How to Block Cell Tower Radiation in Your Home

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Communication is undoubtedly easier these days thanks to the development of technology. 

While a lot of gadgets make “instant communication” possible, one key player is the cell tower.

Cell towers are sometimes referred to as cell sites.

They are sites for electric communication equipment such as receivers, transmitters, and power sources. 

These towers are mounted in high areas to accomplish the most coverage possible while facilitating signal reception that makes wireless communication available to us. 

The benefit of cell towers? They let you stay connected to the rest of the world.


Get a self-paced, step-by-step path to less EMF in your life—without weighing you down with complicated terminology & information overload.

The dangers of cell towers? They let you stay connected to the rest of the world.

Yes, I know I just repeated myself, so let me explain:

Cell towers can have an incredibly negative effect on those who live near them. 

Recent studies have shown that the proximity of people to cell tower base stations can be the not so hidden cause of physical symptoms and ailments. 

We have an entire separate article that delves deep into the research regarding cell tower radiation and its negative cellular impact (as in our human cells, not cell phones).

If you want to click over and read that real quick, you can, but here’s the super duper short version…

Why You Need to Protect Yourself from Cell Tower Radiation

Cell towers emit a form of electromagnetic field (EMF) called radiofrequency radiation. 

Continuous exposure to these EMFs has been shown to negatively impact our health, ranging from feelings of discomfort to serious illnesses.  

Here’s a (very) brief overview of reported symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Skin tingling
  • Heart palpitations
  • Insomnia

We also have a more complete guide to cell tower symptoms that you can read here.

The most common change people report is a general feeling of being uncomfortable and irritable more often. 

There could also be a dramatic shift in sleeping patterns, sex drive, appetite, concentration, and memory.

EMFs are also known to impair our immune system, vision, and bone strength. 

Over time with chronic, low-grade exposure, these symptoms can transform into more serious conditions related to blood cell abnormalities, metabolic disorders, depression, and even cancer.

If you live near a cell tower, it is extremely important to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family from mobile tower radiation.

Determining if You’re Close Enough to Be in the Danger Zone

To be honest, calculating a safe distance away from a cell tower is difficult to pinpoint. 

As an average from the research I’ve found on the subject, people who live within a 300-500 meter radius from a cell tower would be considered at risk of developing side effects. 

If you live farther than that, you might be in the clear…for now. 

Once 5G rolls out fully, the vast majority of the population will be within the “danger zone.” 

That’s because it requires the installation of thousands (that number will eventually be closer to a million) of small cell towers in order for 5G to work properly. 

Why? Because 5G operates on a different frequency from 3G/4G that has a shorter wavelength, and that means it can’t travel as far.

There will even be micro-cell towers mounted on top of buildings, light poles, etc. 

But *sigh* I’m ranting. Back to the task at hand…

One sure-fire way to determine if you are close enough to a cell tower to be affected is to measure with an EMF meter.

Buying your own EMF meter comes with many benefits:

  • Use it over and over at your house, work, friend’s house, daycare, etc
  • EMF exposure levels change over time, so you can re-test without paying again
  • Cheaper than calling an EMF consultant (although I do recommend that if you’re EMF sensitive or not familiar with how to use a meter)

So whether you’ve measured or not, you’re here today because you are concerned about your radiation exposure, so let’s talk about how you can decrease that. 

Ways to Block Cell Tower Radiation

When shielding your house, it is first necessary to determine where you spend most of your time and focus your solutions in that area. 

Then, when getting materials for shielding, you want to think about factors such as durability, protective ability, installation, and appearance. 

Here are a few tips for shielding your home:

1. Protect your bedroom first

Reduce High Frequency Radiation with Our Naturell Bed Canopy King (Bed Perimeter 26.24 Feet)

The easiest and most comprehensive solution for shielding your bed from cell radiation is to use a Faraday canopy. This canopy is like a mosquito net but is made up of fine materials that can offer 99% shielding protection from radiation. Such materials are usually weaved with silver or stainless steel.

2. Cover your walls

Most walls today are made of drywall, which does nothing to shield EMF. WiFi signals pass right through this type of wall construction.

Adding layers on your wall with conductive fabrics can help reduce that radiation. These fabrics can be applied like wallpaper and should be inserted in between the drywall. Keep in mind to overlap the fabric at the seams to make sure there are no leaks. 

3. Shield your windows

Blocfilm EMF Protection Window Films Highly Protective Tested up to 10GHz (5ft x 5ft, EN20 Clear)

While windows are the weakest spot in your house, they are also the easiest to shield. Shielded window films are a great option as they are easy to install by simply sticking them onto your window. 

As an added bonus, you might even save on your heating bill as well!

4. Shield your door

Doors are another weak point in your house. To increase protection against harmful frequencies, you may want to install shielded doors. Your front door can be made of steel that has conductive gaskets, which prevent air gaps between the frame and the door. 

Then, you can add a foyer from which another steel door would open to the rest of the house. This is obviously costly and one of the harder tips to enact, but I just want to mention it for those of you that can do it or will be constructing your own home in the future. 

5. Find the right paint

EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Shielding Paint YSHIELD HSF54 5 Liter

Cell tower radiation can still penetrate through your room through an outside wall. However, with the use of high-frequency EMF shielding paint like this one, you can address that problem. 

The best part about this type of paint is that they are free of toxic solvents since they are water-based. They stick to most building materials like cement and plaster, which is why they can be used on other parts of the house as well. 

While shielding paint can be used outside the house, it seems best applied to interior walls.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to shield a room ENTIRELY (paint on all walls, shielded windows, etc), it is critical that you do not bring any type of wifi-emitting or electric device into that room. The EMFs they emit would essentially be trapped, creating a human-sized microwave – not good. 

Is Grounding Necessary to Shield Against Mobile Tower Radiation?

Short answer…no. 

Long answer… 

In protecting yourself from EMF pollution, grounding is still a debatable method. The idea of grounding is being directly connected to the earth (aka bare feet on soil) in order to receive the earth’s natural (and beneficial) electromagnetic fields. 

However, while this technique does have promising effects when it’s just you walking outside barefoot, it could also worsen the problem when it comes to shielding your home IF it’s not done right.

The natural process of grounding may be interrupted by frequencies coming from electrical wiring. Due to this wiring, “rogue” magnetic and electrical fields can be created that conduct dirty electricity.  

To be safe, it is either:

(1) Better to do away with grounding products (unless professionally recommended) and do grounding in nature instead. 

(2) Or hire an EMF consultant to inspect your home and make the right recommendations.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you can hop into your car, only drive for a few minutes, and see a cell phone tower, you need to take measures to block the radiation from it.

I always say distance is the absolute best way to reduce EMF exposure, but we can’t just pick up and move our homes! So I hope these tips at least give you a good starting point for living safer if you have a house near a cell phone tower. 

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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And it’s not just us. Wildlife is affected too: Effects of Mobile Radiation on Birds and the Environment.

16 thoughts on “How to Block Cell Tower Radiation in Your Home”

  1. We have iron in our blood. When we come into contact with a strong electromagnetic field the iron in the blood is attracted to the magnetic field. This can and does disrupt hemoglobins ability to absorb oxygen. Not good at all. I am convinced many cases of pneumonia are in fact em radiation exposure. This has already been proven in smart meter tests. Blood was taken before and after exposure to smart meters. I found the article/test on thehealthedge. com blog. Scary stuff.

  2. Hi
    My daughter is buying land , an there is 2 towers and one big white ball tower near by , I have concerns she is to close to them ! Please contact me I have a few questions
    Thank you

    • DONT BUY DONT LET THEM , at least get s tri field meter and test it , And make sure its all below .01, Yes .01 .1 it already too high
      1.0 Its migraines anxiety depression and odd itch icky feels say hello to that daily in just a few weeks,

      Anything at .05 yes point zero five, your shorting your life spans, and American fcc 1996 is Bs, ask them put it next to there place, no gov or senator does hmm,

      And god save our EMFuk’d over kids


  3. Thanks so much for this amazing formation. I love your site. I’m just about to buy a flat in London, by Kensington Olympia Station and it is impossible to find a map with mobile phone masts and towers. Do you think it is a problem with EMF to live near an overground and underground train station, other then noise?

  4. Hi Jordan,
    A SpaceX Starlink wireless Ka-band gateway earth station that “SpaceX will use to deliver broadband data between the satellites of its NGSO system and terrestrial Internet exchange points” has been built across the street from me about ~850 ft. away. Since there’s uplinks and downlinks and emf radiation from the base of the nine antennas is is totally pointless to try to protect myself from exposure? Also, I’d like to measure emf radiation by and in my home but no one seems to be able to measure at the Ka band. Is that even necessary? I mean is emf radiation all the same? I know I’m missing something; I find this info difficult to understand.

  5. I am considering buying g home its is beautiful but cellntoweer few yards over in field i am wondering if this be good for me and my 2 year old and 8 year old. We love the home but just uneasy about the cell tower its beautiful established neighborhood.

  6. Hi. We are so close to receiving the keys for our first home. I just now noticed that there’s a 5G tower about 200 metres away from our house. I’m so gutted. Should we go for the house and use EMF protection? Thank you

  7. The building where I live, in Boulder, CO installed 5G receptors right outside of my bedroom wall. I’m thinking of installing crystal bed lights right over my bed. Would that help? What else can I do to protect myself?

  8. Hi Jordan. Thank you for the valuable information you provide us. I have a question to ask you as I am very worried. I am a tennis coach and a mobile tower is installed in my club. I’ve covered the inside of my cap with aluminum foil tape, I did the same thing with a t-shirt (of course under the academy clothes) but it’s so stiff I can’t move. I am saving to invest in a hat and t-shirt in “emrss”. It is an investment that is not easy for my budget right now. Do you think it is necessary if I am there 3 to 6 hours a day?. Thank you so much!. Emiliano

  9. I bought a beautiful condo – but I’m uncomfortable! It feels ‘buzzy’, almost like tinnitus- there are two cell towers- total of 9 frequencies broadcast. Concrete building-exterior walls all glass. Also the electrical panel for my floor backs against my wall…I’m scared! Think I hafta move! I’m going to get a local expert in to assess- then decide. Maybe just an exoskeleton for me ?


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