Best Air Tube Headsets (EMF-Free)

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Dealing with EMF is hard enough…but a threat to your wellbeing when you’re just trying to enjoy music via headphones is just unacceptable.

If you don’t already know, wireless headphones (most of which operate via bluetooth) AND wired headphones blast your ears with radio frequency radiation. You can click through those 3 links to reach the details of each case to better understand how and why you need a safer alternative.

Luckily, air tube headsets are the perfect solution for everyone suffering from EMF sensitivity or those who want to avoid future invisible damage.

If you’ve never heard of them – don’t let the terminology confuse you!

Air tube headsets look just like your average earbuds (so no worries about looking like a tinfoil-hat wearing weirdo). But instead of transmitting music through metal electrical wires – the sound transmits through tubes of air – hence the name.

A doctor’s stethoscope works on the same principle. In this case, air tubes eliminate EMF radiation from riding along the wires and straight into your ears, which is way too close for comfort to your brain.

The only problem is there are a ton of air tube products out there, so how do you know what’s legit or just a cheap knock-off?

With in mind, today I want to share the 5 best air tube headsets available in 2021.

Let’s get to it…

5 Best Air Tube Headsets

If you’ve been a friend of this site for long, you know I don’t give my stamp of approval to very many brands. As a certified EMF consultant, I’m obligated to putting your safety first – not making money off marketable products that don’t actually work.

If you’re new here, be sure to check out my EMF Scams post so you know which things to avoid.

Ok, so the EMF-free earbuds I’m about to show you are all pretty much made the same. There’s honestly not a whole, whole lot different between them.

But I want to tell you about all of them because each company runs sales at different times, so one may be a good bit cheaper depending on when you’re reading this.

Side Note: Please consider supporting the following small business owners by shopping directly at their websites instead of Amazon.

Ok, here we go…

1. DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Kids Headphones

These airtube earphones from DefenderShield are a little pricier, but they come from brilliant audio engineering specialists, ensuring they deliver a high fidelity sound.

Hollow tubes are air-filled, which helps increase space for delivering a superior acoustic audio quality while contributing to tone development – and of course, eliminate RF radiation from traveling up to your eardrums.

The tubes are highly flexible and durable. But one of the most-liked features is the tangle-free braided nylon cord because, seriously, who’s got time for that?! And kids especially don’t want to sit there and untangle a knot of wires before every use.

Besides that, these headphones are lightweight and adjustable for a comfortable fit. When your child isn’t using them, they fold up for easy packing or storing on the go.

The built-in microphone is hands-free operated. Audio controls help play/pause, answer calls, and skip track.

2. SYB Air Tube Headset

Along with the ability to stop 99% of cell phone radiation, these SYB air tube headphones can provide crystal clear acoustics along with fantastic bass and deep tones.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between two types – the in-ear or over-ear fit with earbuds, which come in 3 sizes for the right fit.

They’ll work with any device with a standard 3.5mm audio jack, and it has a 3-button audio control that keeps you in control of your music.

This anti-EMF headset is also on the cheaper side. But it still provides decent build quality with highly flexible tubes. They’re designed according to accepted scientific principles to shield your body against harmful EMF.

3. Dr. Mercola Air Tube Headphones

Dr. Mercola’s shielded headphones provide enhanced speakers that increase sound without compromising the quality of it. The patented wiring system reduces feedback and distortion without letting radiation pass through.

(note: it seems they’re out right now, but I’ll come back and update when they’re available again)

The sound chamber is well-positioned to ensure better comfort while wearing. It eliminates contact with your body and makes it impossible to tangle.

4. LessEMF Air Tube Headset

Did you know cell phones shouldn’t be used right against your head? Even the manufacturers state this in their product manual – ya know in the super small print nobody reads?

While many people do it – some of us can’t because of the pain, tinnitus, and burning it causes.

LessEMF did a good job designing this lightweight air tube headset that provides many benefits. And don’t be fooled by their stuck-in-the-90s design. They’re my go-to supplier for shielding products for both myself and my clients.

This headset follows the simple and effective earbud-style with soft rubber cushions to ensure comfort and proper fit. High-quality hollow tubes provide excellent sound quality through the 39-inch cord that comes with a built-in microphone.

There are 3 different options to choose from:

  • Mono
  • Stereo
  • Stereo with ear hook
  • 2.5mm mono (suitable for older cellphones)

So if you’re looking for a very affordable pair of earbuds that will allow you to add privacy to your phone conversations or listen to music when you’re on the go – the LessEMF air tube headset is excellent.

5. EchoTubeZ Radiation-Free Headset

The EchoTubeZ headset can block out 98% of smartphone radiation from traveling to your head.

Hollow air tubes are made from a premium silicone material that resonates with soft acoustic sound and ensures extreme durability.

One of the most remarkable features is the ability to pinch to mute (Pinch2Mute) the audio without worrying about damaging the tubes.

Speakers provide a clear & crisp sound, and I really like the magnetic earbuds that allow you to wear the headset around the neck. Even though the headset is lightweight and pretty compact, you won’t have to worry about losing them, even if you go for a run.

For easy control, a small remote with an integrated mic features only one button that is more than enough to answer calls, skip track, and increase/decrease volume.

Considering the price to value ratio – these headphones won’t only keep your body protected, but they’ll also make sure that your bank account stays intact…always a good thing 😉

Final Thoughts

Having to use a speakerphone isn’t always the best way to handle calls. Besides lack of privacy, background noise makes it mission impossible when you’re in a crowded place.

Regular wired headphones – even though they’re not wireless – are a no-go because of the whole ‘metal is conductive’ thing, and the metal inside the wires conducts RF from your device straight to your ears.

Fortunately, we finally have a product in the form of air tube headsets that provide a better alternative and eliminates harmful EMF radiation from devices.

The technology isn’t new – but it’s effective, which is really important. But when it comes down to air tube headset choice, I’d stick to these 5 options.

And remember, the anti-radiation aspect of them are mostly the same, so it really comes down to color, design, earbud vs over-ear headphone, etc.

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