My Shield Your Body Phone Case Review

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When it comes to cell phone radiation, you have a few shielding options to help protect you.

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorites – the Shield Your Body Phone Pouch.

In my humble opinion, this is for those of you who need 24/7 access to your phone due to work, or being the primary caretaker for someone, or any other situation were you have to be able to receive texts or calls at all times.

3 Ways to Block Cell Phone Radiation

Technology has become a means – or a crutch – that helps us adapt in an ever-changing world. 

I think that’s why it feels nearly impossible to part with our gadgets, especially our smartphones. 

However, these devices emit a dangerous type of radiation (known as radio frequency or RF radiation) that can potentially lead to various health complications. 


Get a self-paced, step-by-step path to less EMF in your life—without weighing you down with complicated terminology & information overload.

And so as a precaution, certain practices should be followed and protective equipment should be used to make our phones safer.

Before we get into one of my favorite shielding techniques, let’s look at a few different ways to decrease the radiation that emits from your phone.

1. Use Airplane Mode 

Putting your phone on Airplane mode means that all forms of wireless communications in your device are deactivated. 

So that includes your cellular data, Bluetooth technology, and hot spots are all disabled. 

When these features are turned off, your phone won’t emit radio frequency radiation, thus protecting you from its negative effects .

Buuuut, it also means you can’t send or receive calls or texts. 

Still, it’s a smart habit to develop to switch to airplane mode when you’re not really using your phone. You can reduce your EMF exposure significantly just by doing so. 

Some instances I can think of off the top of my head where you could easily switch to Airplane mode is while sleeping, while driving, or when spending quality time with family.

And even when in Airplane mode, your phone can still play pre-downloaded media as well as access alarms, clocks, offline games, and contact information.

2. Use a Faraday Bag 

Back in the 1800s, a man named Michael Faraday conducted an experiment that paved the way for a better understanding of electromagnetism. 

He built a cage, which is now called the Faraday cage, that’s able to completely block electromagnetic fields. 

Today, Faraday’s concept has been adapted and turned into Faraday-type shields, which are often incorporated into mainstream EMF protection products. 

One of these products is the Faraday bag.

Faraday bags have shielding materials on all sides that effectively block all cell phone signals. The fabric can also act as a protective material that prevents GPS tracking and other hacker signals. 

Overall, a Faraday bag is the perfect way to safeguard yourself from various sources of RF radiation. Whatever the device may be, it can fit in the bag, you can essentially “seal it up” and prevent all radio frequency communication. 

But what do you do if you still need to be able to receive calls, yet still want some protection?

That’s where partially shielded pouches and bags come in handy.

3. Use a Pouch That’s Shielded on One Side Only

Another smart way to reduce radiation exposure is to use cell phone pouches that effectively deflect EMF away from the body. 

Obviously, the threat of radiation from cell phones lies in its harmful effect on your body. 

But if you can send that radiation away from your body, the threat is greatly reduced.

Such pouches are typically made with layers of advanced shielding material that blocks RF radiation without sacrificing the device’s connectivity.

My favorite “deflector” pouch is this one by Shield Your Body.

shield your body phone case

How the SYB Phone Pouch Works

Shield Your Body’s Phone Pouch uses real science (not pseudoscience like so many other products are based on) to produce material that’s effective against harmful radiation. 

Inspired by the concept of Faraday’s cage, the SYB pouch is made with layers of fabric interwoven with gossamer-thin metallic thread. 

This structure creates a shield that has the ability to deflect the type of radiation created by cell phones. 

It’s only shielded on one side, and that side is placed between your body and your phone, facing outward. 

Picture a mirror. Now imagine wearing that mirror on your hip outside on a bright, sunny day. Instead of the sun hitting your hip, it would hit that mirror and be reflected away.

That’s how this shield works.

Does It Also Block 5G Frequencies?

One of the many advantages of the SYB Phone Pouch is that it also blocks 5G frequencies. Here’s why that’s important:

The 5G wireless network promises to bring more reliable connectivity for a greater capacity of internet users. 

Today, 5G subscriptions have gained attention far and wide. More devices are connecting through it and more cell sites are being built for it.

However, there are growing (and legitimate) suspicions based on microwave research that it poses an even greater threat to the human body than 2G and 3G.

To add to my concern, 5G is also not properly regulated and hasn’t been properly evaluated for long-term risk. 

So it’s a big fat “we don’t know” when it comes to its effects on human tissue.

Ok, so back to the SYB phone pouch. Many shielded phone pouches don’t have a tight enough weave or strong enough material (and I mean “strength” as in “ability to reflect radiation”) to stand up against 5G.

But this phone pouch does and has the testing to prove it.

Now, I always like to study both sides of the story, so let’s analyze the pros and cons.


Convenience: It’s made with an open-top design, making your device easily accessible. It also has a belt hoop that allows you to strap it to your belt.

Wide range of options: Whether you have an iPhone or Android, the SYB Phone Pouch can accommodate your phone. The pouch works with any type of phone, available in large and extra-large and comes in multiple colors. 

5G protection (via deflection): It’s been tested effective up to 20GHz, which includes the proposed spectrum of 5G, along with 4G/LTE, 3G, Bluetooth, and Wifi. 

Made with quality, long-lasting materials: The pouch is lined with a polyester fabric that has cobalt/nickel alloy woven into it, which effectively reflects RF. It’s also made from 3mm thick neoprene, so it’s durable and water-resistant, yet soft and cushioned to prevent scratches on your device.


Blocks only one side: This is kinda a pro because it provides some protection while still allowing you to receive calls, BUT it means you don’t get 100% protection. For people who are extremely sensitive to EMF, this probably won’t cut it. 

May block texts when storing your phone in it on a nearby desk or counter: Granted, this isn’t how the pouch was designed to be used, but I know people will be tempted to “store” their phone in this pouch, so I just want to make you aware of this. 

When placed face down on a desk or nightstand (meaning the shielded side is facing up), the shielded material is so good that it blocks calls and texts from coming through. 

I tested this with my TriField TF2 meter and had my husband call me. While he was calling, the phone RF didn’t even register…and the call didn’t come through. 

But use the pouch as intended, and you won’t have that problem. And just to clarify, I recommend this pouch for people who MUST have their phone on and be able to receive calls at any given moment. 

And if you have to have your phone with you 24/7 – maybe your job requires it? – the SYB pouch provides the only protection you can get in that kind of situation, which is to deflect it away from your body. 

It can be used effectively in a pocket, on a belt loop, or in a purse or backpack. Just make sure the back side (the shielded side) is in between you and the phone. 

Important Thing to Remember: It Doesn’t Block, It Reflects

When weighing the pros and cons, it’s important to remember that the best form of protection is to eliminate radio frequency altogether. 

But if you must keep your phone on and you carry it in your pocket, purse, or belt loop, something like the SYB phone pouch is your best option. 

It will NOT completely block EMF, but it WILL reflect it away from your body.

Before I sign off, I want to briefly touch on some other anti-radiation cell phone “shields” and set the record straight…

Why Cell Phone Anti Radiation Stickers Don’t Work 

There are other products out there that claim to provide EMF protection. However, not all of them can be trusted. 

Take Anti-Radiation stickers, for example. Maybe you’ve seen ads for them on facebook?

Sometimes they go by the name EMW stickers which are adhesive patches that stick to your phone and claim to block phone radiation. 

But the truth is, instead of blocking EMF radiation, they can actually increase the amount of radiation the phone emits as it “powers up” even further to connect to the nearest cell tower.

Besides, the science just doesn’t work. To explain, anti-radiation stickers only cover a tiny area on your phone, and guess what? That’s the only spot that’s shielded (and even then, only slightly).

So it has very little effect on radiation levels.

If you want to decrease your EMF exposure from your cell phone, you need to either put it on airplane mode when not in use or use a partially shielded case if you need it to be “in use” all the time. 

Check out the Shield Your Body Phone Pouch here for more details and specs. 

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