My Opinion on EMF Protection Crystals

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To combat the growing threat of EMF, people have turned to all kinds of methods and equipment that claim to protect against it. 

One such method is using EMF protection crystals.

Proponents theorize that using crystals is an effective way to “clear” the EMF that would otherwise be absorbed by your body. 

They say some crystals can absorb and dissipate EMF radiation the same way they direct energy. 

But the real question is…can they actually do that?

Let’s look at a few of the most popular stones or crystals used in the EMF protection arena, then I’ll discuss my take on them. 

Best Crystals for EMF (Supposedly)

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is composed of magnesium, iron, aluminum borosilicates, and other metals. 

This crystal is believed to be a grounding stone that can “strengthen the connection between one’s spiritual and physical self.”

That’s why black tourmaline is used to ease physical ailments like arthritis. This crystal doesn’t block EMF as proponents readily admit. However, it’s claimed to make the effects of EMF less stressful on your body by enhancing your own electric field.


One of the symptoms of EMF exposure is fatigue and having aches all over the body. That’s why magnetite is recommended for protective use because this crystal is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

This feature can help with muscle pain and further improve blood circulation and asthma recovery.

Now that, I can agree with. Magnet therapy is well-documented, though lacking in randomized controlled trials.


Orgonite is made up of metal shavings, quartz crystals, and resin. Since it contains a bit of quartz, it’s believed to “absorb energies that are out of balance.”

Since electromagnetic energy is a form of, well, energy, some claim that orgonite lessens the effects of EMF and decreases a person’s sensitivity to it.


The reason why some crystal healers recommend pyrite against EMF radiation is that this stone is commonly used to shield a person from environmental pollutants and negative energy. 

Proponents claim pyrite can strengthen both the physical well-being and the willpower of the mind.


The strongest feature of Malachite is that it’s a fire element. That means that it supposedly can protect the user from different negative energies. 

Side Note: Are you seeing a pattern here? Most of these “claims to fame” involve dissolving “negative energies.” And that seems to be the best these crystals offer…


Kernite is a Boron-based crystal, which makes it viable for accepting radiation. Kernite is recommended to be placed in an environment that has low-dose nuclear radiation in order to absorb the harmful EMFs. 

I saw this openly stated on several websites, but I could not find documented evidence or published studies to back this up.


Hematite is mainly known for balancing, grounding, and absorbing negativity. Supporters claim it can be used for detoxification and protection from electromagnetic smog. 

Apart from that, hematite is also believed to eliminate negative energies in the body, such as stress and fatigue, which may be symptoms from EMF exposure.


Citrine isn’t really famous for preventing EMFs from being absorbed by your body, but it’s mainly known for boosting creativity and clarity. 

Some claim the citrine has properties that can aid the physical and emotional body, primarily through improving digestion, boosting metabolism, stimulating optimism, and sharpening decisiveness – all of which is often affected by electrosmog. 

How People Use EMF Protection Crystals 

Some people believe crystals act as energy stabilizers, which is why they are recommended to be near your body or a source of artificial EMF radiation. 

Usually, such EMF (& RF – aka radio frequencies) is strongest in places such as offices, work desks, nightstands, and living areas. These are the places where WiFI routers and gadgets are typically located. 

Actually using EMF protection crystals doesn’t require a lot of work. All you have to do is display the crystals in EMF hotspots.

Another common technique is to connect the crystals to a string and wear it as a necklace or bracelet. 

The #1 Reason Why I Don’t Think EMF Crystals Work

While such crystals are aesthetically pleasing and great for decor, there are a few reasons why I don’t think they can be trusted to protect you against EMF. 

First and foremost, we’re simply far too inundated with radiation from WiFi and electricity to rely on a simple crystal sitting nearby for protection.  

Using crystals as a protection strategy is like using a Band-Aid to patch a leaky hole in the ocean floor. 

In fact, the effectiveness of crystals isn’t even backed up by scientific evidence, making it seem like users of crystals are merely experiencing a placebo effect.

Second, the results of before and after measurements show that crystals have no effect on lowering the amount of EMF emitted from any give source.

Since there is no change in meter readings, I can’t recommend crystals as a viable protective option.

Here’s my one caveat…

If you could get black tourmaline or even shungite crystals as large as the Stonehenge stones and set up a “wall” between you and an EMF source (like a laptop), then you *might* get some protection. 

But since that’s not realistic, your protection efforts are better spent elsewhere. 

The Better Approach to EMF Protection

I always opt for solutions that are proven to be effective in lowering EMF your exposure. Such solutions are those you can “see” the effects of thanks to before and after measurements with a meter. 

Here are 3 tried-and-true strategies:

1. Elimination

The most effective way to protect yourself from radiation is to get rid of WiFi. 

I’m not saying you should chunk your tablets and smartphones, but I do recommend you utilize airplane mode as much as possible. This simple ‘flip of a switch’ eliminates the radio frequency radiation that emits from anything connected wirelessly. 

And at home for your desktop or home office, go wired. Trade your WiFi router for a wired router and hook up with ethernet cables.

2. Distance and Duration

Be mindful of how close you are to sources of radiation. The more distance there is between you and the source, the less exposed you are.

Even a small gap can have a tremendous effect on the amount of radiation you absorb.

Aside from distance, be mindful of duration. The effects of EMF are cumulative, so try to decrease the 

As much as possible, turn your gadgets off when not in use and don’t keep them close to you.amount of time you spend using wireless devices. 

Also, definitely don’t use your laptop on your actual lap. 

3. Shielding via Reflection or Absorption

Now when it comes to actual shielding and not just lifestyle changes like distance and duration, you should stick to materials and products that actually absorb or reflect EMF away from your body. 

The types of products I recommend include:

I hope that helps you find some more effective alternatives to EMF protection crystals!

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  1. Thank you for the EMF education

    I’m ready to buy a condo located corner of the 2nd floor I noticed that the entire strip of condo between 12 to 16 smart meters attached right below the condo on the 1st floor outside of the wall. How dangerous is it?


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