Is 5G Dangerous?

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Have you heard of 5G?

This new tech is so controversial that a United Nations staff member tagged it as a “War on Humanity.”

So how has something so controversial become reality?

Because we’re far too reliant on technology.

Notice how we crave ever faster internet speeds, applications that make our lives easier, updated software to meet our demands, and this list goes on.

But all that speed and ease comes at a price.


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It also raises mass amounts of interest among global superpowers such as the United States and China – all clambering for dominance over its acquisition and development.

This is the new 5G Technology.

Everywhere else, you’re going to read about how 5G is going to make our lives so much better.

But here at Beat EMF, I want to look at the story not being told.

5G is coming, and you should know what it is. So let’s get to it.

What Exactly Is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks – a great leap from the 4G LTE networks we used as of 2019.

5G promises a super fast and ultra-reliable transfer of data in order to meet the demand for the internet of things (IoT), which includes our wireless technology.

Think about all the things you do with your phone or tablet:

  • Make calls
  • Text friends
  • Pay bills online
  • Shop at Amazon
  • Surf the web

All of this requires information to be continuously sent and received by devices. 5G promises that it will have a response time or latency of over a millisecond – better than LTE, which typically has a latency of 30 milliseconds.

So the selling feature of 5G is that it’s designed to meet the global demand for faster network and instantaneous coordination.

Since it is faster, what exactly makes it faster? What is the medium for this “wireless” connection?

The most obvious thing is that for you to send messages wirelessly, waves have to be sent in high frequency form.

Think about the logo for Wi-Fi. You’ve seen it before:

logo of a wifi signal

It gives the idea of waves being sent out, which is exactly what it is – wireless connectivity is done through wavelengths and frequencies.

5G is said to operate at a much higher frequency than its predecessors of 2G, 3G, and 4G.

But the higher you go up in frequency, the closer you get to the danger zone where things like UV rays and x-rays live.  

What Are the Concerns Regarding 5G?

If it is fast, strong, and even more beneficial than 4G, what’s the big deal? Why are people like me concerned?

There are a few reasons:

1. It’s a Probable Carcinogen

The 5G frequency is so high that it uses Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation. As recently as 2011, the World Health Organization described RF Radiation as carcinogenic or cancerous.

Basically, 5G is said to cause cancer due to its strong radiation and super high frequencies.

5G’s predecessors use around 1 GHz to 5 GHz.

In comparison, 5G is going to use 24 GHz to 90 GHz.

To put that in perspective – a microwave cooks food at around 2.45GHz.

So the concern is that too much exposure to 5G may “heat up” the body’s cells. Not a far-fetched idea when you realize that waves at even lower frequencies have the capacity to alter chemical structure, similar to how cooking alters food.

2. It’s Right Beside You

Higher frequency means shorter, more concentrated waves that can’t travel as far. As a result, we’re going to need even more cell towers and transmission stations.

Right now, there are about 200,000 cell towers throughout the US.

Experts estimate that switching to 5G would send that number into the MILLIONS. Others say there could be a network base station in every.single.neighborhood.

Such close proximity is a problem because research on wireless frequencies state that short-length waves (like in the millimeter to submillimeter range) interact directly with human skin, specifically our sweat glands.

Dr. Ben-Ishai from Hebrew University in Israel illustrates how human sweat ducts form into helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths.

So that intimate connection between your phone and nearest cell tower could expose you to radiation levels you never signed up for.

3. It’s Bad for the Environment

The logic seems clear:

If UV radiation is harmful to both plants and animals, then the same goes with other forms of high-concentration radiation.

Studies have shown this when it comes to high electromagnetic radiation and its detrimental effect on animals.

4. It’s Not Regulated

Our government does not limit, restrict, or regulate this tech in any way.

5G is brand new territory on a whole new wavelength. We have no idea what its effects will be, and apparently we won’t ever know because the “powers that be” aren’t regulating it.

They’re just rolling out this unfamiliar evolution of connectivity with no prior testing…and they’re rolling the dice as a result.

Potential Risks from RF Radiation Exposure

Generally, 5G is part of a large array of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) in which Radiofrequency is categorized in.

What normally happens if you are exposed to such radiation?

Aside from the carcinogenic issues, there are a lot of reports across the globe pertaining to the impacts of these waves:

In Germany, work disability cases and absence days that have been traced to mental health disorders more than doubled from 1994 to 2011.

Belyaev from the Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of Science states that the mental disorder can’t just be explained by merely socioeconomic background or therapeutic means.

There has to be an environmental factor, and EMR is one of the leading suspects for this, as such disorders have risen alongside wireless tech advancements.

In Vienna, communities are active in reporting classic symptoms of EMR poisoning, such as nose bleeding, headaches, body pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and even cardiac pain.

Other natural effects such as dementia and tumors begin to surface as well as time goes by.

In Australia, officials have received a ton of reports about similar symptoms.

In many cases, the callers claimed positive improvement in their well-being once the source was cut off. Cases include improved sleep after moving the cordless phone or even reduced headaches after opting for a wired phone.

What Do the Experts Say About 5G?

There is no doubt that electromagnetic radiation is bad. Too many researchers and EMF experts have written peer-reviewed journals to argue that.

About 5G specifically, minimal studies have been conclusive about its potential harm. I personally believe the lack of studies is just because of its newness. Once the tech has been around for a while, I’m sure we’ll have more reports to look at.

For now, we have to base the potential harm of 5G off the fact that it will be using higher frequency levels, which have been studied extensively.

So here are a few scientific reviews to consider:

“The Human Skin as a Sub-THz Receiver – Ben Inshai (2018)” –

This 2018 paper looked at the conductivity of human perspiration. The study posits that when our sweat ducts are exposed to radiation within the high-frequency band, it increases the specific absorption rate (SAR) of our skin, making us absorb the radiation far more & deeper.

Another 2018 paper explores the potential risks of 5G as it relates to things like cancer, reproductive health, neurologic effects, and microbiological effects. The paper concludes that there is a cloud of doubt in terms of the safety of 5G because there is a clear multifaceted interaction between high-frequency EMF and biological systems – enough of an interaction to encourage caution when working with 5G.

Here’s a video put out by Investigate Europe that briefly explains some of the reasons I’m hesitant about 5G:

Final Verdict: Is 5G Dangerous or Perfectly Safe?

Amidst all the benefits 5G promises for speed and convenience, it simply hasn’t been studied enough to prove its safety.

In fact, the studies that have been done up to this point suggest that it’s not a risk worth taking.

With consequences of human health and that of animals and our environment at stake, my question is this:

Is shaving off a few seconds of loading time worth all this?

Sources: – FCC Chairman on 5G: “We won’t study it, regulate it, have standards for it.”

5 thoughts on “Is 5G Dangerous?”

    • Hi Leilani,

      It depends on what type of protection/material you’re using. The initial rollout of 5G will be at the same frequency bands 3G and 4G. But future frequencies for 5G are proposed to be in the 28-100 GHz range. Those higher frequencies are going to require much tighter weaves in fabric (aka smaller hole sizes).

      Until more 5G shielding materials are made, you can get adequate protection by overlapping the fabrics used for lower frequency RF. Hope that helps!

  1. Hey Jordan!

    WHY isn’t this field better regulated?
    If what we’re using on a daily basis is causing us harm, why aren’t there strict limits on these products? Why aren’t there warnings?

    Why does business (sales of product) always trump safety (science)?

    Thanks so much for you amazing work!


  2. Jordan…There is a report that 5G connected with Smart Meters in Boulder Colorado and caused explosive fires inside many homes that reduced the homes to ashes…😧 Does covering a Smart Meter with aluminum foil keep 5G from connecting with the Smart Meter and causing the explosive fires inside the home…If not then what would…???


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