Why You Should Keep Cell Phones at a Safe Distance from Baby

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The eyes of the masses are slowly being opened to inherent radiation risks of cell phones. 

I’m thankful for that. 

However, what we tend to forget is that phones can still affect those who don’t directly use them – like secondhand smoking – and babies are especially susceptible. 

So today I want to talk about the importance of keeping our cell phones at a distance around a baby.

We’ll talk about the radiation from cellphones and their link to complications in children as well as provide tips on how to keep baby safe, even while you use your phone.

Potential Risks of Using Mobile Phones Near Newborns

Can babies be affected by the bad effects of cell phones even if they don’t use it? 


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The answer is yes. 

Let’s discuss some conditions that children have developed in the past due to overexposure to the type of radiation emitted by cell phones. 

Studies from the National Toxicology Program have declared that there is, in fact, a relationship between cell phone radiation and the growth of tumors.

From their experiments on rats, they saw that those who were exposed to frequencies emitted by cellular phones developed tumors in the heart and brain. 

Rats are commonly used in place of humans in medical studies because their effects often translate similarly in humans.

So if they are vulnerable to this type of EMF, then it’s highly likely humans are, too.

To add to that information, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that radiation from phones can cause babies to develop cancer in their later years. 

Moreover, the invisible wavelengths coming from such devices can penetrate the body and cause multiple side effects. Some of these include:

  • Constant headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Increased heart rate
  • Eventual hearing loss
  • Increased likelihood of developing brain tumors

If that’s not enough to make you want to keep your phone away from your child, then consider the behavioral effects that phones can have on children. 

When a pregnant mother actively uses her phone for long periods, she exposes her unborn baby to radiation that can alter their behavior and memory. 

That’s why I recommend shielded belly bands and maternity tops like these. 

This radiation has been linked to hyperactivity and misbehavior. They’re also at an increased risk of developing ADHD. 

Why Phone Radiation Can Be Harmful to Babies

The radiation that cell phones emit has been discovered to affect babies and young children more significantly than adults.

In a study conducted by Lloyd Morgan in 2014, he found that infants and unborn babies have a risk of developing biological and physical damage due to exposure from wireless devices

Compared to adults, children’s bone marrow absorbs microwave radiation 10 TIMES more and their brain tissues absorb TWICE the amount of microwave radiation.

Children are also more vulnerable to this radiation because of their body composition and their growth stage.

At that age, their frames are smaller in size because most of their body parts are still developing.

Due to their thin skulls and absorbent brain tissues, the microwave radiation is more likely to penetrate them. 

As a result, the protective sheath around the brain’s neurons can degenerate faster and their body’s growth can be disrupted.

Therefore, you should be very careful about using mobile phones near children, since they can develop more serious conditions as they grow.

Using a Cell Phone While Nursing: Why That Might Not Be a Good Idea

For pregnant mothers and mothers of newborn babies, it’s important to keep their mobile phones away from their bodies and their babies. 

It’s recommended that pregnant women not hold their phone near their abdomen.

Let me just stop here and note that it’s also important to place wireless baby monitors far away from the crib since they, too, emit radio frequency radiation. 

Or ditch them entirely and opt for a low EMF baby monitor.

On the other hand, mothers who are nursing should also make sure that they don’t use their phones while doing so. 

I’m a mother of 3 and nursed all my babies. I can remember nursing my firstborn at just a few days old.

I was texting someone while breastfeeding, and I suddenly got a very uncomfortable feeling. 

You know that pit in your stomach feeling?

I remember thinking, “I don’t know if this is such a good idea…” and I wasn’t even educated about EMF at that point.

So I did some research, and as it turns out, there was a good reason for that “pit” showing up in my stomach. 

Just think about the position of babies while nursing.

Then think about the position of your hands while texting or surfing on your phone. 

Phone and baby are very close to each other.

In fact, your phone is typically within a foot of baby’s head or body if you use it while nursing. 

We need to keep in mind that an infant’s body is still developing. Their tissues are softer and their skulls are thinner. 

Because of these things, they absorb more radiation than adults, putting them at a higher risk of radiation-induced conditions as they grow.

Besides, there are so many benefits of eye contact while breastfeeding. It goes a long way to furthering that mom and baby bond. 

Plus, when an infant’s sight starts to develop, they are very curious about the things that surround them. This is when they develop a deeper, natural attraction to faces and objects with eyes. 

Beyond that, it’s just precious. My youngest is now 3, but I can still remember those sweet moments of direct and extended eye contact while nursing.


Tips for Keeping Your Cell Phone at a Distance from Baby

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how our phone use affects other people around us, especially our children. 

Here are some pointers to help you practice cell phone safety around infants:

  • Keep the phone away from the child’s head. If you are talking on the phone with a baby (like googoo gaga to Grandma), put the phone on speaker mode to decrease radiation exposure.
  • As much as possible, don’t carry your phone on your body, especially when you’re holding a baby. And don’t sleep beside your phone. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, turn it on airplane mode at night to stop the emissions of electromagnetic radiation.
  • When you are with your baby in an area where the signal is weak, don’t use your phone. During this time, the power of your phone increases as it tries to find a connection.
  • Instead of giving your phone to the baby as a way to pacify them, give them other toys that are less harmful to their bodies. As much as possible, just try to restrict their use of phones and really all wifi tech devices.
  • At home, consider turning off the Wi-Fi router when not in use.
  • If you can, purchase a phone that is low radiation. Or, if circumstances permit, use corded landline phones at home instead of cell phones. 
  • The radiation output from phones increases significantly when used in a moving vehicle. Keep your phone away from babies during car rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can mobile phones harm babies?

Yes. The radiation from the phones can penetrate the babies’ bodies easier due to their soft tissues and skulls.

2. How far should I keep my cell phone from my baby?

Experts advise holding your phone at least 6 inches away from the body to reduce the risks that radiation brings. Personally, I don’t think that’s enough. I always strive for a minimum distance of 6 feet. 

3. Is Bluetooth harmful to babies?

It can be. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that emits radiation as well, so its effects are similar to those of cell phones. 

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep Cell Phones at a Safe Distance from Baby”

  1. Hi on a day out to zoo my 8 month old slept in his pushchair. Since he sleeps with white noise i put it on my iPhone and put the phone beside him to keep him asleep. He had about half an hours nap. Since then I’ve been super worried for keeping my iPhone right next to him and been researching on if he will be harmed with the iPhone radiations. Please can you advise?

    • One instance is not going to cause long-term harm. With EMF/RF, it is chronic exposure that can lead to damage.

      Just don’t make a habit of putting your phone near your baby, but it sounds like that was just a rare occurrence anyway.

      Hope that helps you feel better 🙂

      • Hello Jordan Mitchell.
        We both experienced Lyme disease.
        I recently developed a device that pairs with electronics that will decrease its EMF waves in a natural process. Through testing decreases EMF by 40%. Your article on EMF was very helpful and educational. Thank you for posting that article.

      • One more note in regards of Lyme disease. I stopped eating red meats and my flare ups are far in between. I hope this is helpful for you.

  2. Hi thank you for this. I have a baby who I nurse and have nursed quite a bit on my phone, before I was thinking about the risks. I can’t take this back but of course worried.

    I’m even more worried n
    Today because she is 20 months and tonight we fell asleep together, exhausted after a long day.

    I woke up to my phone under her had 4 hours later. Not sure how long she slept on it and I must have fell asleep with it in my hand and she rolled onto it.

    How dangerous is this combined with past exposure of it while nursing?

    I know there’s nothing I can so but I want to be prepared foe the worst.
    Thank you

    • The effects of EMF are cumulative over the course of years. These mishaps will likely not be an issue now that you’re mindful of it & can make adjustments to lower her exposure from this point forward.


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