sphere (known as fullerenes).

For centuries, we’ve known of carbon’s absorption ability, but the cage-like arrangement of shungite’s carbon molecules take that to a whole new level.

Pure shungite is almost entirely made of these carbon molecules, making up roughly 98% of its construction. It is this high carbon/extreme absorption ability that makes shungite an effective tool for EMF protection.

2. Neutralization

Some emf jewelry is a scam


The other category that most EMF jewelry falls into is the idea of counteracting, balancing, or negating the effects of EMFs. This type of protection can’t be measured through an EMF meter.

For this reason, I remain skeptical, but I continue to research it.

Too many people have experienced incredible results from using this type of EMF accessory for me to discount it completely.

I encourage you to take the information presented here and conduct your own research to determine if this type of jewelry offers any value for you.

Ok, so back to neutralization:

Some substances claim to neutralize via negative ion generation or strengthening your body’s own electric field. Tourmaline is one example.


A unique gemstone commonly referred to as the “electricity stone,” tourmaline is one of the only crystals able to produce both positive and negative ions. Because of this dual nature, tourmaline generates its own electrical field, although a very weak one.

Japanese researchers showed that its electric field was still generated even when cut into chunks, which of course, is what we see in jewelry items.

So the benefit of tourmaline for emf protection is really two-fold:

  • On the one hand, it emits negative ions. It sounds backwards, but artificial EMFs generate positive ions (bad) while our own natural electric field generates negative ions (good). Exposure to negative ions is good, which tourmaline provides.
  • On the other hand, tourmaline’s weak electric field is said to support our own, strengthening it against the effects of artificial fields that surround us.

Biofield Tuning (Q-Link)

Then there’s something called biofield tuning – a phrase adopted in 1994 by the National Institutes of Health to refer to research revealing a subtle energy field emitted by the human body.  

Proponents of neutralizing EMF jewelry say this biofield is often thrown out of whack by cell phone frequencies, power lines, etc.

A company called Q-Link is among the leaders in this industry. They help explain this process by picturing 2 tuning forks. If you hold a pair of tuning forks vibrating at different rates close to each other, they will begin to interact and amplify each other.

So these types of bracelets and necklaces claim to interact with your body’s own frequency in such a way as to amplify and strengthen it. When strengthened in this way, it is better able to overcome artificial (and potentially harmful) frequencies.

Schumann Resonance Generation

Schumann generating jewelry works in a similar way. The term “Schumann resonance” was coined in 1962 to identify Earth’s natural frequency. Since we live on earth, our bodies are tuned to that frequency.

Proponents of these devices claim that artificial frequencies disrupt this connection, resulting in a number of possible side effects.

I tend to agree, but I just haven’t seen enough concrete evidence to have a definite, educated opinion either way.  

To remedy this, a select number of manufacturers have developed wearable devices that generate Earth’s natural frequency at a low level.

Leaders in the field of frequency tuning jewelry include EarthCalm and Shieldite.


Benefits of Wearing EMF Protection Jewelry


To understand the benefits you stand to gain, you have to first understand what EMF does to your body.

Thanks to the chemical reactions always occuring, our bodies are filled with tiny electrical currents. Electric impulses govern everything from our heartbeats to the way neurons communicate in our brain.

External electric fields have a direct impact on those inside. Research is still ongoing, but it seems that disruption to these natural fields can result in symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Tingling sensations
  • Light and/or sound sensitivity
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle pain
  • And more

So the benefits of protecting yourself from disruptions caused by EMFs is a reduction of such symptoms.

Types of EMF Jewelry


Currently, your options for protective jewelry are pretty limited, consisting mostly of bracelets and necklaces or pendants.




In most cases, you can’t tell a specialized EMF blocking necklace from any other. They are very discreet, but at the same time, fantastic conversation starters (a great opportunity to spread awareness of EMF exposure!).

Some EMF pendants consist of a chunk of one stone like shungite or tourmaline, while others offer a combination.

Check out our in-depth guide & best picks for EMF Blocking Pendants!



These are great for people who are claustrophobic or uncomfortable with things around their neck. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles from dressy to casual. If you search Amazon for EMF protection jewelry, you’ll find that many shielded bracelets consist of several different stones or crystals.  

Some even utilize magnets for their proposed muscle and joint relief benefits. Be sure to look for the documentation and research behind materials used. Most reputable brands provide this openly, but you may need to send them an email for more information.


Final Verdict: Is EMF Jewelry a Scam?


As with any other product type, there are definitely scams in this arena.

It’s critical to do your homework before making a purchase, so you don’t get sucked into a scam, wasting your hard-earned money.

If I were to offer you just one tip, it’d be this:

Always look for documentation on the technology and materials used.

Bonus points if the manufacturer provides third-party lab testing for their products.

The amount of EMF protection will vary from product to product, depending on materials used and the quantities of each element.

You’ll need to decide if you want to stick with measurable results as provided by EMF blocking jewelry such as shungite, or if you’re willing to branch out into energy and frequency protection devices.

Just go where the research leads.

Don’t depend on product reviews. It’s unfortunate, but many of those reviews were paid for, so they are biased and not genuine.

I hope this guide to EMF protection jewelry helps you make a decision that’s best for your family! If you have any questions, just drop me an email! Want to learn more? Check out the articles below:


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