Is Wifi Harmful for Babies?

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As more people become aware of the risks associated with WiFi, parents are wondering if it’s safe to use it near their babies. 

While in the past we didn’t think there was a problem with WiFi, new research shows there is cause for concern.

Now, parents around the globe are reconsidering how they use wireless tech and how they can keep their babies safe from the dangers of WiFi radiation.

Today, we’re going to review the findings, then look at ways we can protect our children. 

The Problem with WiFi Radiation

A number of health problems can be directly attributed to WiFi. In fact, anyone who struggles with insomnia, a decrease in fertility, or cardiac stress may be a victim of WiFi radiation and not even know it.

But perhaps even more terrifying are the effects that WiFi can have on small children and babies. 


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WiFi can negatively affect the development of children when they are still in the womb. Of course, the impact only increases once born, posing a threat to young children’s development.

Being exposed to WiFi radiation in the womb can increase a child’s propensity to obesity and asthma. Both of these childhood disorders can greatly compromise a child’s health. 

EMF radiation, with stems from WiFi, has also been linked to neurological problems as well as behavioral issues.

Since WiFi has been shown to impair cellular growth and brain function, it’s easy to see the link between WiFi exposure and stunted growth and brain function in children.

WiFi radiation has even been linked to the presence of cancerous tumors.

Unfortunately, these tumors are incredibly slow-growing, so scientists are still studying how much EMF radiation it takes to cause them.

Why Babies Are Especially Susceptible to WiFi Radiation

Unsurprisingly, children and babies are incredibly susceptible to WiFi radiation and can experience many negative effects from it. 

Since babies have thinner skulls, their brains are more absorbent, which puts them at a greater risk of damage. 

Their brains and bone marrow absorb significantly larger amounts of EMF than adults.

And while children’s brains are much smaller than those of adults, they receive the same level of WiFi radiation from phones, routers, and more.

It is this combination of their small size and increased absorption that can cause so many health problems among infants. 

Every person in a home with WiFi is exposed to the same amount of radiation, but the amount of damage they suffer depends on their size. 

That’s why the smallest among us tend to be the most vulnerable. 

What Does the Research Say?

Research clearly links WiFi radiation to a variety of health problems for children, starting with an increased risk of miscarriage before they are even born. 

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Fertilization: In Vitro – IVF-Worldwide, Reproductive Medicine, Genetics & Stem Cell Biology showed a direct link between cell phone and computer usage and threatened miscarriage. 

The study declared that prolonged use of both computers and mobile phones needed to be studied in greater detail to determine more information about this risk.

Studies in China, Turkey, and the Yale University School of Medicine have all examined the damage of rats or mice in utero when exposed to microwave radiation (MWR). 

The radiation exposure resulted in babies that were hyperactive with lowered memory and increased death rates. 

Even the International Agency for Research on Cancer lists low frequency magnetic fields as a possible human carcinogen.

They made this recommendation based on studies that examined the effects of this radiation on cells and animals. 

Since there is such a long time between exposure to WiFi radiation and the development of and diagnosis of cancer tumors, there may be several decades that pass before such danger is fully understood. 

For this reason, more and more studies are being performed on the impact of WiFi radiation on various types of tumors and cancers.

These studies have been performed throughout the world in Japan, Australia, Israel, China, and other countries.

Effects of WiFi Radiation During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are the first line of defense in protecting their children from harmful WiFi radiation. 

The first trimester is an incredibly important time in the life and growth of a baby, and exposure to WiFi radiation during this time can be especially detrimental.

Studies have shown it can actually cause an embryo to stop growing, resulting in miscarriage.

Additionally, exposing a developing baby to radiation during pregnancy can result in congenital malformations. 

For these reasons and more, it’s best for expecting mamas to decrease their WiFi exposure while pregnant.

Practical Ways to Lower Baby’s Exposure to WiFi

There are a few easy ways to minimize how much WiFi your baby is exposed to. 

The best most comprehensive protection you can put into place is to get rid of WiFi and switch to an ethernet cable connection. 

I know, I know…old school…but it’s really best for the health of everyone in your home. 

If you can’t do that, the next best thing is to relocate your wireless router so that it is not near the nursery. Also, turn it off at night. 

Sleep is the most essential time of day to protect against EMF as your body and organ systems detox and reset.  

While still pregnant, consider using a shielded blanket like this one to cover your belly anytime you work on a device (computer, smartphone, laptop, etc).

They even make special belly bands that block radiation. 

And remember, it’s not just the WiFi router you need to consider. You need to be mindful about all your devices that communicate wirelessly – cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs – and where they are in proximity to baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to have a WiFi router near a newborn baby?

No, it’s not good to have a WiFi router near a baby of any age but especially not near a newborn baby. Routers release a lot of radiation and having one near the baby puts him or her at an increased risk of problems related to this form of radiation.

Does WiFi affect child development?

Yes, WiFi radiation can have a negative impact on a developing baby, and the damage doesn’t stop once a child is born. This type of radiation can impact brain development, attention ability, hyperactivity, and more.

Is Bluetooth harmful for babies?

Even though Bluetooth seems as if it would be a great alternative to WiFi, it still emits radio frequency radiation. This radiation is the same and can cause health problems for babies and children of all ages.

Is airplane mode safe for babies?

Yes, using airplane mode is much safer for babies since it kills the signal. However,some experts suggest not letting babies grow up playing with cell phones because they might equate them with toys.

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