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As awareness of EMF grows, people are seeking more ways to protect themselves.

One inexpensive solution is shungite. 

But you might be wondering:

Does shungite work? Is it actually effective?

I dug into the research to find out, and this article presents what I found.

Let’s dig in.

What Is Shungite?

Shungite is a lustrous black mineral discovered in the Karelia region of Russia, particularly near the Shunga Village.

The term “Shungite” can refer to whole chunks of the stone or simply pieces or shards that contain it – something you’ll want to keep in mind as you shop.

Although located primarily in the Karelia region, shungite is mined in other parts of Russia as well, mostly near old coal mines and sites where volcanoes have erupted.

The purity of Shungite is attributed to the high temperatures of such sites.

When it comes to EMF protection, shungite is often used in shielding items like EMF jewelry and filters.

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How Does Shungite Reduce EMF?

Shungite is made up of more than 98% carbon, which has some impressive absorption abilities. Carbon is also a main component of graphite and diamonds.

In addition, scientists discovered that shungite possesses fullerenes.

The term “fullerenes” pertains to molecules composed primarily of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere or tube-like shape.

In short, it’s a special carbon-based molecular formation, and shungite is among the only known natural source of fullerenes on Earth.

Besides its absorption properties, fullerenes are among the most powerful antioxidants. As a result, Shungite helps protect body cells from harmful free radicals.

As for its mechanism of action, Shungite can do any of the following:

  • Magnetize
  • Neutralize
  • Or destroy free radicals

In other words, this mineral has the ability to absorb or completely neutralize the frequencies from EMF radiation, which has been proven through research.

Additional Benefits of Shungite & Other Ways to Use It

Aside from EMF protection, Shungite provides many other health benefits as well.

1. Shungite the Water Purifier

For centuries, Shungite has been used as a natural way to purify water.

There are a lot of methods available for making water safe to drink, such as water filters, iodine, boiling, and chlorine drops.

However, as these methods eliminate ALL microorganisms and other bacteria (the good and bad), the overall quality of water is affected.

Sometimes, other water purification methods carry the risk of increasing heavy metals and salts in our drinking water.

Shungite, on the other hand, is all natural, safe, and effective. Plus, it gets bonus points for being easy to use!

All you have to do is clean the Shungite stones to remove dust and other unwanted particles, then place them in your water.

Shungite water is believed to be effective for:

  • Reducing inflammation and acne (through topical application)
  • Detoxification
  • Alleviating headaches, chronic respiratory illnesses, and digestive issues

2. Shungite as an Antibacterial and Antifungal Agent

Its antibacterial properties were used for medicinal purposes long before the 18th century.

As an antibacterial, it is helpful in healing wounds and burns. While as antifungal, it helps protect against yeast-based infections in the ear and mouth.

The Different Forms of Shungite

Shungite is categorized according to its carbon content.

  • Shungite 1 contains 98% carbon
  • Shungite 2 has 35% – 80 % carbon
  • Shungite 3 possesses 20% – 35% carbon
  • Shungite 4 only has 10 % – 20% carbon
  • Shungite 5 has less than 10%

Shungite products can consist of any of these levels.

Unfortunately, manufacturers can call their bracelet a “genuine shungite bracelet,” while only providing a form of shungite with less than 10% of carbon.

With that said, you need to verify a product’s carbon content before buying.

Remember that the higher the carbon level, the more effective the EMF protection and cleansing ability.

Here are some popular shungite products you might come across:

Necklaces: These are said to help treat both chronic and acute conditions. They may also help to improve blood pressure and other body functions.

Pyramids: Purifies items at home and shields against electromagnetic radiation emitting from computers, microwaves and other electronic devices.

Powders: People use shungite powder to mix in water and apply topically to benefit from its antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties.

Bracelets: I only look at shungite bracelets in light of EMF protection, but many others boast its ability to help improve circulation and stamina.

Shungite for Cell Phones: They make tiny adhesives that are simple to use. You just remove the double sided tape and attach it to your desired location. People use them to help absorb EMFs from their cell phones and tablets.

Cubes: These are similar to the pyramids, just a different shape. People use them on their desks in front of their routers. Computers, or wireless printers. Anywhere you would like to mitigate EMF radiation.

Shungite Tiles: Same concept as the pyramids and cubes, just a different shape depending on your preference.

Here’s a video that uses an EMF meter to show how much shungite reduces electromagnetic radiation:

Do Experts Think Shungite Is Effective?

Let’s look at some studies:

According to a 2014 study on the fullerene composition of shungite, it can be useful in many practical applications in the fields of science and industry. It has been proven that shungite, along with zeolite, can be used in water treatment as alternatives to carbon.

Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing

Another study by A. Z Zaidenberg published in 1997 showed that the protective and absorptive abilities of this rock is thanks to its unique carbon and mineral content. This study showed that Shungite was able to purify water from an oil spill very effectively. Additionally, the study also stated that it is its high conductivity that makes the electrochemical treatment of Shungite filters possible.

Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences

More recent studies conducted in 2017 concluded that Shungite can be used as a treatment for various inflammatory and oxidative diseases.

Journal of Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity

In a 2003 study, researchers studied the shielding effects of shungite against electromagnetic radiation and its effects on rats. The animals were exposed to 37 GHz of nonthermal radiation. The rats that were shielded with shungite experienced far less damage than those who were not shielded.

Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

Final Verdict: Does Shungite Really Work?

Considering the studies that reveal the benefits shungite provides, I believe shungite is an effective and inexpensive solution to protect against EMF.

Electromagnetic radiation shielding is my primary concern, but the many other benefits of shungite are pretty impressive.

More research is still needed to prove its other health claims, but its carbon fullerene composition is undeniable, and that’s what makes it effective in reducing EMF.







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