My Greenwave Filter Review

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Above any other, this Greenwave Filter review aims to shed light on two very important topics:

The first one is about dirty electricity and its effects. 

The second one is about an effective solution for it in the form of Greenwave’s dirty electricity filters.

Do they work?

Let’s find out.

What Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is any electric frequency outside of the normal electrical current range. The normal range would be 60 Hz AC in the US, and 50 Hz AC in the UK. 


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The following gadgets and appliances are typical sources of dirty electricity:

  • Laptops and computers
  • Scanners and printers
  • Television sets
  • Scanners and printers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Solar power systems
  • Mobile phones, cell towers, and battery chargers
  • Routers and modems
  • Fluorescent light sources
  • Hair dryers

This means dirty electricity is almost everywhere:

It’s in the comfort of your home, in every office area, in your children’s school, and even in your favorite restaurants. 

But how does dirty electricity affect you?

When electrical currents spike and surge outside the normal ranges, the natural tendency is for these frequencies to radiate into the environment. 

When dirty electricity radiates into your environment, it interacts with your body in a whole lot of negative ways. 

It can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • Anxiety
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Mood swings
  • Immune system problems
  • And many others

You can definitely reduce dirty electricity by switching off electronics, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so these days. 

We depend so much on electronics that we’re basically exposed to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and EMIs (electromagnetic interference) every hour of the day.

There is the option to replace your electronic devices and appliances with better, lower emission alternatives. However, newer in this case doesn’t mean better. 

You might want to check an electronic device’s EMF levels before you buy them, which can be done with an inexpensive meter like this one

Meterk EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector Handheld Mini Digital LCD EMF Detector Dosimeter Tester Counter


But those swaps can get expensive fast. 

A more affordable solution?

Converting the dirty electricity back to the “clean” kind with specialized filters. 

Reducing EMF Exposure with Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

The way dirty electricity filters work is they reduce dirty electricity by filtering surges and spikes, while allowing those that pass within normal electric current ranges to pass through. 

With these filters plugged in, you’ll limit the amount of dirty electricity emitted from wires and outlets.

But what makes the Greenwave dirty electricity filter different from others? Here are some of the key features I like about this filter (besides the fact that it’s effective):

  • The filters are very easy to use. You just plug a Greenwave filter into an outlet or a power strip and you’ll immediately see what you’re paying for. If you’re using an EMI meter, you can instantly get readings of up to 90% to 95% EMI level reductions.
  • The filters have outlets too. The problem with most dirty electricity filters is that they take up space in outlets and power strips. The Greenwave filter has a built-in outlet on the bottom, so it makes up for the outlet slot that it has taken. You can plug in your electronics directly into a Greenwave filter without the need for a special adapter.
  • The filters are certified safe. They pass UL safety standards. Also, every Greenwave filter is free from toxic materials such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and others.

How Many Filters Do I Need?

Most average-sized rooms require 2 Greenwave filters. 

The company does sell individual filters, which cost around $30, but they offer complete Home Kits at a discount. 

Anyway, for $30 apiece, they’re pretty affordable considering the protection you get (and the health benefits that come with that).

Greenwave filters can also be purchased 3-pronged or 2-pronged, depending on the type of outlets and power strips you have.  

Both work on AC 120V and 15A. If you don’t request the 2-pronged filters specifically, the company’s default is the 3-pronged one. So keep that in mind. 

Before you plug in any filter, you might be able to see a 0 mV reading on your EMI reader. After you plug in a Greenwave filter, there may be a slight change on the reading. 

This is because all EMI filters have electromagnetic fields around them, so you can’t expect your EMI reader to read 0 mV next to a filter.

Different devices and appliances have different areas of effect, and it’s impossible to eliminate EMFs entirely. 

Your goal here is drastic reduction, which is what Greenwave filters provide. 

Positive Reviews

A lot of Greenwave filter reviews praise the company’s hands-on approach and customer service. 

The owner is very responsive to emails and questions and even guides customers through phone calls sometimes. 

So customer service is on point, which is increasingly rare in today’s world. 

One fascinating review was about a man who’s been having problems with his washing machine. It seemed for a long time that the washer’s cycling and sensors were broken, and after a few repairs, he actually found out what was causing the problem. 

It turned out that the problem was caused by dirty electricity coming from a nearby smart meter and solar panel inverter. All he needed to do was plug in one their filters on his washing machine’s outlet.

Greenwave filters are also used to eliminate headset noise caused by EMI. They also contribute to quieter electronic appliances. Devices that experience even worse power fluctuations can work as they’re intended once the filters are plugged in nearby.

Many positive reviews also come in from Earthers. 

Earthers are people who believe that getting in touch with the earth through grounding (aka standing outside barefoot on the ground) can help regenerate and heal the body. Many of them use Greenwave filters with great results.

I myself have experienced the remarkable changes that come with lowering my EMF exposure.

For me, it’s been less of a buzzing feeling in my hands and no more burning sensation in my lower abdomen area. 

I’ve also heard of a migraine sufferer who has cut their migraine attacks in half by using Greenwave filters. 

A lot of reviews mention getting better sleep for themselves as well as their pet dog. 

Others noticed changes in fatigue and anxiety levels. 

Negative Reviews

It was actually difficult to find a negative review that had anything noteworthy to say aside from “It didn’t work for me.” 

There was one review that mentioned the amount of dirty electricity coming from the filter just wasn’t low enough, but this was someone who was self-admittedly extremely sensitive to EMI.

There was also a negative review that involved using an AM radio as an EMI detector. However, AM radios can pick up weaker magnetic waves up to 1000 mZ. 

They work perfectly well as detectors, but not equally so as meters.

Since it’s already been established that filters just reduce – not totally eliminate – EMI, using an AM radio to test EMI levels isn’t reliable. 

Greenwave Filters Hoax

Before I close out, I want to address the so called “hoax” involving Greenwave filters.

In some of the electrical hypersensitivity forums I’m in, I’ve read claims that dirty electricity filters like Greenwave (and others like Stetzerizer) actually made their EMI measurements go up.

I’ve followed those threads to see where the discussion would end, and every time, it was some underlying issue that was causing the increased EMF. Once that issue was taken care of, the filters measured significant EMI reductions. 

For instance, in one case the homeowner had extremely high magnetic field levels and thought it was the filters that caused it. But in reality, upon a home inspection, they found they had copper plumbing that was acting as an antenna of sorts.

Once they redid their plumbing with PVC, their Greenwave filter measurements were much better.

There are also certain wiring issues in your home in which a dirty electricity filter could exacerbate the problem. This is very often the case in people who report higher EMF levels after installing filters.

It would be due to an installment error on the electrician’s part or a receptacle that’s shorting out. Only a home inspection would reveal if that’s the case.

However, the vast majority of homes have correct electrical wiring, so you shouldn’t experience any negative changes with filters.

In a Nutshell

Out of the many EMF-reduction tools on the market, dirty electricity filters like those from Greenwave are one of my favorite solutions. 

The results are measurable not just “proposed,” and the technology is sound. 

Though I’ve found both positive and negative reviews about Greenwave filters, the positive reviews far outnumber the negative ones. 

The ease of use, practicality, safety, price, and best of all, the results speak for themselves. 

Add all these to the fact that Greenwave is on top of their customer service game and we clearly have a winner.

Ready to check them out? Click here to view their filter options.

Or read about some other options for home filters here!

7 thoughts on “My Greenwave Filter Review”

  1. Hi Jordan,
    Have you looked into the Satic Pure Power Plug? They are more expensive, but it seems like they only require 2 units for the entire house (one on each phase of the electrical system). That seems like it would be more convenient than multiple units all over the house. Just wondered if you looked into them to see if it is a valid product?
    Thanks for all you do to keep us regular people updated on ways to reduce EMFs!

  2. Hi,
    I live in Australia and am wondering if you know of any companies here that hqve trust worthy dirty electricity filters?

    P.S. I read your other artical about shielding and highly recomend radiasmart for clothing. I have an emf reader and the belly band did a brilliant job of blocking just about everything.

  3. Oh, is that all that one couple had to do was redo all of their copper plumbing to PVC? That would cost many thousands of dollars and necessitate cutting into walls and ceilings. It might be cheaper and easier to just move.

  4. Hi – I have a static shield heavy duty power perfect box as well as a static shield filter and several greenwave filters. I am very affected by and very sensitive. I have these in a vacation home in Florida where Florida Power and Light refuse me a electro mechanical meter and force me to have a digital (they say it isn’t a smart meter but It is) they charge me monthly because I opted out of the smart meter. Anyway, we are not there most of the time and my bill is $130/month. Are the filters draining my electric and should I cut the breaker on the whole house power perfect box and unplug all of them when I leave?


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