WiFi Router Radiation: What Distance Is Safe?

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Wi-Fi networks are now widely available everywhere you go. No matter where you are, there’s a chance you’ll be within range of a Wi-Fi network’s radiation. 

This radiation from Wi-Fi can cause health issues over time. 

Consistent and close exposure to Wi-Fi router radiation could range from cellular damage to dizziness. It’s recommended to keep a safe distance of 40 feet from your wifi router. 

Want to know more about Wi-Fi router radiation safe distance? If yes, then keep reading. 

Wi-Fi Router Radiation: What Distance Is Safe? Complete Explanation

Even though the wide availability of Wi-Fi routers may appear harmless, it can result in severe health issues. Wi-Fi routers emit the same radiation as mobile phones, radio towers, and computers. 

These electromagnetic emissions can negatively impact the human body after long-term exposure (ignoring the safe distance recommended). The effects of early and mild exposure to electromagnetic field radiation could result in: 


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  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of focus

However, consistent exposure and ignoring safe distances could lead to more severe and irreversible issues such as: 

  • Calcium overload
  • Cellular DNA damage
  • Potential cancer

Therefore, one of the best practices would be to keep yourself at least 40 feet from Wi-Fi router exposure. This way, you can keep yourself secure from these harmful radiations. 

The second best option is a shield for your router like the Signal Tamer:

Why Is Distance from Wi-Fi Radiation Important? 

The human body does have a biological response to exposure to Wi-Fi radiation. So, maintaining a safe distance from such radiation is vital for health reasons. 

Not maintaining a safe distance from Wi-Fi radiation can significantly cause your health to decline. So, here in this section, we have shortlisted some of the most significant health issues that you may face due to close Wi-Fi radiation. 

Cellular And Organ Damage 

Radiations emitted from Wi-Fi and mobile phones have certain evidence to cause damage to mitochondrial DNA. These radiations are known to induce oxidative damage to mitochondria that breaks down the strands of DNA. 

Since these DNA strands are intertwined among two individual strands, studies have proven that close exposure to these radiations can cause the strands to “unwind.” Not only does radiation cause damage to DNA, but it also affects the levels of calcium in the body. 

Any change or damage to either of these mentioned elements in the body could cause a decline in one’s health. 

Please note, however, that these effects vary depending on the type and frequency of the radiation. 

Oxygen Absorption 

Usually, Wi-Fi uses a 60 GHz frequency to function. Consistent and close exposure to this frequency range can cause oxidative stress. 

Chemically speaking, the Oxygen molecule is labeled as O2, whereas an Oxygen atom is labeled as O only. 

Therefore, to form Oxygen, two atoms of Oxygen need to be held together. When exposure to such radiation is emitted, it causes these molecules to hover. The hovering around the electrons and molecule leads to them spinning instead of combining and being held together. 

The output of the hovering and spinning of the molecules directly affects the absorption rate of Oxygen into the blood. Altering the absorption levels in the blood also affects the rate of hemoglobin. 

Potential Cancer And Tumors 

Mobile phones and Wi-Fi are the most significant sources of radiation emitters we are around throughout our daily lives. 

It has been proven that women who carry their mobile phones in their bras are more likely to develop cancer around the spot their device is in. This is because this spot is mostly and consistently in contact with radiation. 

Cancer is not the only terminal and chronic disease caused by radiation emitted from nearby Wi-Fi. Brain tumors have become increasingly common since widespread Wi-Fi use became common.

Bottom Line: Keep a Safe Distance

The convenience that Wi-Fi provides is hard to give up. Fortunately, you don’t have to. The best solution is to switch to a fully wired setup using ethernet cables. 

Still, I know people don’t want cables crawling through their house. The other option is to place a shielded bag over your router such as the Signal Tamer. 

Such a protective shield allows you to get within that 40-foot range that’s considered a safe distance from your wifi router.

That said, I will always advocate for replacing your wifi router all together, and go the hardwired route with ethernet cables. That way, you eliminate wifi router radiation completely.

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