Side Effects of a Mobile Tower On (or Near) Your House

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I think you’ll agree with me when I say that cell towers are EVERYWHERE these days.

They’re like the new Walgreens…there’s one on every corner…

What you may not know is that there are serious side effects of having mobile towers on (or in the vicinity of) your home. 

Prepare to be shocked, possibly disgusted, but definitely informed – only then can you make an educated decision about what to do about it.

The Problem with Having a Cell Tower Close to Your House

If you’ve ever wondered if cell towers are harmful to your health, wonder no more.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already determined that radio frequency (RF) radiation – the type of radiation emitted by cell towers – is very likely carcinogenic, meaning that it can cause cancer.


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The closer you are to a cell tower, the more radiation you receive.

Since companies are now placing these towers closer to where many people live and work, the danger is very real.

Since cell phone towers are getting closer and closer, it is good to know the disadvantages of having them so close to you.

RF radiation interferes with your own electromagnetic fields, or EMFs…

And you can easily experience symptoms such as low sperm count, memory loss, headaches, and cardiovascular stress as well as more serious afflictions such as cancer and birth defects.

Does this mean that we aren’t exposed to RF radiation from other things? Unfortunately, no.

However, the RF radiation typically found in your home (excluding your smartphone) is often less dangerous than the radiation you receive from cell phone towers.

When it comes to mobile towers, it is the combination of their size and exponential radiation output along with their close proximity that creates the recipe for danger. 

Harmful Effects of Mobile Towers in Residential Areas

The number of cell phone towers has grown to over 300,000 in the United States alone.

The telecommunications industry places these towers not only on the ground but also on rooftops of churches, schools, businesses, and even apartment buildings.

Today, it is not surprising to find a cell phone tower every 750 feet or so, which makes them quite close to millions of individuals in every state.

Their close proximity (over a long period of time) has lead to serious health concerns such as:

1. Cancer

Studies have shown that within 5 years of living close to a cell phone tower, the residents’ chances of getting cancer was three times that of people not living in the area. This, unfortunately, includes all types of cancer.

Chances of getting cancer grew from 16-31 per 100,000 residents to 129 per 100,000 residents, which is quite a (sad) increase.

2. Infertility

RF radiation from cell phone towers has also been linked to both male and female infertility because it can affect people at the cellular level and cause a variety of neurological and genetic problems.

Studies are still being conducted on this type of radiation and infertility, but the results so far are proving a direct relationship between the two.

3. Children’s Development

Everything that children are exposed to can directly affect their development because their brains and skulls are still developing.

Many experts surmise that cell phone towers located near schools can cause an increase in autism, leukemia, and even brain tumors.

Cell phone towers can have both carcinogenic and mutagenic effects in people of all ages, but it is especially damaging to young children and babies who are still in their developmental years.

4. Miscellaneous Health Issues

There are many other physiological problems thought to be associated with cell phone towers, including:

  • Irradiation of brain cells
  • Changes in your DNA, which can make you more prone to cancer
  • Sleep disorders
  • Nausea and loss of appetite
  • Depression and other neurological problems
  • Poor concentration
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of libido
  • Dizziness and irritability

Of course, there are other ailments thought to be the direct result of living or working near a cell phone tower, but I don’t want to keep you here all day.

Bottom line:

It takes A LOT of energy to transmit RF radiation to so many cell phone users, which is where the problem lies.

Do Cell Phone Towers Affect Property Values?

For most people, the purchase of a home is their biggest investment so it’s only natural to want to protect that investment.

Studies from Australia were performed regarding the effect of nearby cell phone towers on property values, and while the results aren’t conclusive, they do point to a negative effect on property values when cell phone towers are close to the homes.

A lot more research should be completed before any definite conclusions are proven, but the mere belief that cell phone towers are dangerous can make a lot of people decide not to purchase a home that is near these towers.

In fact, roughly 95% of respondents to one survey claimed they would not purchase or rent a home or apartment if they noticed a cell phone tower nearby.

And it’s not just a matter of feet that deters people…

About 80% of respondents said they would not even consider purchasing or renting a place to live if it was even a few blocks from a cell phone tower, and nearly 90% of those same respondents claimed they were very concerned about the frequency of cell phone towers and their effects on residential neighborhoods.

Other Disadvantages of a Mobile Tower Near Your House

Besides the health concerns, there are clear cons to having a mobile tower near your home and these include the following:

  • An eyesore: Cell phone towers are plainly unattractive and they can ruin the look and ambiance of the area surrounding your home. Unfortunately, cell phone towers work best when they’re tall, which only makes them more conspicuous – and ugly.
  • Maintenance: When maintenance workers come along to repair or maintain the cell phone tower, they can be loud and annoying, especially since they always seem to be take their time when performing their work.
  • Difficulty selling a home: A nearby cell phone tower might not affect the value of your home (though it certainly can!), but it definitely makes it more difficult to sell. Something no homeowner wants to deal with.
  • Impact on surrounding environment: Studies have shown that cell tower radiation can disrupt bird patterns and stunt the growth of trees.

Of course, there are also the potential health problems and side effects known to come along with living near a cell phone tower. As mentioned earlier, there are still numerous tests that need to be conducted in order to get verified results.

As of now, it looks as though living or working near a cell phone tower comes with a unique set of risks. 

The exact distance that’s considered safe is up for debate and dependent on many different factors. You can read more about safe distances here. 

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6 thoughts on “Side Effects of a Mobile Tower On (or Near) Your House”

  1. I purchased my home 22 years ago. 7 years later a mobile phone tower was put up 50m from my house. 7 years after that health aliments started to happen. RA, OA, Vision. When mentioning my concerns to doctors they seem to pass it off. Im 56 years of age, female. I know i should of moved many years back. Now 5g has been added to the tower. I suffer with more swelling at joints. Australia government say no health effects. I suffer every day. With more and more people moving into area as more and move development occurs. Are there tests can i have to show the amount of radiation in my body.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      I’m sorry to hear of your pain and the ‘unbelief’ doctors have toward your concerns. While there’s not a test that shows this type of radiation in your body, there are many biomarkers that are being used to identify electrical hypersensitivity. These biomarkers can be identified in simple tests such as blood tests, HRV, and more.

      I can’t provide all that information here, but if you feel it’d be helpful and worth it to you, you can book my cheapest email consult here, and I can send you documents that you can then take to your physician.

  2. The Indians said, “Well, there goes the neighborhood,” when a settler showed up.
    Daniel Boone upon seeing the smoke of another man’s chimney said, “Well, there goes the neighborhood.” The farmers upon seeing the tourism and housing industry spark up in their area, said, “Well, there goes the neighborhood.” And now everybody who has half a brain and is informed, upon seeing a cell tower going up, says, “WELL, THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD.”

    Cling lightly to real estate now.

  3. Jordan:
    If you can consider being involved in the following issue, please let me know:
    Development Project Manager
    Development Services Department
    The City of San Diego

    Dear Mr. XXXXXXX,

    I am a resident of Sorrento Tower, an independent elder and disabled tenants residency in San Diego. I am 77 years old.
    On 2/8/2023 I received from you the attached NOTICE OF APPLICATION about PROJECT NO. PRJ-1055279. I appreciate your mailing the notice to me. Being busy and not knowing the content of the notice, I only read it a few days ago.

    As indicated in my 2/26/2023 email below, the issue of the notice and the project involves major health and medical risks to Sorrento Tower residents, by living near multiple Radio Frequency transmission antennas, which are located directly on Sorrento Tower building roof (there is no tower), in very close distance to residents in the upper floors (a few feet to some, which already afflicted with cancer), and at a risky distance to approximately 250 residents in the 14 stories building.

    As the attached Notice indicates, the Application is about installing additional antennas on the roof of the building.

    Yesterday, I informed the residents on the 13th and the 14th upper floors about the basic issue.
    I started to research the issue to prepare the proper information and objection to the project. I will also try to find and contact experts for advice.

    I request that no actions or decisions are made before I will be ready and present my information and objection.

    I will greatly appreciate your confirmation.



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